Cricket chiefs who removed Laborers’ trousers shamelessly caught with their trousers down degradingly..! Never did SL cricket descend to this lowliest level !!

(Lanka-e-News - 17.July.2017, 11.30PM)   It is an incontrovertible fact that Sri Lanka’s  cricket is currently going through a bad patch .Whatever that is attempted only reaps sad and bad results. So is the ‘One Nation One Cricket’ slogan  which has also  not produced any unity. It is in such a muddle  the Vice presidents , coaches and captains have resigned. The coach who is remaining is only an interim coach . The administration too is an interim one.   

Though the sports minister and players are holding media briefings and glorifying  themselves , the truth of the matter is those are all noisy flatulence and empty of substance. The sports minister who disdains the tummy size  of the players does exercises in the morning and evening  to attract  media publicity , while Lasith Malinga raises his shirt and  displays his tummy to the media. This is cricket in Sri Lanka (SL) now! 

Lasith Malinga  despite his brags and braggadocios clearly demonstrated  his incompetence as a bowler when he  bagged only three wickets in the five matches he played with Zimbabwe , the team that is ranked 11 th in international cricket .

Sanath Jayasuriya who is  considered as cool and a laughing stock   by the world is to  continue as chairman of selection committee  for  some time.  Sanath dancing to the tunes of Sumathipalas  and Shammis  by  promoting and bringing  in players whom they fancy , at once axes players against whom they have a dislike. It is based on these reasons  Shanuka  who was  playing in England was got down suddenly during the period of Rajapakses.

Arjuna even as he condemns Charlie transacts illicit deals with Nishantha.

Shammis  who are  pointing an accusing finger at Charlie Austin on  manager mafia of players has himself commenced a players’ manager base putting Nasoom Azar in the front under a sly arrangement .Rob Ashwell , Asanka Wijewardena , Roshan Abeysinghe , Ravi De Silva , Thushil Gunasekera and Mohomed are offshoots of this mafia.
It is only a few who  know that notorious Nishantha Ranatunge the brother of Arjuna Ranatunge was the first manager of Dinesh Chandimal , though Arjuna is launching a verbal onslaught on Austin Charlie  .During those days , Nishantha using Chandimal tried to get Sangakkara and Mahela into his net , but that proved futile. Arjuna who is castigating Gamini Lokuge over the television deal , does not speak about the illicit deal transacted by his brother Nishantha with CSN , and the shady deal with the  Nimbus local agent Hashan Thilakaratne  to arrive at  an amicable settlement with Nimbus in respect of the legal proceedings.

Thilanga being a book maker  -was the defeat faced against Zimbabwe hinged on his bet ?

Arjuna revealed , a cricket chief in SL earned many millions of rupees because of SL team’s  unexpected defeat at the hands of   Zimbabwe . He was referring to Thilanga and nobody else. Though it is in the name of Thilanga’s brother the business affairs are  conducted , the family of Thilanga are also partners in one of  the two main  bookie business ventures alias betting centers  in SL. Even while there is a ban imposed by the ICC that  such an individual cannot hold a post in the cricket association , and the sports Act provisions too  prohibit , yet Thilanga is in the hot seat  of the cricket association  as well as he is a member of  the executive committee of the ICC.
It is not wrong if doubts have proliferated because  Thilanga the unscrupulous book maker during the recent past manipulated to win the bet, the SL team lost to Zimbabwe. Perhaps Arjuna is well aware  of Thilanga’s  rackets more than others  because Thilanga was at one time a bosom pal of Arjuna who introduced Thilanga to the cricket association for the first time. Yet Arjuna instead of taking the bull by the horns is only stooping to the lowliest levels , and planting his rotten brinjal in others’  gardens. 

Thilanga who has the patronage of the president even if he  hasn’t  prime minister’s , exploiting that to the full has nearly completed two years as chairman via  the interim committee without any issue despite all the rackets. 

