Expose`- Dealdasa went to Germany and then to Japan for secret discussions with Mahinda & Udayanga to topple govt.!

(Lanka-e-News - 01.Sep.2017, 4.25PM)   It is a well and widely known fact by now ,ex Minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse whose inglorious name was etched in the historical records of Sri Lanka’s  history as the worst betrayer  , traitor and corrupt scoundrel who trod this soil  , and therefore got thrown  out lock , stock and barrel most disgracefully . Now , it has also come to light while he was the minister of justice under the government of good governance  , he has been travelling  abroad meeting the notorious corrupt  Rajapakses and  their equally vile and vicious supporters , to hatch most secret conspiracies against the very government which appointed and pampered him as a minister, based on information passed by the foreign intelligence service to the leaders of the present government .
This conspiracy is most  grave and unlawful because,  some months ago Wijedasa who ostensibly went  to Germany , had subsequently gone to Japan from Germany and met Mahinda Rajapakse and Udaya Weeratunge a most wanted culprit in Sri Lanka (SL) against whom SL  court has issued an Interpol warrant for the arrest of Udayanga . Therefore a minister of justice while being in the government secretly meeting a criminal against whom there is an international warrant is itself a most heinous  crime .Wijedasa left for Germany while harboring Gnanassara  .  

While in Germany Wijedasa has met with crooked businessmen  who became  millionaires and billionaires through rackets and surreptitious activities during the period of Rajapakses. 

Wijedasa left Germany for Japan to meet Mahinda Rajapakse who was in Japan on a tour . He had met with Machiavellian Mahinda most secretly. Udaya Ranatunge the most wanted culprit in SL has also been met on that occasion by Wijedasa while he was still   the minister of justice  then. Little wonder the image of  the SL  judiciary of SL was tarnished beyond measure during the tenure of office of Wijedasa !

During the discussion the main points on which agreement was reached were : Mahinda shall extend support to make Wijedasa the common candidate  , and Gotabaya Rajapakse shall be made  prime minister. Under the 19 th amendment to the constitution, as Mahinda Rajapakse cannot field again as the presidential candidate, this agreement was reached. 

Mahinda -Wijedasa -Udayanga troika had also concluded that racial hatred and disturbances shall be stoked to topple the good governance government . This was why following the return from the German tour , Wijedasa was behaving like a demented individual unrelentingly making hate speeches arousing communal tension  .

Unfortunately for these traitorous rascals , the intelligence service of Germany a powerful country had communicated these conspiracies ,impending treacheries and villainies  to the president and the P.M.  However , before Wijedasa could take further action  in the evil and traitorous direction of his , the UNP Radical Tide which rose against Wijedasa the notorious turncoat , cutthroat betrayer and traitor of all times, gave him the treatment he richly deserved – threw him out lock ,stock and barrel before he could move any further on his conspiratorial moves. 

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This para Jadaya Wijedsa Rajaksa must be executed in publoic a 100 times absolkute para jadaya the day he dies we shall shit in his grave including mahendra Rajpaksa we wil, shit in their graves afer they get executed
-- by sarath on 2017-09-02

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