State media to come within purview of the president ! Anti national conspiratorial activities come to light..!

(Lanka-e-News - 27.Nov.2017, 6.15PM) At a not too distant date , the entire State media are to be brought under the purview of president Maithripala Sirisena based on a conspiracy hatched by Maithri-Maharaja group , according to reports reaching Lanka e News inside information division.

Following the SLFP Central committee meeting on  23rd night,  this obnoxious plan was discussed secretly among president Maithripala ,his infernal secretary (NGO crook) Shiral Lakthileke who is leading the president on the  sure  road to perdition,  and wheeler dealer Kili Maharaja. 

Fifteen  mins. after  the meeting concluded  and all have left, Kili Maharaja alias Mahajara had arrived in his super luxury Benz vehicle  AA /017/C at the Paget Road residence of the president. Even the rear glass of this vehicle which has a double silencer was tinted .

At the discussion it was proposed if the UNP is to be targeted for attack in the future ,first and foremost , the National Rupavahini  , ITN , SL Broadcasting Corporation  and Lake House establishment must be brought under the executive  powers  of the president , to which the latter has agreed. 

It is based on this proposed plan,  on the 24 th  the president said ,’ Do not cry after tearing the paper and dumping the bits  on yourself’

On the  23rd night when the president convened the SLFP (Maithri goup) central committee meeting , at about the same time the group of Mahinda Rajapakse which takes  political decisions too met , and both groups exchanged views , based on reports reaching Lanka e News inside information division.

When the Maithri group decided to join with the Rajapakse group to contest the future election , the condition imposed by the Rajapakse group was  , if that is   to materialize , Maithri should leave the consensual government  . The  president has requested two weeks time to decide on that, and the  Rajapakse faction has acceded to  that request . 

During the next two weeks , with both sides trying to get control , hinged on the   conditions imposed  , it is likely both, the arrest of Rajapakse group crooks and refraining from arresting them can take place . The impeachment motion too that is contemplated can be steered forward or withdrawn. 

In this situation , the Maithri-Maharaja-Rajapakse common plan apart  ,  Maithri group leaving the consensual government to  join   with the Rajapakse’s alliance and securing the opposition leadership in Parliament  has to  be the first move.

It  is their plan to have a Rajapakse controlled opposition , and an opposition president in order to make the government with  UNP majority unpopular among the masses, so that in the end the present government can be brought to its knees , and an SLFP government can be installed in power.  To rogues , politics without power is like fish without water. 

It is a pity , there is no good governance which Sirisena knows of , and has no need of a good governance. Though he cruelly rode on the backs of the common opposition to come to power, since the day following his reaching that goal , his dream was to become an SLFP president .This is why Mark Twain said , ’the more I see of humanity the more I love my dog’ because dogs have a sense of gratitude.  If Maithripala had a sense of shame , let alone gratitude he would never have taken over the leadership of the SLFP violating the constitution following his becoming the president , after solemnly assuring an umpteen times he would be non partisan and neutral .

The SLFP party constitution stipulates if an SLFPer becomes the president he should the party leader , but Sirisena became the president not as an SLFPer, neither on the support of a Front linked with the SLFP. At that time he was an individual expelled from the SLFP. Hence , becoming the leader of the SLFP just because he became the president of the country was a gross violation of the SLFP constitution. Yet Sirisena demonstrating his inordinate greed for power swallowed the ‘cyanide pill’ of Rajapakse to take over the leadership of the SLFP ,only to earn the discredit as  the one who betrayed the party, thereby also incurring the wrath and displeasure of the entire SLFP membership. 

Sirisena has to crawl and cringe before the SLFP defeated and discarded crooks today , because of the lethal pill he swallowed then of Mahinda Rajapakse.  Sirisena the political moron who has no political acumen , sense of gratitude or  direction  , has kicked out the mandate of 6.2 million to selfishly find a cure for his disease resulting from the pill. 

The UNP-SLFP consensual government agreement was signed to last two  years , and though both parties have orally said , the term of agreement will be extended for a further three years , so far there is no  written agreement to that effect , it is learnt.

No matter what ,  irrespective of the conspiracies , both Indian Prime Minister Modi and Sonia Gandhi have expressed to Sri Lankan Prime Minister that they will extend the fullest support , according to sources close to our P.M.  The Indian leaders have also exchanged views in this regard with former president Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge, it is learnt.

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Sirisena you are most disgaceful peole deciving President we ever had,In saudi,you would have been slicd to two halves throw out you filthy national dress,go up a Jak tree and string yourself on a rope ,more respectable thanwhat you are doing now,do not worry mahen dra Rajapaksa's time will soon come he willpay for all his filthy currupt deeds before he his traggic death,shame on both of you we curse your family for generations to come,sinhala buddhist pigs arse
-- by gamini on 2017-11-28

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