Hemasiri Fernando the chairman of Olympics committee and of People’s bank is a drug magnate too ! Evidence herein...

(Lanka-e-News -07.Nov.2016, 10.00AM) The chairman of Peoples bank cum chairman of Olympics Committee of the good governance government is one  who has transactions with the most  leading heroin dealer in the country   , based on reports supported with evidence reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

This heroin magnate is none other than Wele Sudha , and his associate  is no less a person than Hemasiri Fernando, the chairman of People’s bank cum chairman of Olympics committee. Besides ,his closest and best  pal is a former DIG , another ace racketeer.

Hemasiri who is the chairman of the People’s leasing –a semi government Institution has recently set aside a  whopping Rs. 300 million of People’s leasing fund  for the construction  of a worthless , useless, purposeless Railway Museum forcibly after displaying his thuggery and  toughie tactics before the Director Board. 

As a rule, if any monies are  to be set aside out of the People’s bank entrepreneurial funds towards the Railways department which is a State department ,that allocation  must be for deployment towards  putting the State Institution- the Railways  which is a white elephant on the road to profit making , rather than towards building a Railways museum spending (wasting) Rs. 300 million . Even though this is a simple truth which a Kindergarten class child can understand , Hemasiri , the drug baron on the contrary has allocated  this fund for  the Railways Museum project for obvious reasons – to swindle the funds ! Whether these funds are to be channeled to Wele Sudha’s heroin business and build that Empire   is yet unexplored. 
Hemasiri the slimy scoundrel who managed to creep into every government like a worm   is himself a practitioner of all the cardinal sins on earth . In the photograph herein is Hemasiri with Wele Sudha a most leading heroin business magnate. The other individual in the photograph along with them is another most notorious rascal who as evil and villainous as Wele Sudha and Hemasiri the bosom pals  . This rascal is no less a person than the former DIG Pathirane. The latter was the individual who transported the suicide bomber of Karuna to kill war hero major general Janaka Perera and group  in Anuradhapura. All these killings were done with the knowledge and on the orders  of Gotabaya ,and Lanka  e news exposed those secrets with copious and cogent evidence at that time. 

Here is the story this photograph depicts ….

It was Hemasiri the Olympics ‘chameleon’ employing his ‘Olympics champion ’ powers who smuggled the heroin of Wele Sudha into the country, and it was ex DIG Pathirane who provided the necessary support , security and safety for the operations.  This  photograph herein was taken after   the traitorous troika  visited  the Kataragama Devale to thank the deities for fulfilling the vow of the three racketeers alias ‘three drug dealing  musketeers’ to complete their  heroin operation successfully.

Today , even though leading drug dealer Wele Sudha is incarcerated , and so is Duminda Silva , yet heroin business is raging in this country because Drug ‘Kingpins’ like Hemasiri and Pathirane are still out and free . 

Need Lanka e news as a media which stands out as a media website that champions the cause of truth  in the best interests of the nation and country frankly ,fearlessly and forthrightly  bring forth further information and evidence than this for the authorities to take action  ? 

It will therefore be best in the circumstances if these culprits are dismissed from the high responsible positions they are holding now , and investigations begun after catching them by their necks, before they can destroy the future generation too. If these rats and rascals are found guilty , it is via the system of good governance they shall be punished. 

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Your "story" should have included Narcotics Branch input for 100% truth?
-- by punchinilame on 2016-11-07

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