Multi billion fraud at Air force: Here is evidence: Why president silent and culprit going to be made Air force chief ?

(Lanka-e-News- 02,June.2015, 11.30PM) Air Vice Marshal Gagan Bulathsinghala while masquerading as a pro Maithripala pal and   duping him , after serving a  close relative of the incumbent president most loyally ,and who would have  laid down his life for Mahinda Rajapakse  is moving heaven and earth to become  the Air force commander to put through shady and sordid  business deals jointly  with a prominent businessman  going by his putrid antecedence .Whereas , this is an Air Vice marshal who deserves a position inside jail and not the position of Air force commander , based on concrete evidence in the possession of Lanka e news.

By now , information has surfaced regarding the staggering  billion rupee fraud that was committed by Gagan and his commanding officer , Harsha Abeywickrema , the former Air force commander . In the circumstances Gagan ought to be mmediately interdicted and an investigation be conducted.

Hereunder are the details pertaining to this colossal  financial fraud committed by Gagan and ex Air force commander jointly.

The Air force commander Air Chief marshal Roshan Gunatileke who was Harsha Abeywickrema’s predecessor became the chief of staff on 2011 -02-27  .In 2009 , after the war concluded , the air force that was without operations secured a contract of Cairn Lanka Pvt. Ltd. affiliated to India Cairn Pvt. Ltd. which is a prominent company  established for oil and gas exploration operations. When  the Lanka Co. commenced its exploration operations, the Air force signed a contract for supply of helicopters  providing  transport.

Under the contract a sum of US dollars 2375 per hour must be paid to the Air force  which included the 25% service charges. In SL rupees , this amounts to a huge sum of  Rs. 308750.00 . The Air force collected this money and sent it to the public treasury . The total amount so sent was many billions of rupees.

The avaricious and rapacious Rajapakse regime that has always a hawk  eye for huge cash dealings, on seeing this wanted to put its finger into  this succulent pie. It launched a private aviation company by the name of Cosmo Lanka with Sajin Vaas Gunawarena with whom Rajapakses as a rule transacted their  legal and illegal deals. Finally , steps were taken to transfer the contract of Cairn Lanka company to  Cosmo Co.

By that time , the agreement signed with the Air force was nearly at an end,  and it was almost time for its renewal. The new rates  were presented by Roshan Gunatileke on behalf of the Air force , while Sajin Vaas jointly with Hayleys Co. submitted his rates. 

One day , Sajin Vaas speaking to Roshan Gunatileke by phone  inquired about the rate per hour that should be submitted, when Roshan had refused to disclose the rates to Sajin Vaas. The latter had then instructed  Roshan to withdraw the application  as a contractor that has been forwarded to Lanka Cairn Co.  To this when Roshan objected , Sajin Vaas threatened Roshan by saying ,there is nothing that he cannot do through the Rajapakses. A few weeks after  the veiled threat posed by Sajin Vaas ,  Roshan was removed from his post and appointed as chief of staff , and Harsha Abeywickrema took over as the new air force commander.

The Cairn Lanka Co . that was deriving an income of over Rs.300,000.00 per hour was deprived of that helicopter business , and Vaas Gunawardena took it over.( The true picture is , it is the Rajapakses who were  behind Vaas Gunawardena in these deals) . It is the newly appointed Harsha Abeywickrema who facilitated all the operations in favor of Vaas Gunawardena , and it is Gagan Bulathsinghala his main sidekick who  was the  director of air operations.

The number of helicopters belonging to the Air force was 36. At that time Vaas’ company had only one helicopter.  It is an incontrovertible truth that no company would like to secure the helicopter services of a Firm  that has only one helicopter in preference to that with 36 helicopters. Yet , because the Air force without halting its  withdrawal of its application  gave a  certification to the Cairn Lanka Co.  that it will extend full support to Sajin’s Co. the Cairn Lanka assented to it.

The final outcome of this was : the business of the Air force was transferred into the hands of Sajin Vaas . The business then belonged to the Cosmo Lanka company of Sajin Vaas and Hayleys jointly. Consequently , all supplies of helicopters , fuel , pilots and services continued  to be provided by  the Air force , but the earnings did not go to the Air force but rather to Cosmo Lanka Co.of Sajin Vaas 

Herein are a number of letters sent by Gagan Bulathsinhala director of air operations at that time to Cosmo Co. of Sajin Vaas which jointly operated with Hayleys Co. which constitute  evidence  substantiating the facts.

In one of those letters it is indicated that the Air force is agreeing to supply all the facilities  , and the auditing is being entrusted to the auditing Co. of Hayleys. This was a most bizarre auditing procedure. While the Air force a government Institution is providing all the facilities , the auditing is being handled by the auditing Co. of Hayleys. It will be interesting to learn  under what laws, was  Gagan a government servant authorized to listen to astrological readings from the mother of the rogue?

Some  more pertinent issues have proliferated now  – they are :

It is the incumbent president who took over the defense ministry after the Rajapakse regime was defeated. Then why didn’t  the president conduct a presidential inquiry or an investigation into this monumental fraud in the Air force , and why is he keeping silent?

What is the motive behind and the  necessity that is  impelling the close relative of the president , a pro Rajapakse stooge of a businessman who has now close ties with the president to try and appoint Gagan as the Air force commander ?Is it because that businessman’s son is getting married to the daughter of Gagan ? or more important than all that , is it because the businessman’s aim is like birds of a feather flock together, to  join hands with Gagan ,a notorious perfidious character  among  the Rajapakse’s crooked   blue brigade who defrauded the Air force in billions, and   perpetrate a bigger scam in the future ? 

Perhaps , the president may not be aware of all this  as a defense minister ,but  now that the cat is out of the bag , the monumental fraud that was committed within the Air force ought to be investigated. It is well for the president  to bear in mind the diminution of executive powers becomes operative not during his reign , and it applies only to his successor.

In the circumstances , without talking too much and too long unduly about good governance , the executive powers vested in him duly should be utilized by  the president to establish good governance , by ridding  the country of corruption ,  bribery and frauds effectively , no matter the status or rank of the culprit . This is exactly what the people of the country , that is 6.2 million who voted for the president and elected him are earnestly anticipating from him

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President Sirisena,please forget about your party and put the the crookd in your party behind bars. before the elections as you promised.You owe it to the people who put you in power.Think of the country not of your party!
-- by jay on 2015-06-03

Yahapalanaya is not what we expected. I foresee all cases to be swept under the carpet which is why their biting time for.
-- by Mario on 2015-06-03

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