Travis Sinniah who sank 3 LTTE ships within 48 hours to be gloriously rewarded by good governance !

(Lanka-e-News - 19.Aug.2017, 2.00PM)   Rear Admiral Travis Sinniah the present commanding officer of the East and for naval vessels who left the forces during the Rajapakse reign because he was subjected to political victimization  , but reinstated following the advent of the good governance government is to be appointed as Sri Lanka’s 21 st Navy Commander on 2017-08-22 .

Sinniah won the ‘Weera Wickrema Vibooshana ‘ medal for bravery on account of his valorous operations against the LTTE terrorists . He is an exceptionally  competent and capable Naval officer who  sank three LTTE ships loaded with weapons within 48 hours .

During the term of Admiral Somathileke Dissanayake as Navy commander who is now facing criminal charges of corruption before court , Sinniah  was falsely maligned and labeled  as ‘pro Sarath Fonseka’ ,and severely persecuted. His promotions were blocked , and while hurling bogus allegations of racism against him , he was even brutally assaulted. If Sinniah was to escape the persecution and embarrassment , he was pressurized  to give false evidence against Rear admiral Susin Weerasekera who was next in line for the post of Navy Commander then. Sinniah who did not want to betray that senior  officer sans valid grounds left the Navy . 

 Strangely and wickedly not  a single media highlighted these injustices and harassment Sinniah faced at that time. It was only Lanka e news which reports fearlessly , forthrightly , frankly and champions the cause of justice and truth  come what may which  revealed for the first time on 2015-02-15 the ordeal of Sinniah under the caption, ‘ if justice is being meted out to the members of  the army who suffered victimization under the Rajapakses , the Navy officers too who were victimized shall be redressed.’ (in LeN Sinhala Version)

Our heartiest congratulations to Sinniah on his deserved promotion ! 

It  is well to recall  Raveendra Wijegunawardena who made a major contribution towards rescuing  the naval force and putting it back  on track when it  was straying under the Rajapakse stooges for so many years , and as a tool of private companies. It is hoped the new Navy commander will be blessed with the strength and spirit  to take necessary measures to probe  into the massive corruption in the Navy during the period between 2011 and 2015 , which could not be unearthed by Raveendra , in order that the Navy can be made a true and  integral part of the present good  governance. 

-By a group of the Navy for latter’s betterment 

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Good luck Travis. You are deserve it. All the best.
-- by Bathiya De Silva on 2017-08-22

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