A ‘Blue frog’ croaks from an abandoned well ! Not only media Institution even journalists shall be stifled ! (video)

(Lanka-e-News -15.Nov.2017, 9.50AM)   SLFP Matara district organizer Nalin Ranaweera suddenly convening a special media briefing on the 13 th said , or rather croaked like a frog in the well  that if the programs of president Maithripala Sirisena are not given publicity or his  sordid biddings are not carried out by any media , not only the media Institution even those journalists of the Institution shall be fastened with a red label , and a ban be imposed.
This ‘frog in the well’ foolish (dis)organizer  who does not know even what he is talking about went on to insist that if the laws are not strong enough , new laws shall be enacted by  the Telecom Regulatory Commission (TRC) to impose bans on the news websites and suppress  them . This ‘frog in the well’ imbecile who knows only to croak did not even know it is the parliament and not the TRC that enacts laws.
(Dis)organizer Nalin Ranaweera confirming he is still a frog inside  an abandoned well croaked with all his might there are no charges of robbery against anybody in  the SLFP , and   except the president  there is no room for any other leader while adding ,if Sirisena is not there , there will neither be a good governance government nor a prime minister(P.M.).
Hereunder is the video footage of the buffoon , the lackey of president Sirisena who claims latter’s suppression of the media  is justifiable 

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