Expose`- Gota and army maneuver to save Prageeth’s murderers wasting army funds; Maithri or Gota the commanding chief..?

(Lanka-e-News- 11.Oct.2015, 4.10PM) In the abduction and murder of innocent unarmed journalist Prageeth Ekneliyagoda by the officers of the army brazenly defying all the laws of the country and of the army, which cold blooded murder drew the attention of the whole world, the Sri Lanka army commander is wasting  army funds (public funds) to rescue illegally and unashamedly the culprits involved, instead of taking action against the suspects by duly establishing a military court to try and punish them , according to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

Gotabaya’s ‘broker ‘ Lieutenant Colonel Mahathanthila

There are 9 army officers in CID custody over the Ekneliyagoda abduction and murder. Of them three are retired officers , two are them were with the LTTE and later worked with the Army intelligence division. The remaining four are still in service. They are residents of different areas of the country. 

On the instructions  of the army commander and ex defense secretary Gotabaya , Lieutenant Colonel Mahathanthila of the intelligence division is now visiting the houses of the suspects and speaking to their wives to convince them that the army is deeply in its toils to rescue  the army officers involved , and the necessary funds towards this is being disbursed from the army funds. These spouses had also been summoned and introduced to Kalinga Indratissa , an unscrupulous  lawyer who is an accomplished liar and a bootlicking lickspittle of MaRa.

Moreover , when the CID officers visited the Girithale army camp to conduct a search , the army commander brazenly flouting the laws, sent his officers who had impeded the investigation of the CID at the camp. The officers so sent were Captain Girihagama and Major Seneviratne . The villain behind all these treacherous and illegal moves is ex (criminal) defense secretary Gotabaya who from the beginning engineered the entire criminal operation.

Kalinga Indratissa paid out of Army funds

Kalinga well noted for selling even his soul for cash and opportunistic gains , had filed 4 fundamental rights (FR) petitions and 4 habeas corpus petitions on behalf of the  army officers. Kalinga had charged a fee for all these .All these payments had been paid in hard cash by Lieutenant Colonel Mahathanthila out of the army funds (pilfered) . Based on reports , it is ex chief justice Mohan Peiris who cheapened justice by cheating on those seeking justice  during his tenure of office , and a bosom pal of Gotabaya who had provided the necessary groundwork for the FR petitions.

Lanka e news is intently watching and following the moves of Indratissa –whether he is going to appear in these cases . If he does he is liable for breach of professional ethics  vis a vis his appearance for Arundhika Fernando M.P. a witness in the same case filed in Homagama courts by Prageeth’s wife. A lawyer cannot appear for a witness as well as an  accused in the same case.

Appeal court president Malalgoda has no right to hear this case on ethical grounds

Filing habeas corpus writ applications on behalf of those suspects who are now in custody is to defeat its very purpose, for a habeas corpus application can be filed only on behalf of those whose whereabouts are unknown. In this case ,the suspects are in CID custody legally , and their  whereabouts are  known. Hence , truly speaking the habeas corpus application ought to be filed on behalf of Prageeth , and not on behalf of those who abducted and murdered him . Therefore this is a clear case in which the habeas corpus application should  have been rejected at the very outset . Instead , Malalgoda the president of the appeal court has acted with partiality towards the suspects (the army) unlawfully. 

At all events , Malalgoda is not suitable to sit in judgment on this case. Malalgoda for some time was working for the army wearing the security uniform.bHe was also the ‘judge advocate’ of the air force when he was serving in the attorney general’s department . His impartiality is therefore questionable, for he was  committed to serve the security forces.

Three pertinent  and salient questions to the commander in chief

Lanka e news has some questions to ask on behalf of Prageeth Ekneliyagoda the victim ….

President Maithripala Sirisena who traded on Prageeth Ekneliyagoda’s abduction and murder and came to power is the commander in chief of the forces today. He gave a solemn assurance that those who were responsible for the Prageeth’s  abduction and murder will be brought before the law. In that backdrop, how could the funds of the army that is under him be used (wasted) to rescue the culprits involved in Prageeth’s murder , and on what ethical grounds ?

Does or doesn’t the commander in chief of the forces  know that the army commander is being allowed room to appear for and on behalf of the criminal army officers  who disgraced and degraded  the army , instead of bringing them before the law ? 

When ex defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse  is still continuing with his criminal operations unhindered and unimpeded on the sly keeping president Miathripala blindfolded, shouldn’t the president  be ashamed  to call himself as the commander in chief of the forces?

By a special reporter of Lanka e news inside information division 
Translated by Jeff


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MS IQ has been queried - probably he has no "Consultant"s Services to lean on, when the Media questions the elected President with is ardent election promises., as in this example. For that matter the no. of broken promises exceeds his present workings?
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