Cogent evidence available to arrest former minister Johnston , Navy Commander Karannagoda , Gotabaya : AG in deep slumber -shame !

(Lanka-e-News- 18.June2015, 11.30PM) It has been rendered impossible to duly arrest the criminals involved in the murders and conspiracies committed  directly on the orders of the Rajapakse regime which raised  storms of controversy in the country ,  because the Attorney general’s (AG) department is inordinately delaying the issue of   instructions for months on end, even after the investigations have been completed , based on information reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

Among those liable for arrest are the following suspects :

* Ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse in connection with murder of Raviraj M.P.
* Ex navy commander Vasantha Karannagoda in connection with murder of Tamil youths
* Ex minister of trade, Johnston Fernando in connection with the assassination bid on Mahinda Rajapakse.

Lanka e news posted a report on 25 th May in this connection :
‘It is because of the lapses in the AG’s department the arrest of Gota and Karannagoda have been delayed in connection with the murder of Raviraj M.P. Scotland yard report has not arrived .The accused  to  be produced in court next month –AG’s department ‘

With this exposure  , a responsible chief of the AG’s department  stated , AG’s advice will be proffered  before the end of June (this month) , and arrangements will be made for the arrest of the suspects. Now , even when  only another two weeks are remaining for moth of June to end, the AG’s department is still not only keeping silent , but even not taking legal steps to arrest these suspects . Moreover , the arrests of other suspects  who were involved in many heinous crimes too  are  being postponed .Even giving legal instructions in that direction are being held back.
Hereunder are some of the criminal investigations that are obstructed from making arrests and filing legal action because of  AG’s neglect and delay.

28 Tamil youths  disappear after being  abducted in the east, to collect extortion monies .

In connection with the abduction of 6 youths there was  evidence confirming the crimes, and the relevant files were sent to the AG three months ago. Yet , the AG is delaying the issue of instructions  to arrest the suspects directly involved , namely D.K.P.Dasanayake of the Navy and ex navy commander Vasantha Karannagoda ,as well as ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse on whose  orders  the crimes were committed as revealed via the  oral statements made by the other  suspects.

Murder of Raviraj M.P.  

A police officer implicated in this murder was arrested and remanded. However the arrest of other suspects based on his evidence is being dilly dallied because of the lethargy at the AG’s department which has still not issued its instructions. Meanwhile the Rajapakse  regime which served as a haven for all crooks, heroin dealers and murderers  during its reign is continuously threatening the suspect  constable in  remand custody , as well as offering inducements (bribes) to force him to change his evidence . It is being gravely doubted whether the AG’s department is  resorting to procrastination until the regime succeeds in its criminal attempts  to amend the evidence.

Arrest of Johnston Fernando in the assassination bid on deposed president Mahinda Rajapakse 

This is a most  intriguing case. While there are  so many unsolved crimes of the previous regime, accusations were  mounted against Johnston Fernando for an attempted assassination bid on  the crime perpetrator himself. Mind you Fernando is another villain who took refuge under the Rajapakses  who harbored all the crooks and criminals. Instead of punishing the accused ,after suppressing the crime  he is being blackmailed to use him to commit their own crimes through such blackmailing .This is a queer multiple crime involvement .

When Mahinda Rajapakse was the president ,two suicide bombers were  enlisted on the advice of Kapil Amman the deputy leader of the LTTE intelligence division to murder Mahinda. The names of these  two suicide bombers were Sivarajasingam Subash  and Linton Chandrashan , and they were monitored by Rajesh from abroad.

The investigators of the crime are in possession of the recordings of the telephone discussions Rajesh had with Johnston to secure the latter’s assistance. Rajesh at that time had promised a sum of Rs. 50 million to Johnston for the latter’s services  towards the murder of Mahinda. Out of this , a sum of Rs. 10 million was given to Johnston Fernando while he was inside his car in the vicinity of Bo tree junction Pettah . Johnston had undertaken the responsibility to transport the two suicide  bombers to close proximity of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse .These discussions were held at No. 16 , Gregory’s road, Colombo 07. There is copious information in connection with this conspiracy , and cogent ,concrete incontrovertible evidence to prove the assassination bid.

All these details were not uncovered after the government of good governance came into power . These were details furnished to court under B report  H /4765/ 2009 in 2009. Thereafter the details were forwarded under ref. F /45210 to Mohan Peiris the AG at that time, seeking his advice to arrest Johnston Fernando. 

What Rajapakse regime did was , after halting the investigations through Mohan Peiris, began using Johnston to speak and act against the UNP by blackmailing him all the while pointing out his criminal incrimination. These manipulations  were worse than those resorted to by Mafia groups. This Rajapakse Mafia criminalities even surpassed those of the Mafia organizations in Italy ,Japan and Romania.

Mohan Peris, though he occupied the lofty position of AG ,  was secretly a member of the ‘Rajapakse Mafia.’ This  file then went missing with Mohan Peiris doing the needful from behind the scene . Unfortunately for Peiris  ,the investigators of the crime had most secretly kept back the original copy with them . 

When the new government took over the reins , this file was sent to the department of the new AG ,Yuvanjana  Sadly ,this file is now languishing there for 3 months  with no advice being proffered and no attention paid  to it.

Of course Johnston is a notorious rogue alright who robbed the Sathosa goods during day time while  the mice in his Sathosa were  gnawing  at the commodities in the night. But there is a more serious crime he has committed than all others of his, that is his involvement in the assassination bid of the  president of the country. The pertinent question therefore is  : who is obstructing his arrest when he is charged with the heinous crime of conspiracy to murder the president?

Editor's Note :
If the AG is faced with a short supply of human resources , that is lawyers , Lanka e news is ready to provide him with lawyers of SL who are serving in advanced countries in the world. If his need is 50 of them we can provide him with the full complement. If he is ‘broke’ , even then we have a solution , for the lawyers who we are suggesting, no  remuneration  need be paid. They are prepared  to work for one month free on a voluntary basis.  They are only  anxious to put their motherland on the right track ,unlike  the Rajapakse regime den of crooks and culprits  who are determined to put it on the wrong track. Lank e news also wishes to inform the AG that we have with us always  a community of Sinhala , Tamil and Muslim patriotic lawyers  who are ready to offer their services.

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May be Johnston told SIS and British bosses of Lankan SIS worked together to catch out the LTTE operatives.
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