Thilanga  is using president’s daughter Chaturika as a tool to fix all his problems after  entrusting the cricket association publicity  worth  many millions of rupees to  the advertising  Co. ‘ Media gang’ belonging to Chaturika . All the publicity that was done earlier by the cricket association’s  media and trade division is being carried out at very exorbitant  costs by “ Media Gang’’ and “Shift’’ advertising agencies  . 

Now the cricket association at  every religious function publishes greetings and goodwill  messages   in all newspapers   . In the advertisement published by the cricket association last Poson Poya  there were a number of printing mistakes.  ‘Anubudhu’  Theras was printed as ‘Ahubudhu’ Theras. Those advertisements were prepared by Chaturika’s ‘Media Gang’ 

In addition ,recently the cricket association sacrificed Rs. 50 million of its funds  to two temples . Though the Daily Mirror published it , the sports minister could not notice that as much as  he noticed  the tummies of players . 

Chiefs who removed Laborers’ trousers shamelessly caught with their trousers down degradingly .. 

While wasting association funds on an unprecedented profligate scale  , Thilangas indulged in yet another disgraceful and despicable activity  at the end of the Zimbabwe – SL  tournament. They removed the trousers of the laborers who were employed on a temporary basis on a daily wage of Rs. 1000.00 per laborer. These laborers were employed to cover the turf .
It is a practice to provide these laborers with a Tee shirt and a ‘bottom’, apart  from the daily payment to them  because of the television cameras which may capture them . The cricket association which finds a sponsor for that , has never ever taken back the dress given to them in the past. But on this occasion the 125 laborers were forced to return the ‘bottoms’ they were wearing if they were to be paid their daily wages. This order came from Association’s  very top echelon. These poor laborers having no choice had returned their bottoms and gone home only with their underwear because this came as a surprise to them. 

Following the humiliating defeat SL faced at the hands of Zimbabwe  a team ranked very low in international cricket , it is the trousers as well as the jockstraps  of the cricket association chiefs - the disgraceful  zeros who proudly parade as great heroes which  should have been removed . Instead these shameless lokkas (chiefs) have removed the ‘bottoms’  of the poor laborers , and mind you that order has come from the association’s very  ‘top’  .
It must therefore be first examined  whether those at the Association’s ‘top’ (they  haven’t anything inside at their  top of course is well known !)  haven’t anything even at the bottom  going by the inordinate concern shown by them to  the ‘bottoms’ of the laborers .  This is because no sane employer unless he is bottomless himself would take back  forcibly the ‘ bottoms’ of the poor laborers under him.

When the media exposed this disgraceful episode which was the result of  Thilanga’s evil  proposition , the CEO Ashley De Silva who gave that instruction to  Sooriyawewa playground officials ,and another bloke by the name of Jerome Jayaratne holding a post were however saved , after blaming the incident on a minor officer of  the Western province.  The employees of the cricket association pointed out  , when Jerome was the chief of the coaching division he was nicknamed ‘kalisama’ because he wore shorts when he came to work.  Therefore  the same ‘kalisama’ ordering  the removal of the trousers of the poor laborers is a most abominable joke , they pinpointed .

SL cricket has reached the lowliest levels –has hit rock bottom !

The decline in the performance of   SL women’s cricket team which was maintaining a high  position in tests , one day and 20-20 games in world tournaments – now ranked eighth is another indication  of the disastrous state of SL ‘s cricket . Can the cricket standard of SL descend any lower than this ?

In the circumstances it is the president of the association , CEO and the sports minister who were   caught well and truly with not only their trousers  but even their jockstraps down. No wonder the whole cricket arena is stinking.  The worst part ? Unbelievably  , it is these same villains who have removed the trousers of the poor innocent laborers . But in the end  , it is the cricket fans watching  their favorite game breaking rest who will have to go without  their pants – robbed by these villains . 

Meanwhile Arjuna who has always been fishing in troubled waters is now making sly moves while claiming loudly  he can extricate  SL’s cricket from its present plight and predicament . Next report will be about Arjuna

BY Lanka e news special reporter 

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