It is Namal not Yoshitha who killed Thajudeen ? Hans Wijesuriya in hot water: Arrests imminent

(Lanka-e-News -06.Dec.2015, 8.30PM)  The murder of Rugby player Thajudeen was committed not because of a love affair conflict between deceased and  Yoshitha, but to satisfy the needs of Namal Rajapakse and on his instructions , investigations have revealed , based on reports reaching Lanka  e news  inside information division. Hence it is Namal who is primarily responsible and Yoshitha’s involvement is secondary.

Meanwhile it is learnt the information that had been unearthed  from the Dialog calls exchanged via the mobile  phones in the possession of the 6 security personnel of the presidential security division who abducted Thajudeen,   had been suppressed by  Hans Wijesuirya, the chief of Dialog Co.  on purpose .

Hans has been resorting to dilatory tactics without providing a report on those phone calls deliberately until now. His explanation is, the data and details on his company server relating to the two weeks including the  day of the incident had got deleted. Such deletion can never  ever happen on a mobile telephone network. In the circumstances , Hans has laid himself bare to arrest on charges of obstructing investigations and abetting in the murder.

Dr. Sridheer Saripuththa Hansa Wijesuriya alias  Hans Wijesuriya  , the son of a former Auditor General P.M.W.Wijesuriya , is an old boy of St. Thomas’ College where the sons of Mahinda Rajapakse studied. He is also a graduate of the University of Cambridge , England. Hans has obtained his degree on  digital mobile communication from the University of Bristol , England. It is very unfortunate that despite his good family background , he   was a wheeler dealer jointly with the Rajapakses putting through illicit deals when the Rajapakses were holding sway over the country. What an unscrupulous and low bred scoundrel  he is can be gauged by  the fact that he had provided facilities to members of the intelligence division of the forces at any time  to listen to any private  telephone conversations  via the Dialog network , and gather information secretly. 

In other words he had betrayed the trust of his entire  customer base on which he earned colossally, merely    to serve the selfish  interests of  Gotabaya the ex defense secretary .

During the presidential elections 2010 , Hans granted 1200 Dialog mobile  telephone lines free for the Mahinda Rajapakse’s election campaign. Hans owing to his dastardly , despicable and deplorable criminal and treacherous   activities , in order to rescue the Rajapakse sons and hide their criminal activities ,  had in vain incurred the displeasure , distrust and  disdain of not only his customers who depended on his phone service but even the bitter detestation of the entire nation  while disgracing  himself most shamelessly.

In the meantime, senior scientist Dr. Ruwan J. Illeperuma of Gene tech Institution who obtained the DNA of Thajudeen after exhuming his body,  has in his report to the Colombo magistrate court on the 4 th declared  that the DNA of Thajudeen and his mother’s are matching .This examination following the exhumation was done to ensure whether this and the post mortem carried out after Thajudeen’s death were compatible. 
On that same day the report was produced in court of the examination done after exhumation of the remains, by the medical board comprising Colombo chief judicial officer . Dr.Ajith Tennekoon specialist , Dr. Jeane Perera , specialist , and additional judicial  medical officer S.P Hewage specialist  . It was mentioned in that report , the victim has been  assaulted, and when  he was incapacitated , he was left in the seat to meet with the supposed accident. Moreover it is confirmed that the victim was not driving .
The cause of death were injuries inflicted on the victim’s chest, neck  and legs , and the subsequent fire that engulfed the vehicle. The fire had broken out just a few moments before his death or when he was dying . Hence the death is not due to the fire but a murder, the report confirmed. 

In any case , the most notorious  senior DIG Anura Senanayake who is now retired should be arrested for giving orders on the day of the incident to  distort the investigations.

Now , the relevant report has  been forwarded  to court . It is most likely next week , the suspects involved in the murder of Thajudeen will  be arrested including those attached to the presidential security division , Hans Wijesuriya for suppressing criminal information ,and a Rajapakse sibling.

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The whole pakse clan including the brats are/were responsible for the murders,including the genocide of Eelam Tamils in Mullivaikal. All of them should be arrested and paraded in Galle face before made state's guest in Welikade.
-- by Tomsam on 2015-12-07

Hans Wijesuriya. I hope you rot in that prison cell for the rest of your life. May you catch an incurable disease and die a SLOOOOOOOOW death. You call yourself a professional ? You are worse than the murderer himself. You are a bloody wolf in sheep's clothing. You ought to suffer an immense catastrophe in your life that the Almighty God will send upon you. Go to Hell you rogue!!!!!
-- by Barus on 2015-12-08

LEN, your news is the greatest.
-- by Mohana Prabath on 2015-12-09

This is only just and government and media fiasco to sell there products and fool this country people till the local election nothing is going to happen.
-- by mac on 2015-12-15

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