Is president honest ? Witch hunt against Ravi is to retain executive presidency ?

-By Wimal Dheerasekera

(Lanka-e-News - 10.Aug.2017, 6.45PM)  Following the appointment of Maithripala Sirisena as the president of the country , a special presidential commission was appointed to investigate the massive  frauds and corruption that raged during the nefarious decade of Rajapakses, and that  Commission received 400 complaints. Investigations into  19 complaints have been completed ,and out of those , reports on five investigations have been forwarded to president, and 14 more are to be handed over. 

The following five reports have been handed over :

1.The siphoning off  of Rs. 11.2 million allocated for Negombo zone development towards presidential elections by former fisheries minister Sarath Gunaratne without spending a single cent towards development.
2.Fraud relating the Mahiyangana 100 shopping complex 
3.Fraud at Independent television network.
4.Fraud at Coconut Research Institute ,Lunuvila
5.Rakna Lanka and Avant Garde Co. scam.

Armed with the report of the  presidential commission that investigated the corruption of Sarath Gunaratne (first report herein) , the Colombo chief magistrate Lal Ranasinghe was met to file action when  Ranasinghe  revealed some salient points…. 

Criminal cases cannot be filed based on reports of every Institution . Based on the Criminal procedure code , following an investigation by the CID , the charges against each accused shall be separately submitted to court , the chief magistrate highlighted. Accordingly , the group then visited the CID. 

The presidential commission which has only a tongue sans teeth…

Doesn’t what Ranasinghe revealed  mean the SPC is a damp squib and its report  just a piece of note paper? because  the CID has to once again investigate the corruption against Sarath Gunaratne. Doesn’t that also  mean all the public funds and the time spent on the presidential commission and its investigation constitute a colossal wastage ? If the investigation was carried out by the CID straight away , surely  all that money and time dissipated  could have been saved , wasn’t  it ? 
When we made our own inquiries into this , we were informed only the police can file criminal cases in SL, and that right belongs only to Bribery and Corruption Commission and not to any other Commissions: The Bribery and corruption Commission investigations are conducted by the police officers attached to it.
The best  illustration is the Presidential Commission which only inquires and does not investigate . To file a criminal case , an investigation is imperative, and it is only the police which has the ability and methodology  for that, specially the CID. This means the presidential commission  sans teeth , and with only a tongue is  utter nonsense.
Though the people are unaware of this truth the president and the buffoons who established the Commission cannot say they are  unaware of that. Despite this being the stark truth , the president yet established another Commission – the Treasury Bond commission. This commission was constituted of two judges and an Audit officer. 

Unbelievably , the president appointed  this commission , even after the COPE committee comprising of many more members have given their comprehensive report following their extensive investigations into the controversial issue of  treasury bonds. 

The speaker forwarded the report requesting  advice from the Attorney General (AG) - a step   never taken in relation to the  COPE report. The AG echoed   sentiments similar to what were expressed by aforementioned  chief magistrate Gunaratne in this connection. That is , the COPE report pertaining to treasury bonds shall be entrusted to the CID and following their investigation a criminal case can be filed.

Prior to that , the AG advised that a complaint shall be made to  the CID in connection with it . Accordingly the new Central Bank governor lodged a complaint with the CID , and the COPE report was handed over to the CID.

President’s agenda.

Maithripala Sirisena the president appointed another Commission sans teeth to probe into the alleged bond scam while being aware of this glaringly factual situation and even when legal measures have been initiated. 

It is obvious the report of this presidential commission is also one day going to suffer   the fate of the afore-stated  report of Sarath Gunaratne .

Why is the president indulging in such tomfoolery  wasting precious time and funds ?  The answer is , it is certainly because of   politics ? What is his politics ? That is the politics  revealed by him earlier  , to establish an SLFP government of its own.  But the tragic side to his comic effort is , instead of cleansing the SLFP which is full of stench and squalor  , and purging it of the crooks and the corrupt who are in plenty in the party , is  foolishly seeking to portray before the masses that the UNP is a more stinking party of crooks and corrupt , assuming that is a much  easier route to travel along. He is herefore using the presidential Treasury Bond commission to achieve that goal  .

When there is no method  to determine the loss , how can there be a loss ?

The Commission probing into the alleged bond scam  should have first and foremost  probed whether there was a loss to the government based on this alleged  treasury bond scam  , because the bonds were sold and bought by State Institutions. This is because  profits earned by Aloysius the registered intermediary have been recorded without suppression in the annual accounts  reports.

Were there vested interests when the profit was being channeled to a single individual ? Was this a criminal offence? And these must be proved in accordance with the criminal laws. The Auditor General  in his testimony  directly and clearly stated there is no methodology in Sri Lanka to detect whether there is a loss to the government when issuing treasury  bonds. He explained that at length. Therefore if there is no methodology to ascertain there had been a loss, then how can the loss be decided ?  In the circumstances what the Commission ought to do first is probe how such a thing can be avoided in the future , and establish modes and methods to detect whether there is a loss to the government when   bonds are  issued . Instead of that the Commission is now blindly searching for a black cat in a dark room. In other words serving the political agenda mentioned earlier of the president.  

President’s agenda was  to publicize that the UNP is more corrupt and stinking than the SLFP and to finally  make Ranil Wickremesinghe the victim , but  before that owing to a  woman from somewhere coming on  the scene in the treasury bond scam ,it became possible for the  president to make  Ravi Karunanayake a scapegoat despite the fact the Central bank which was central to this issue was not under Ravi’s  purview.

