Assassination bid on president in Rajapakse fortress : Namal’s security personnel with firearm threateningly moves towards Maithri

(Lanka-e-News- 26.April.2015, 9.00PM) A most rudely shocking report pertaining to an assassination attempt on  the incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena by the Rajapkses has surfaced.

This bid  was made when the president attended the SLFP district representatives’ conference yesterday(25) at Angunakole , Hambantota the fortress of Rajapakses.

An individual had moved within close quarters of the president most ominously, and when the president’s security personnel searched him on suspicion ,it was discovered  he was carrying a weapon , and is  a member of Namal Rajapakse’s security contingent.

This incident is most portentous and dangerous because , such an incident cannot take place unless it is a premeditated  one.

When the president attends an event , even the personal security of the prime minister (P.M.) cannot be there with weapons. Then , how did  Namal ‘s security personnel creep in with firearms at the venue where even the prime minister’s security personnel are disallowed with arms?.

Surely  Namal cannot plead ignorance of the laws in defense , for  his own father was a president of the country. For this reason alone Namal should be more aware of the laws governing such situations.
When the president attends an event , it is his security personnel who are in charge ,that is  the President’s security division (PSD).The prime minister (P.M.) , ministers , M.P.s are provided security by the ministerial security division (MSD). Once  the PSD takes over the security , the weapons in the possession of  others are divested. This is  because the security provided to the president  covers the security of the ministers and MPs. 

Before the president attends an event , several days ahead itself , the PSD reports on the security situation at the venue , and based on that report the security is beefed up from the day previous to the event, and that security plan is in place until the president attends  the event and leaves.

Since this morning , at Angunakole , everything had happened according to Chamal Rajapakse’s  supervision . Hence , the security personnel of Namal getting  very close to  the president with a firearm is reckoned as a most grave threat to the president’s life given the bitter hostility the president is facing from the Rajapakses.

In the circumstances , suspicions have arisen relating to the senior DIG Wickremesinghe who is in charge of the incumbent president’s security. This is because while  he is   primarily responsible for the serious security lapse today, the suspect  who is Namal ‘s security personnel was released by the PSD simply when the suspect had just claimed he belongs to  Namal’s security , instead of apprehending the suspect and questioning him.

The senior DIG Wickremesinghe was a body guard for Mahinda Rajapakse for the last 18 years , and extremely close to the latter. He was Rajapakse’s security personnel from the time Mahinda was the  minister and most notorious as his pet  stooge and shameless lapdog. Hence , having this Rajapakse stooge in the security detail of Maithripala who has become the vicious and venomous target of Mahinda is to risk his life by his own actions. Several warnings were received  in regard to this security threat to Maithripala  and  , yesterday’s  incident is the outcome of the failure to heed  those warnings.

The high rung police officers  revealed that Wickremesinghe while being In the security contingent of Maithripala was passing every information to Mahinda Rajapakse. Even if Maithri  suffers from flatulence it is conveyed to the Medamulanas.  Surprisingly , senior DIG Wickremesinghe has been attending every event of the president , and that was something which  never happened before during the time of the other presidents, they further pointed out.

It is high time Maithripala  thinks not twice but many times about  the present pernicious  trend  that is alienating him from the faithful forces that steered him to victory at the presidential election s, and  his reprehensible descent in the direction of this enemies and falling into their traps. It is well for him to remember Sri Lanka  is a country where not one but two leaders were assassinated. (Late  S W R D Bandaranaike and Late R. Premadasa) . One of them was a State leader of the SLFP who was killed by extremists of the SLFP itself.

It will not be out of place here  if we recall Lanka e news reported earlier on  with photographs  that Udyanga Weeratunge a SL  ex ambassador to Russia  and  a cousin of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse , brought six boxes of arms in the plane he arrived from Russia , and among those weapons were sniper firearms . Gotabaya Rajapakse who was the ex defense secretary at that time , had himself gone  and  taken them from the airport . Now , neither Udayanga can be traced nor the weapons so collected. No one seems to know anything about it either. This was SL the model in the making under the Medamulanas .

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President Sirisens be careful! You are dealing with murderers!Get rid of all Mr,s police heads, security. Officers! They are traitors!They were handled by not forget it.
-- by helen on 2015-04-26

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