Mean and manipulative activities to entrust lucrative business of security to vessels to Maithri’s henchmen exposed !

(Lanka-e-News- 10.Nov.2015, 8.30PM) The lackeys of president Maithripala Sirisena who were sent to investigate the illicit transactions and deals  of Avant Garde Co. are instead on the sly trying to take those businesses into their hands , based on reports  reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

It is learnt the president transferred his defense secretary , and replaced him with Karunadasa Hettiarachi (who is not in the Public administrative service ) , a school mate of the president , in order to entrust this business slyly to his friends.

The investigation into the Avant Garde business has by now gone  so far and  beyond ,that it has transformed into a political mudslinging campaign with the knowledge and on the drectives of the president , who is aiming at  killing two birds with one stone, it is reported. 

Through these machinations , one aim is to make the UNP unpopular and the masses get disillusioned with it at the upcoming provincial council (PC) elections , and thereby pave the way for SLFP victory.  The other aim is : to chase out the lucrative Avant Garde Co. earning huge profits through supplying security to foreign vessels , and entrust the business to his henchmen. 

Already , Kili Maharaja the notorious unscrupulous businesman cum  stooge  of the  president has commenced a business in the name of Maritime security , and with a view to take over Avant Garde business ,had made an application to the defense secretary . 

A company belonging to Arjuna Ranatunge had also made an application. Another minister owning 7 fishing crafts very close to the president too is moving heaven and earth to take over the business, it is learnt.

At the recent meeting of the government MPs group meeting  ,Arjuna Ranatunge spoke  like a purtian as though none can match his clean slate. Arjuna who does not utter a  word regarding his brother Nishantha Ranatunge’s colossal frauds and malpractices which even the Guinness book of records cannot accommodate - they are so sordid and putrid  that even the name Guinness will be soiled  if those enter the records. Despite this glaring backdrop, Arjuna is seeking to take that business of providing security to  vessels through camouflages and subterfuges. 
The COPE report exposed the deceit of  Nishantha Ranatunge , the brother of Arjuna who signed  the same agreement as cricket board chairman and also as the CEO of the CSN channel  thereby representing both parties to the same agreement – this racket beats all records in the Guinness book ! That ‘unique’ agreement related to  the granting of cricket telecasting  rights  to the CSN. Arjuna is not only deaf but even blind in regard to this record breaking corruption and racket of his brother .A deaf and blind  person is much less dangerous  than the one who pretends to be  deaf and blind.
A minister who demanded a sum of Rs.  300 million during the last general election as of right from Avant Garde , and was not successful in that direction , has also put his hand into the pie ; he is  engaged in the process of making the Avant Garde business look a demonic operation  

The ministers who are speaking for Avant Garde that is providing security to ships as well  as the ministers speaking against it are only  in pursuit of their  ulterior motives providing  ‘fuel’ to the companies that are pursuing selfish self seeking agendas to  take over the supply of security to ships , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. A ‘red leader’ of an opposition political party best known for his villainy  is now parading as a hero exploiting  the circumstances to fulfill his contractual obligations towards Kili Maharaja  , it is learnt. 

The relevant voice tapes are in the possession of Lanka e news inside information division. We shall be revealing them in the near future. 

Meanwhile Minister of law and order , Thilak Marapone who resigned in order not to soil the name of the government holding a media briefing yesterday  , revealed an intriguing story…..

He said , even at this  moment Avant Garde is engaged in providing security to ships, and he is making this exposure with full responsibility. 30 times a day ,in  these ships , the Navy and with the assistance of Rakna Lakna Co. ,weapons are carried  to and fro. These operations are being carried on even right now , he asserted.

The Galle foreshore police is situated  just about 100 meters away  from this floating armory  . Hence it is a crucial question whether they hitherto pretended that they did not know, and suddenly conducted a raid , just  to score plus points.

The minister went on to say , the media slung mud at him most viciously , and because he did not wish to be maligned ,  he decided to resign. Hence the media should not mudsling. 

There was a turnover of 18 % each  in respect of  Rakna Lanka Co . and the Navy from  Avant Garde Co. and that in cash is about US dollars 3.8 million per month, Marapone disclosed.

The weapons in this floating armory belong to companies in Britain , America and New Zealand . However they are weapons that have been certified by the SL government , and therefore legal. This has been exposed  by him , and the affairs of the armory are duly being carried out even today because of this, Marapone pointed out.

No matter what , the investigations pertaining to Avant Garde Co. is already in progress ,and at today’s special cabinet meeting , the president had stated he is going to bring the investigation under him. Knowledgeable sources are of the view that this is a prelude to entrust the provision of security to vessels to his henchmen and stooges.

Bringing the investigation under the executive president  by no means constitutes much hyped good governance .In fact the people were opposed to this executive presidency precisely because it paves the way for subterfuges and subterranean activities  sans transparency. Hence what ought to be done is , make the investigation independent by giving it over to the CID, FCID and Bribery commission , rather than the executive president taking it over .

It is significant to note that Lanka e news always first with news and best with the views  , were the first to post the report on this Avant Garde floating armory – mind you three years ago 

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