No matter what efforts are being made to blow this out of proportion , the only charges leveled against Ravi is his living in the rented house of Aloysius. The cash involvement is Rs. 10 million . If  Ravi really wanted to defraud , he could have collected that amount without anybody’s notice and lived in  another house. Instead he has allowed the  Commission’s scientific experts and the president to earn  plus points on this . Hence his motive is untainted.

The most curious part of this melodrama is , even before Aloysius has been found guilty in the alleged bond scam , Ravi has been maligned unmercifully and condemned to the gallows. Somebody must clarify whether there exists  a law that states , just because a politician was allowed to stay in the house of a businessman ipso facto makes him/her  a  criminal. Simply because evidence was given before the Commission , the media of Mahinda and Maithri have concluded  Ravi has committed an offence.

The sum of Rs. 500 million that Ravi brought …

It is well for Maithripala Sirisena and the pro good governance masses recall an incident: During the first week after Maithripala became the common presidential candidate following his resignation from the SLFP ,and when he was in a jubilant  mood ,he  lamented while being in  the opposition  that even the leaflets had not been sent to his electorate .

Truly, during that first week  the common candidate did not have money to spend for the presidential campaign . It was  Ravi Karunanayake the businessman who brought in about Rs. 500 million for the presidential campaign when it  was teetering and tottering without funds. It was part of this  money that were  spent for the publicity platforms  which  the leaders of the civil organizations mounted and campaigned.

Maithripala who did not inquire then whose money Ravi released  , is today probing into the payment of rents for Ravi’s house after appointing a commission ; and based on that is making requests to Ravi to resign while using media channels close to the president  to sling mud at Ravi. None can blame the pro good governance masses if they describe this attitude as lowly callous  behavior and ungrateful conduct of Maithripala. Shouldn’t he think back and ask himself , where his crooks and hypocritical cronies were at that time (nowhere around) who are now rallying around him saying they would raise both hands to chase out Ravi ?

Is Maithripala honest? 

In the circumstances it is being questioned whether  president Maithripala Sirisena is truly honest , anti corrupt and against crimes? 

If he is truly so, would he have related the deplorable ‘cyanide story’ and created the climate to resign  for the Director General of  the Bribery Commission at that time when culprit Gotabaya owing to her was hauled up before  courts for the first time  ? Could he have spoken in favor of the criminal members of the forces who abducted Prageeth Ekneliyagoda in remand custody , and reinstated them in military service illegally? Would he have used his stooges to file action against Lanka e news instead of investigating the arson committed on the office of  LeN?  Would he have  sent a letter of demand claiming Rs. 500 million  from  Prof. Sarath Wijesuriya of  the movement for just society ? Would he have suppressed the corruption charges against a most corrupt crook Dilan Perera , and appointed him as the party’s official spokesman in order to sling mud at the UNP and even its leader around the clock?  Would he have  made the NGO fraudster  his co ordinating secretary who tried to shoot himself like an underworld criminal on the main road  demanding that the UNP leader shall be chased out? Would he have given a post to Maithri Gunaratne who hurled stones at  Sri kotha , and continued appointing him when he is changing  posts ? Would  he have appointed a notorious Blue brigand crook as a foreign envoy ?  

Would  he include the name of Chokka malli an SLFP er in his elections nomination list  a few months after becoming president while forgetting the incident in which Chokka malli   killed a UNPer by shooting when the latter was organizing a rally at Ratnapura during the run up to  the presidential elections to make Sirisena the president ?
The list being  too long it cannot be  noted  herein.

Ravi today , Ranil tomorrow !

In conclusion let me state ……

We are certainly not against Ravi being punished if he is found guilty under  the laws , but we are certainly against his being ‘crucified’ and maligned unjustifiably by vacuous villainous media even before the case is heard. The mud that is slung  by the ungrateful muddy hands of the president against Ravi  today even before Aloysius is proved a culprit , is sure going to sling mud at Ranil tomorrow. 

If Ravi resigns today , the next manipulation will be to create circumstances for Ranil to resign. Thereafter under an SLFP P.M. another government may be formed.That will necessarily  mean , instead of the constitution which aims at abolition of the executive presidency , a constitution will be formulated to retain the executive presidency. 

Ungrateful Maithripala ‘s dream for a long time is that . This is confirmed by the words that drop off the unbridled tongue of S.B. It is due  to this reason , the proposals of the SLFP to be made to the  constitution formulation committee  are being delayed .Currently the only hindrance  is that. 

If Maithripala the SLFP  stalwart who on 2015-01-08  turned arch  enemy of the Rajapakses can give  nominations to the same Rajapakses in Maithripala’s  list in July 2015, it is not a matter for surprise if such a  Maithripala takes ungrateful unscrupulous measures to create a new force calling it a third force saying it is against  corruption only  to prevent the SLFP breaking into two , or if he again joins with the Rajapakses whom he earlier viciously and venomously described and castigated as rogues , rascals and traitors. 

Hence, the pro good governance will be well  advised to think carefully and watch cautiously  the direction in which the rogue is running shouting  ’rogue , rogue’  . Rajapakses  are seeking to sign a  no confidence motion not for nothing when Maithri ‘s blowing the whistle .
In logic man is considered as a talking animal. A political leader  who loses his sense of discrimination ( one who loses his capacity to identify  a true friend from a foe) ; and his sense of  shame and  gratitude is much worse than an animal by birth. 

By WimalDheerasekera

Translated by Jeff.

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Yes, He is honest crook, working only for his position and his party only as he mentioned before. Our myopic masses who are also senile will not realize till all the damage is done. Its time the UNP leadership take stock where it is headed under the MS presidency as soon as possible. None of the promises have been fulfilled till now.
-- by Ronnie Fernando on 2017-08-10

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