It cannot be said judge was not the target in fatal shooting ! Investigations entrusted to CID : Judge weeps at funeral (Video)

(Lanka-e-News- 25.July.2017, 11.00PM) The shooting incident on the 22 nd in Jaffna was not targeting the judge (a member of the three judges panel) Manikkavasagar Ilancheliyan who is hearing the case of murder of school girl Vidya , and this was a result of a dispute escalating among drunken three wheeler drivers at a three wheeler park, said police media spokesman on the 23 rd.  The latter also went on to say , during that time the vehicle of the judge  was trapped in a traffic congestion , and when a security personnel of the judge intervened , one of those in that drunken  group wrested the pistol  of the security personnel and shot down the latter.  Three suspects in this connection have also been taken into custody, the police spokesman added.

Lanka e news earlier revealed  that a Tamil media published a report to that effect on the 22nd. However based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division on the 23 rd (noon) , it cannot be stated , that the firing was not targeting  the judge , because the police officer who was  admitted to hospital had not made such a statement.

The police officer who eventually died had been on a motor bike providing security to the judge’s vehicle. When this officer was grappling with the gunman risking even his life , the other officer had fired  at  the gunman wielding  the pistol , and taken the judge to a safer place. The assassin after the attack has dropped his pistol , and after  forcibly taking a motor bike of another had fled the scene on that motor cycle. 

Our informants point out , though those who fought against the LTTE during the war  died ,various Tamil youths who were acting as informants for the forces  and collaborated with them are still wielding weapons , and they cannot be controlled by the police. It is learnt that  when they are apprehended by the police they show their identity card (of the forces), and escape.

 The judge too  in his statement had revealed , going by the way the assassin used the pistol , he discerned he is well trained in weaponry.  

In any event the investigations had been transferred from the Jaffna police to the CID .

The police officer who received gun shot injuries to his stomach and was hospitalized succumbed to the injuries on 23 rd (morning) . He is 57 years old Ganewattage Sarath Hemachandra ,a police sergeant ( No. 24330) of Kumarakattuwa, Chilaw. 

The judge whose life was saved by this sergeant who sacrificed his life was so grief stricken that when he arrived at the funeral house he bowed and worshipped the  widow of the deceased . He could not control his emotions so much so he began to cry. 

Jaffna was a place where during the 30 years of ethnic conflict killing was a matter of routine. In  this instance a Tamil judge weeping  and grieving so much for his murdered  Sinhala security personnel  openly may not be consonant with traditions , but from the standpoint of humaneness it is of immense value. 

Truly , co existence and reconciliation cannot be built via laws alone. Those  can be achieved only via the hearts and truthfulness- it is through the genuine spontaneous humane feeling for another , and sacrifice !

Therefore the  emotions judge Ilanchelyan could not control   and the tears he could not hide , as well as the sacrifice sergeant Sarath Hemachandra made laying down  his life will go  down in history as indelible memories.

Video hereunder of Judge Ilancheliyan weeping while mourning the death of Sarath Hemachandra 

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If the Judge cannoy control himself in a situation like this he is not fit to be a Judge
-- by Ram Perera on 2017-07-26

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