Bribery DG ‘Nikama’ Jayamanne the idler cum Duffer seeks extension of service ; Weerawansa and Aluthgamage frauds suppressed by whom ?

(Lanka-e-News - 16.Oct.2017, 9.20PM)  It is well to recall it was  after president Maithripala’s obnoxious ‘cyanide speech’  Dilrukshi  had to  tender her resignation .The president in that  speech blamed the former Bribery Commission Director General  Ms. Dilrukshi Dias Wickremesinghe  who was discharging her duties duly ,  for hauling up former commanders of the forces before courts without informing him. 

Thereafter , Sarath Jayamanne the ‘nikama’( idler cum duffer) replaced her . Jayamanne who succeeded Dilrukshi became notorious for just  warming his  seat and idling   for a year doing nothing worthwhile . Now it is this same  Jayamanne the idler cum duffer who is  expecting an extension of service for a further year, based on reports reaching Lanka e news. 

Jayamanne ‘s tenure of service terminates on 2017-11-11 . During his entire  period of service he was globe trotting . While touring foreign countries and participating in  lectures conducted by private sectors which charged for those, he filled his own pockets .  Though  Jayamanne the ‘nikama’ was wasting all the official time holding conferences which had nothing to do  with the Institution,  it is worthy of mention , his predecessor Dilrukshi on the contrary during her period in office diligently attended to her duties and concluded 90 % of the tasks of the files entrusted to her  when she was quitting .

Jayamanne the nikama who is made of worthless and useless stuff could not even complete that little balance  left by her . His neglect of duties was so monumental  he  did not conclude a single case of grave corruption and bribery , and only wasted the official time idly  to the detriment of the country for a whole year during his period in office. Consequently all the notorious crooks and the corrupt were let  off the hook. 

The best examples  are the cases of corruption and  amassment of wealth via illicit means  of the two notorious crooks Wimal Weerawansa and Mahindananda Aluthgamage. 
Unbelievably 90 % of both these cases were concluded and the files were ready, yet  this Nikama Jayamanne the idler during the day,  and sleep walker during the night wasted a whole year since his appointment doing  nothing about those without filing cases. 

Perhaps this was why minister Rajitha Senaratne recently remarked , ‘in other countries crooks go into hiding whereas only in Sri Lanka they are dancing on center stage.’ Ironically , this situation was  created by none other than nikama Jayamanne  the so called Bribery Commission Director General  himself  . Instead of indicting the crooks and the corrupt he turned into an accomplice of theirs.

Jayamanne who was wasting his time conducting trivial raids allowed hundreds of files to go into cold storage. He even did not proffer advice to resolve the issues faced by the officers who were attending to them .It is a pity he is paid a salary by the government  though his  favorite occupation is procrastination . Even when  he gives advice it is inane. 

Even the president of the Bribery and corruption Commission T.B. Weerasuriya , a former  judge  was recently compelled to summon this idler cum duffer  and sternly warn him against his idling habits and dilatory propensities.

Instead of discharging his legitimate and onerous duties ,Jayamanne went  after   conferences where he was  not wanted , and travelled   abroad citing that as an excuse. This year alone he  had travelled to Vienna  thrice  ; Malaysia twice ; USA once ; and he is scheduled to visit Vienna again in November. He collected  Rs. 1 million from the Commission for each of these junkets. It is noteworthy while this nikama Jayamanne the procrastinating idler has been wastefully globe trotting, the president of the Bribery Commission has travelled overseas only once , and that is in response to an invitation received by him in his own  name. 

Jayamanne who was appointed to investigate bribery and corruption has disappointed everyone by transforming into the worst culprit in the sphere of bribery and corruption. He is now  best noted for worst abuse of state vehicles. After his advent the official electricity bills have shot up to over Rs. 600,000.00 per month. He is so profligate and wasteful of public funds , and because he is frequently requesting funds from the Treasury , the latter had warned , ‘if he is going to waste funds this way , the Bribery and corruption Commission will have to be closed down.’

It is while having become a burden and a  bugbear to the whole country , this idler who is playing ducks and drakes with precious public funds,  is making dubious moves to amend the constitution which could dent the independence of the Bribery and Corruption Commission.  In the enactment pertaining to the Bribery Commission it is stipulated  , when necessary the Commission can enlist lawyers from outside. Whereas his  attempt is to only enlist lawyers from the Attorney General’s department. It is significant to note all these years the Bribery and Corruption Commission was under the AG’s department  and it  was segregated from it to make it independent. Therefore what Jayamanne is seeking via the amendment is to erode that independence , and bring it under the AG’s department as before. 

Might we recall when Sarath Jayamanne was being appointed we reported he is a clever criminal lawyer. However when looking at his record for the past one year it is clear as crystal he is just a nikama – an  idler cum duffer  who only  warmed the seat throughout his  tenure of  office.  Believe it or not he has only filed two cases relating to grave corruption – against Rupavahini chairman based on charges of fraud and ‘Ratharan’ who committed fraud  in relation to assets.
Even  with regard to these two crimes thanks to  his predecessor,  before leaving  she had completed 90 % of the case files. On the contrary  Jayamanne only  allowed the case files  to languish in dusty corners . He had not even touched those files . This was why the two grave frauds of Weerawansa and Aluthgamage hereinbefore mentioned were just neglected despite the fact those were  ready to file  legal action.

It is the view of sources within the Bribery and Corruption  Commission ,and those close to the president that these two cases have been suppressed due to pressures brought to bear by the president  himself. Aluthgamage had been meeting the president in the nights while Weerawansa met with the president openly. 

No matter what , if the president is to extend the term of such an idler cum duffer who wasted public funds with gay abandon for a further year it will be clear as crystal that the president is seeking to suppress these cases further. No wonder the good governance masses are bitterly disillusioned and castigating the government while furiously questioning ‘ aren’t you apprehending the crooks ?’

Lanka e news special correspondent 

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ENews Editor, Why does Nikamé want to run abroad so many times since the culprits he needs to net in are living right under his insensitive nose? Tracker-dogs have a better sense of bringing down culprits.I can understand if Nikamé flies to Panama or the Cayman Islands, still wasting tax payers money - at least people who pay their tax bills But Vienna, thrice? May be Nikamé likes to relax further by listening to live classical music at its best.
-- by P.A.C.H.Athapattu on 2017-10-22

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