A Switzerland gang directs the ‘AAVA’ group here ! Who is this mysterious Prasanna ?

(Lanka-e-News - 07.Dec.2017, 10.00PM)  The ‘AAVA’ group which is operating in Jaffna  is receiving  counsel from and being funded by an organized gang  based  in Switzerland , according to  information garnered by the police.
Following interrogation of a leader of the ‘AAVA group’ in Jaffna who was arrested some days ago , this information was elicited. 

This group in Switzerland is still collecting funds on behalf of the LTTE organization , and  two members of this group are currently in Sri Lanka , the police have uncovered.  
The leader of AAVA who is now in police custody had even divulged the names of these two members to the police , and that they came  here for the LTTE ‘war heroes’ commemoration . Besides , they are funding the AAVA group  , the AAVA leader had further stated.  

The gang in Switzerland has links with Prasanthan of the AAVA group in SL , and in accordance with his advice the AAVA group is operating , the prime suspect in police custody had further revealed to the police.

However he had never seen  this ‘Prasanna’ any day  , the prime suspect had told the police. 

By Dinasena Rathugamage 
Translated  by Jeff.

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