Maithri with rogues caught red handed at Weligama !

(Lanka-e-News -15.Nov.2017, 9.50AM)  While the leader  of the SLFP Maithripala Sirisena, the president of the country  is making  loud announcements and pronouncements protruding his tongue out as far as possible that he is against rogues and it is the UNP which is protecting them , this was belied day before yesterday by the episode at Weligama – it  clearly proved it is rather the Maithri group which is comprised of  confirmed rogues.

As there are  clear indications that the Maithri group will tumble down to the fourth position(even below the JVP) at the forthcoming local body elections , the group is desperately holding secret discussions in dark corridors to jointly contest with the rogues of most notorious Rajapakses , despite  the group stating they would be contesting alone under the SLFP symbol of hand .

No matter what,  the cat was out of the bag at Weligama: Former minister Hemal Gunasekera the Weligama organizer of Maithri group revealed,  the SLFP and the Rajapakse rogues have come to an understanding to contest the forthcoming elections jointly as an independent group under a new symbol after casting aside the SLFP symbol of hand , and the flower bud symbol of the Rajapakse crooks. In any event  they cannot arrive at that agreement on their own without the consent of Maithri.

The Maithri group of infernal beings that  knows it has  fallen into the  fire fears that it would even fall below the level of the JVP based on  its sure impending defeats , has realized it has  no choice except this joint self destructive avenue. 

Following these  desperate and dastardly attempts the whole country has come to know  who are the rogues , and who are seeking the rogues like buddies of the same feather trying to get together to  rob the country  together.  

Prior to this Vijith Vijithamuni Soysa who poses as the  ‘ mouth piece’ of Maithri  without any sense of shame explained  how to join with the den  of rogues. 

He explained thus : Without contesting jointly with the Rajapakses , following  the local body elections , when the local administration is being established , they shall firstly discuss with the ‘flower bud’  symbol Rajapakse group .  If only that fails , they shall be holding discussions with the UNP in that direction , Soysa openly disclosed at a recent media briefing. 

In other words the SLFP group of Maithri which has already confirmed it has no sense of shame or scruples , has demonstrated , it also has no qualms about joining hands with the Rajapakse rogues.
It is crystal clear from all these despicable announcements and villainous moves of these rascals  that while claiming and proclaiming they are with the consensual government , they are engaging in the worst treacheries and betrayals to the detriment of the entire country . These are scoundrels who know not what is good governance let alone what is good and bad. By the ban imposed on Lanka e news on  the orders of the president  it is now proved beyond any trace of doubt who are those diametrically opposed to good governance.

In the circumstances , the present government cannot now  say  to the world  it is still adhering to good governance with clothes on if it  has any sense of shame. Neither can it say that after stripping nude because  nudity to them is not dishonorable .

It is a most crucial question who drove the consensual government into this  impasse ? 

It is  none other than the Machiavellian mendacious president Pallewatte Gamaralalage Maithripala Yapa Sirisena who should hold himself responsible for this dire situation , for he is the one  who made countless  solemn pledges and promises to the people to seize  power , and then most unscrupulously  dishonored them within 48 hours  of becoming president.

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My, my, my. MaRa reemerging with a flower symbol? Is the flower a ghandapaana bud or a full-blown minimala? An appropriate symbol for MaRa and his cronies would be a canine licking a decaying a-hole or a cut-throat with blood dripping all over.
-- by Chandra Somapala on 2017-11-22

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