Campaigning Online for Peace, Democracy and Governance for Sri Lanka

To record and disseminate information which will strengthen human rights, governance and democratic process for conflict transformation in Sri Lanka.

In any complex social environment, a tense and an overwrought situation could occur due to lack of information, spread of false information, and interpretation (misinterpretation) of information in varied forms. It would therefore, be hard to prevent those living in a complex community (people) from receiving distorted communication and arriving at incorrect assumption and also experience week communications.

This situation could be observed fairly clearly in a diverse society such as Sri Lanka. None in the country is insulated against the broadcasting of distorted news. Even those in the elite levels, who normally are accused of being in control of news making, fall victim to this situation. The process of broadcasting or spreading of news informally happens across vertical and horizontal levels of populace. Examples are many of situations where conflicts have arisen due to issues of public interest not being communicated transparently between the public and governors and as well as various social groups and communities. This has been one of the key factors that influenced the prolonging of the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka for three decades.

Conflicts minimize and societies develop only when accurate information is made available to all concerned parties. It is important to have the flow of information both vertically and horizontally. Similarly, any human requires information to arrive at decisions, if not it could lead to violation of a person's rights.

Currently the Sri Lankan society is being subjected to the bitter experiences of this situation. It has worsened to a three decade old war. The conflicts that occur due to reactions of various acts of violence continuously escalate day by day with a spiraling effect.

The Sri Lankan society will have to make many compromises and efforts to stride out of this situation and when doing so, flow of accurate information is a vital component. The relevant information should be made available with such responsibility and as accurately as possible to be devoid of any biases or prejudices and discipline meeting ethical reporting standards.

The Lanka E News website is attempting to address the Sri Lankan society in its native language(s?) broadcasting unbiased news to all with the objective of aligning everyone for a "Justpeace for all Sri Lankans" and build a consensus among all, seeking a lasting solution to the ethnic conflict.

Inauguration of New Sinhala Fonts and 'LeN'

The history of Sinhala alphabet (fonts) go back to 3 rd century B.C. Pre-Brahmin alphabet which was the predecessors to Sinhala alphabet traced to 3 rd century B.C. Brahmin alphabet was developed around the start of the Christian era. The alphabet which we use now was born after 7 th Century. In the 17th Century the language and grammar connected with the alphabet culminated and saw the birth of Sidath Sangarawa of Pundith Vedeha in the 17th Century. The alphabet born in such a way was adjusted to the modern computer in about 1980. This was accomplished by Wijaya Graphics.
Several trailblazers, NARA Organization, Mr Mahanama, Sandaru Advertising, and Font Master developed a Sinhala alphabet for IBM computer systems. Kaputa.com developed an alphabet for the internet with some limitations. The alphabets so developed had limitations in the use and we are proud to declare that we developed a clear alphabet for 'Lanka E News' after eight years of research.
.The alphabet developed by Lanka News is recorded to be the first in history with clear forms suitable for modern system applications.

The Importance of 'LeN' alphabet and 'Lanka E News'

The expatriate Sri Lankans who are employed abroad are estimated to be over five million. They are in a position to contribute immensely to the culture and economy of Sri Lanka. Their association with and exposure to foreign cultures is a rich source of nourishing the local cultures with their many fold positive culturally imbibable aspects. About half of these people numbering about 2 million are not conversant with foreign languages and they have to necessarily connect to a Sinhala Web service for information on happenings in Sri Lanka.

What we plan to cover in LankaEnews:

  • 1. General News and the background to news on current Conflicts;
  • 2. Discussion programs which depict wrong decisions in post colonial history and enlightening people on how to rectify the negative implications from a historical perspective:
  • 3. Presenting of alternative artistic creations of Sri Lanka youth (Music and drama);
  • 4. Promoting the understanding of different cultures and sensitization so that it will lead to communal harmony.
  • We Responsible ...

  • 1. To report on information about abuses of human rights locally and within the state mechanism and by other conflict parties.
  • 2. To maintain a educational unit in regard to solutions on human rights, ethnic question and methods of finding solutions for such questions.
  • 3. To be an independent source of information on good governance of the state and contribute to such actions needed to achieve that objective.
  • The uniqueness of 'Lanka E News'

    At present Sri Lanka government has reached a situation of preparing for a civil war. This has created an immense crisis in the Sri Lankan state. The fragile peace that existed for four years at some level after 20 years is now transforming itself to a war situation. The accord between Sri Lankan government and the LTTE to resolve conflicts within a unitary state is coming to an end.

    A society needs news to build an opinion, conclusion or consciously activate a decision for which task, accurate news is essential

    During the last two and half years we have through 'Lanka E News' web site were able to expose to the public abuses of power of the state, injustices, political abuses and bring to surface correct news that has contributed to building of good governance in Sri Lanka.

    The uniqueness of 'Lanka E News' is its ability to provide news in English and Sinhalese as well and surfing the web without downloading Sinhala fonts. Over five million in Sri Lanka and abroad use the web site currently. One reason why the web site became very popular is because the site is updated constantly.

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