Narcotics SI himself organizes drugs peddling ‘Beach party’- Narcotics raid reveals ;attempts to suppress discovery !

(Lanka-e-News - 02.Sep.2017, 8.00PM)  While minister of law and order in charge of the police Sagala Ratnayake is singing ‘baila’ using only his mouth organ ,  and vainly boasting that the country must be  rescued from becoming a heroin hub and illicit  drug headquarter , an officer of the very police narcotics bureau which exists to eradicate the drug scourge was caught red handed by the Narcotics bureau officers itself when he was having  a ‘beach party’ for  sale of large quantities of drugs.

The incident occurred at ‘The beach Boutique’ hotel ,Uswetakaiyawa , on 26th (Saturday) of August. Based on a tip off received by  DIG Sanjeewa Medawatte of the Narcotics Bureau that a beach party is on where all  the drugs available in Sri Lanka including cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy , Hashish , pill, ice are being sold , the DIG  had dispatched a team of officers to the venue to conduct a raid led by an SI. No sooner the narcotics team laid siege to the venue of the party , who emerged  first was the organizer of the party. The narcotics team could not  believe their eyes ,for the organizer of the party was none other than notorious SI Mahinda who is an officer of the Narcotics bureau itself! 

Mahinda seeing the narcotics team and   the chief of the team (who is an SI junior to Mahinda ) that raided,  addressing  the junior SI said most unconcernedly ‘ shic, yakko , all of you spoilt the game. I could have sold about 500 more tickets.’

In fact ,SI Mahinda at the time the beach party was being organized that day  , had left narcotics bureau citing the excuse he has an important task  to attend .

The team that went from Colombo had returned and informed Sanjeewa Medawatte in writing . Believe it or not , though this shocking incident happened  on 26 th  August , until the time of publishing this article (September 1 st ) night no action has been taken.

It is well to recall Lanka e news earlier on ,  as always, reporting fearlessly , frankly and forthrightly revealed that SI Mahinda was apprehended when  buying  a weapon from a drug dealer , and  that crime was suppressed by Kamal Silva , Director of Narcotics bureau at that time ,and torture prone violent IGP Poojitha. Lanka e news also reported that when Kamal Silva was Director of Narcotics , he opened a four storied hotel , and it was this same notorious SI Mahinda who was put in charge to look after it. 

This hotel is situated in close proximity to  ‘The beach boutique’ hotel where the beach party was held . 

Similarly , prior to that , Jayawardena of the Narcotics bureau was apprehended when selling  a part of the quantity of heroin supposedly seized by him to  drug dealers .   It was the same narcotics director who intervened to save that culprit too . Lanka e news exposed this crime also at that time.
It is an incontrovertible fact therefore  the police force is being disgraced on an  unprecedented scale by an eccentric, violent  and torture prone IGP who is  facing charges under the ‘torture convention’ and the penal code. Besides  he is  being permitted    to retain and pamper his corrupt and venal henchmen in the Narcotics bureau to the detriment of the entire country .

In these dire circumstances if the minister in charge is ignoring this deadly and portentous scenario while  also without any sense of shame   doing lip service only-  simply saying , SL is fast becoming a headquarter for drug trafficking and it  should be rescued , after allowing the drug menace to reach such alarming proportions  under his own police force , it should be  first  examined whether his mouth or some other orifice down below is making those utterances. 

Sagala the minister of law and order ( disorder)  will be well  advised if he would honorably hand over the portfolio to somebody else instead of   trying to put in order  what he knows very well he cannot. Otherwise , he would have to face the same dismal fate Wijedasa Rajapakse faced – kicked out.

By a special reporter of Lanka e news inside information division 

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Its high time this rascal resigns from his post because he is also a stooge o MR . The country is in total disorder and Sagala is responsible for all the chaos in the police department. Its a total shame on UNP that every minister appointed is total misfit or working for the JO.
-- by Rohan on 2017-09-02

Sagal currupt Rathnayke you dirty filthy so called ministre must now Resign we will bring photos of Sagala in the presence of currupt officers drinking spirits this para jadaya must now resign,or else have his photos in the papaers and very very soon
-- by surath on 2017-09-03

Is there not one man among the 225 Parliamentarians who is a Disciplinarian. who could be considered for Minister of Law & Order, as a first step?
-- by punchinilame on 2017-09-03

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