Judge Abrew who ordered Gota shall not be arrested is indeed demented – assaults his woman domestic and is rape suspect

(Lanka-e-News- 28.June.2015, 11.30PM) Sarath Abrew the judge of the supreme court (SC)  but well known as a misfit for that post has once again demonstrated how unsuitable he is to grace the bench and what a debauched individual he is. This judge who is a disgrace to himself , the profession and the nation , has attacked his  woman domestic servant , consequent upon which she is now admitted to the emergency ward of the  Kalubowila hospital. The incident took place yesterday (27).

This insane misfit of a judge had attacked the servant with his official pistol so hard that her  head  had fractured, and is at the moment receiving treatment in ward 11 of the hospital. The 37 years old servant by the name of Nilusha Damayanthi  has been subjected to rape by this debauched judge , according to hospital sources.

After the victim was admitted to the hospital this demented judge had appeared at the hospital and tried to get the victim released on several occasions using his powers as a judge. He had also exerted immense pressure on the hospital Director while trying every method  to obstruct the filling up of the medico legal examination form(MLE) unfortunately , because of the direct intervention of the  upright high rung police officer of the area , and the doctors of the hospital , Abrew’s efforts had flopped. 

Meanwhile the victim of assault and suspected rape has been provided with police security , and Abrew has been precluded from meeting her. In any case , Abrew has visited the hospital several times today and attempted to use force on the victim.

The high rung police officer has already forwarded a B report to the Mount Laviniya court pertaining to this disgraceful criminal conduct of the judge and his crime. The police officer speaking to Lanka e news said, he is an officer who abides by the law to the letter.

Last year alone four similar incidents of assault and battery by this demented misfit of a judge were reported. The victims were another young woman domestic, and three  police officers. During the lawless Rajapakse regime all these criminal actions were suppressed. Mind you yesterday’s criminal assault  of his is the fifth in the series.

Recently , it was Abrew who was the  judge , along with justice Eva Wanasundara of  the two judges panel of the SC that gave a most rudely shocking controversial verdict  barring the arrest of Gotabaya Rajapakse .

Sad to state , though there are countless number of women’s organizations espousing the cause of women, so far none has taken any action in this connection. 

Specially because this victim may have to go back to the house of this debauched demented judge , after she is discharged from hospital , this issue is most grave and warrants serious attention.  What is the action the Judicial service commission has taken against this scoundrel of a judge  so far ? As this is a matter that concerns not only all women but all people , it is imperative and important that people carefully watch and follow what action is going to be taken against this sordid judge who had disgraced the bench ,the judiciary and the nation at large , not to mention himself despite  holding such a lofty position .

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