President to hand over Avant Garde to Navy :Rescinds agreement, ignores laws, imitates MR ; whither justice ?

(Lanka-e-News -12.Nov.2015, 11.00PM) The government has decided to rescind all agreements that existed between Avant Garde maritime Co. and the government. All the activities and affairs of the Co. are to be brought under the control  of the Navy , minister Rajitha Senaratne revealed , according to media reports.

At the discussions held last evening at about 4.00 p.m. , chaired by  president Maithripala Sirisena ,this decision was taken. The IGP , Attorney General , defense ministry officials ,Naval Commander , Rakna Lanka representatives , Rajitha Senaratne , Wijedasa Rajapakse , and Patalie Champika Ranawake who has nothing to do with this subject participated in the discussions, based on media reports.

What was revealed by Lanka e news by a report 10th had been proved right by this development. Lanka e news reported , mean and manipulative moves are under way to bring a most lucrative business of supplying security to vessels at sea under the control of the cronies of the  president.Among those who are eyeing this business are a company under the name of Maritime security of notorious Kili Maharaja ;  a close minister friend of the president owning 7 ships ; and Arjuna Ranatunge who is in the process of forming a new Company with this in view.

What  were revealed by Lanka e news had been proved right  because, though the president said yesterday this business has been taken control of by him , no revelation was made by him of the legal grounds which necessitated this decision which is supposedly a sequel to the investigation. May we recall,  20 days ago, the government of good governance led by the incumbent president declared Avant Grade Co. is running its business legally , and that the president signed an agreement with it. Hence , if the agreement that was signed 20 days ago is to be rescinded lawfully , a court verdict should be there to support it. 

The president  taking arbitrary action according to his fancies against businesses in operation in this country is only reminiscent of the lawless actions of his predecessor Mahinda Rajapakse a byword for lawlessness and his regime. Mahinda  too acted this way taking the law into his hands outrageously and arrogantly.

The Rajapakse regime too similarly took over the Sevanagala sugar factory belonging to Daya Gamage which had a turnover of Rs. 350 million per day ,and gave it over to his stooges;  After imprisoning Lalith Kotalawela , the regime’s cronies and lackeys plundered his businessess worth billions in this manner. 

The good governance government however came into power to implement the laws and uphold rule of justice, and to  put things right and not to do wrong , at least for the sake of the masses who elected them to power , no matter how many crooks ,criminals and corrupt of the previous regime were allowed to creep  into it by the president. 

Earlier on grave charges were mounted against Avant Garde Co. of engaging in unlawful businesses by the opposition and Lanka e news. When that is the situation , it is imperative  a transparent and unerring investigation be coonducted based on the allegations , and it is the court that should make  a decision on that – not the president and his stooges. When did the president acquire the judicial  power to deliver  a decision on it today after taking it under his control yesterday ? This action is  full of portents for the future .  The hands of a cut-throat that strangle justice will not hesitate to slit the throats of the people.

When Lanka e news inquired from a high rung officer of the Navy about the decision taken by the president today , he said , initially the Navy tried to conduct this business of supplying security to foreign vessels , but that flopped.Owing to this failure , the private Co. took it over , and according to his knowledge , even today Avant Garde Co is supplying security to over 75 vessels , and towards this 3000 of their private soldiers have been deployed. Bringing the entire operation under the SL Navy is not feasible  at all , he added.

When has after an agreement signed by a private Co. with another private international shipping Co. pertaining to supply of security , been taken over at once by the Navy ? he questioned.

The Navy only provide security only within SL’s territorial waters , and an international business coming within  the territorial waters beyond ours cannot be taken over by the SL Navy. Only the Navy can compete with the international shipping companies , he elaborated. 

Based on the explanation offered by the Naval officer ,it is abundantly clear the president has ulterior motives and he is seeking to delude and dupe  the people .Under the pretext of entrusting the operations to the Navy ,he is stealthily manoeuvering  to give that business over to his henchmen. Need we remind , Rajapakses too indulged in these same sordid shameless activities to the detriment of the country.

Our efforts to establish contact with a spokesman for Avant Garde Co. to get more information proved futile 

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