Raviraj M.P. murder : prime suspects Gota and Karannagoda arrests delayed due to AG’s department ; 'Scotland yard report to come'

(Lanka-e-News- 25.May.2015, 6.25PM)  The  CID had concluded its investigations into the murder of TNA M.P. Nadaraj Raviraj ,but  because of the lethargy and neglect of duty of the high rung officers of the Attorney general’s(AG) department , the arrest of  ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse and ex Navy commander Vasantha Karannagoda identified as prime suspects had been baulked , according to Lanka e news inside information division.

It is a long time since the CID forwarded its report of its investigation on the Raviraj murder after recording the evidence to the AG’s department for its recommendations.
Following this special investigation , five navy officers were arrested and remanded , and Sampath Munasinghe alias Army Roshan the chief of the security ring of Gotabaya  and Karannagoda was among them.

The CID decided to seek the instructions  of the AG department to arrest ex defense secretary Gotabaya and ex navy commander Karannagoda , because it is ex defense secretary  Gotabaya  who had given advice  to commit the murder , and there is copious evidence bearing testimony  that Karannagoda was directly involved in Raviraj’s murder, it has come  to light.

Consequent upon the neglect and dereliction of duty of the officers of the AG’s department , and  since the latter had not taken any measures to respond to the request for instructions from the AG by the CID , the whole heinous crime had gone into cold storage, while the two prime suspects  are scot free despite all the precious  time spent by the CID to investigate this ghastly murder.

This dilatory tactics are being resorted to by a group of   close cronies of former AG Mohan Peiris, which includes additional solicitor general Shavindra Fernando and some state counsels, based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. However a spokesman for the AG’s department answering queries raised by  Lanka e news said ,the relevant file is not with Shavendra Fernando and he is not dealing with it. Shavendra is about to leave for  Fiji Islands to take up  an appointment , and he has been approved leave , the spokesman added.

The spokesman referring to the procrastination at the AG’s department said , Scotland yard investigators visited this Island in this connection to assist in the investigation, and they took several samples for further investigation to the UK . They had called for more samples in this regard, and their report had still not been received from them. Perhaps this may also be a reason for the delay  at the AG’s department. In any event , before the end of next month the investigation into this murder of Raviraj can be concluded and the accused can be brought before courts  spokesman for  the AG ‘s department  noted. 

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Thanks for the update. Hope one day the judgment will be served for late Raviraj and late police constable Luxman.
-- by Dilip on 2015-05-27

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