‘If you cannot abide by laws of prisons, please get out’ Minister Swaminathan tells prison doctor racketeers..!

(Lanka-e-News - 15.Oct.2017, 12.30PM)  ‘If there are doctors who cannot carry out my orders ,they can leave and go .‘ Prisons reforms minister D.M. Swaminathan issued this  stern categorical warning to  the secretary of prisons , Prisons chiefs and doctors in the prisons. In other words the minister told them plainly  if these racketeer doctors leave it will be like good riddance of bad rubbish (GROBR ) !

 ‘Lanka e news’  news website is hurling  grave criticisms against the ministry of health and myself. I am a clean politician and I have promised to resolve this issue. I have instructed ,  the recommendations of three doctors are necessary to admit a patient to a prison hospital , but that instruction has not been  followed until today, ’ Swaminathan bemoaned.
Swaminathan a popular minister  , at  the meeting held on the 10 th at 4.00 p.m. at the prison headquarters with the participation of all the officers involved in this issue including the ministry secretary and  prison chiefs,  made the above  announcement  in no uncertain terms.
Three  doctors, Sujeewa Jayawardena , Tirani Atapattu and  Shanika Kottachi of the corrupt group of prison doctors  in reply said , they are answerable only to the ministry of health .

‘I am the ministry of prisons. I know the bloke  in the ministry of health who is supporting criminals.  I cannot walk on the road when this prison is being made a rogues’ den. If you are incapable , you can get out today itself.  I know with whose support the one who was  transferred with effect from 2017-01-01 is remaining back,’ the minister said to  his secretary while pointing the finger at Dr. Sujeewa Jayawardena .

Until the minister furiously questioned ‘ were Dr. Lakshman and Dr.Shanika sent here powered by  money?’ even   the secretary of prisons was not aware that Dr. Nirmali Thenuwara and Dr. Sujeewa Jayawardena who were sent out from prison  have been serving in the prison exceeding their stipulated period  with the support of the secretary to health, and the GMOA alias GOMA association alias ‘Government Medical Oppressors Association’. 

When Doctor racketeer  Shanika Kottachi tried to explain  , because Tissa Wimalasena alias Major  Tissa (suspect in Thajudeen murder)  Sarana Gunawardena  (extortionist)  and  Vaas Gunawardena (murderer) had to be hospitalized because insulin must be administered to them , the minister who  flew into a rage again , asked ‘ for administration of insulin , should every patient be warded?’ from the doctor racketeers .

Thereafter the prison doctors agreed to enlist the 9 nurses in the prison hospital and administer insulin injections to the diabetic patients at the out patients ward. 

It is significant to note despite these arrangements , criminals Duminda Silva and Major Tissa continued to be in the prison hospital even on the 12 th .  

It is clear evidence from the above scenario , ‘Kudu money’ (heroin filthy lucre) and corrupt criminal  Rajapakse power are holding  sway , and are overriding  even two powerful and popular ministers namely , Swaminathan and Rajitha Senaratne.  

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Surely these two Ministers Swami & Rajitha are totally inept if it takes so long to sort out this sordid mess. Looks Ministers have no balls to get their Ministries functioning.
-- by Bala on 2017-10-15

Out of the two ministers Mr Swaminathan has earned a name to be an uncorrupted politician. If there is no clear cut demarcation of duties and responsibilities of the doctors and the officials attached to the prison, the two ministers should discuss the matter and stop the unpardonable way how the prison hospital is run.
-- by Peter on 2017-10-16

Not get out, kick them out.
-- by SAM on 2017-10-17

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