To Air force commander to be who brought down two Kafir jets through collision , pushing out Maithri from helicopter is no big deal

(Lanka-e-News -22.May.2015, 11.30PM) If there is a country in the whole wide world where during an air display, two supersonic Kafir jets even when not being involved in attack collided with one another and were destroyed , it is only in Sri Lanka (SL)  that disaster struck - on March 1 st 2011.

If the Air force Director of that air operation who should have been held absolutely responsible for that catastrophe and immediately dismissed from his post , but instead at some future day is to be made the commander of that same Air force , that appointment courting disaster is also going to be made only in SL .

That individual who was  responsible for the air disaster that time and who is now going to be made the Air force commander portending grave danger to the entire Air force and the country is the Air force operations Director Air vice Marshal Gagan Bulathsinghala. It was an unwritten  policy of the ex Rajapakse regime not to punish a wrongdoer but protect him and use him later for its nefarious and unscrupulous purposes. Accordingly , Gagan escaped punishment and became a bootlicking stooge of the Rajapakse regime.

From that point of time what Gagan did was not discharging his official duties , but rather discharging unashamedly from every orifice of his body publicly for and on behalf of Rajapakses. One such instance was : the private helicopter of Sajin Vaas Gunawardena, a Rajapakse lapdog being secretly maintained  by the Air force at government expense. Even fuel supply  to it was by the Air force , and the pilot for it was also supplied by the Air force . All these illicit activities  were carried on under the very nose of Gagan Bulathsinghala and monitored by him. Sadly and strangely until now nobody has probed into these state frauds.

It is on behalf of  such an inefficient unscrupulous lickspittle of Rajapakses, the defense secretary has written to the president to get his approval to appoint him tomorrow as the Air force commander. Though there is a most  efficient Vice Marshal Kapila Jayampathy who is about the same seniority as Gagan , as is usual in SL , an inefficient  stooge sans  merits is going to be appointed sweeping  aside the capable and the efficient , based on reports.

Jayampathy is also an efficient pilot for   during the period of the war , he was shot at and hit by  a bullet in  his head when he was piloting  the helicopter, he however safely navigated the helicopter to its destination . He saved himself partly because of the protective  helmet when the bullet struck him.

In SL now, to become a  commander of the forces , efficiency, honesty, impartiality and conscientiousness are immaterial. What is material is , a child of a chief of the forces must be in readiness  to marry a child of a businessman who associates with the country’s bigwigs. When that is the case , the businessman ‘massina’ (in law) is able to appoint his massina in the forces as the commander. It does not matter even if that ‘massina’ had created a record (ignominious) of wreaking  havoc and destruction  while on duty , or has created a record by committing rapes , or he had been sniffing the stinking loin clothes of the enemy.

The real danger is not over. Even  now, president Maithripala is facing murder threats from the fascist , power greedy , brutal Rajapakse  groups who had to give up power in favor of the government of good governance . That is why in Angunakola Pelessa  assassination bid on president , the pistol carried by the would be assassin became a water bottle later. When the security situation is that  perilous , to an air force commander to be , who is  a faithful stooge of the Rajapakses and  was responsible for the collision of two  Kafir jets in mid air , pushing out the president when in flight in a helicopter is no big task . This is the real and imminent  danger..!

As  a true unbiased  media that had been reporting fearlessly, frankly and forthrightly we deem it our responsibility to report this danger well ahead. 

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Very shocking.
-- by Nimal on 2015-05-23

I hope at least now, the president will send Mahindas bootlikers on pre-mature retirement. This is the only solution to clear the mess.
-- by Saman on 2015-05-23

it is obvious what the sinister motive behind this article is and who has initiated it. Someone who can’t achieve his goal in with proper seniority and competency is trying to undercut and sling mud at the most suitable officer in SLAF for the next top post. How can the Director Operations be responsible for an accident which occurred at the air display in 2011, as he was not among the pilots who actively participated in the display? It is obvious from the baseless accusations mentioned, that the conspirator is trying in vain to market himself as the most suitable for the post. The present government should think about these type of cowards are still suitable to remain in servers of SLAF. Does the writer of the above article know that Gagan has brought back his helicopter to the base after hit by a RPG?
-- by srilankan on 2015-05-24

May be the selection is due to complexion.?
-- by Rita on 2015-05-24

Agreed with Sri Lankan . AVM Gagan Bulathsinghala is the most suitable person in the hierarchy. You better find your facts before accusing an officer like Gagan . Shame on you guys . Udara Widanagamage
-- by Udara Widanagamage on 2015-05-26

Jayampathi is really mad. Ask him to refer to his past records. Starting from his cadet period, he was ordered to stay at the air men billets. Thereafter about his marriage life? How many ladies were in trouble. At present also one warrant officers wife ex air women married.Actually he is not suitable to hold the present responsible appointment. Disgraceful to the officers core.
-- by R Fernando on 2015-05-30

මේවා රට්ටු හිනස්සන ගඳ ගහන වෑඩ....
-- by Nihal on 2015-06-10

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