No room for shadow boxing for Polonnaruwa’s backwoods folks before Colombo’s masculine team !

(Lanka-e-News - 12.Jan.2018, 11.30AM)    In the midst of mudslinging speeches against  the UNP (which propelled Maithripala to the presidential seat) leaders mentioning even their  names prompted by his evil aims and agendas during the run up to the forthcoming elections by the president while  making reference to the Bond Commission report , a UNP leader made a request for a copy of that report .Yet, this request was   not granted even after a week had elapsed. It will be a justifiable conclusion that  the president deliberately slung mud at the UNP mainly because  the president while having the report of the 17  grave corruptions of  the Commission inquiring into  grave frauds in his hand ,and without mentioning the names of the culprits directly involved in those crimes , took pains when  making reference to other matters,  to mention Ravi Karunanayake’s name who in fact had no direct involvement in the treasury bond scam .

President declared, in the Commission report it was indicated , a case can be filed by the Bribery Commission in connection with Ravi’s staying  in a house of Aloysius. However the president did not make mention of the report of the Commission investigating grave frauds on the 17 corruptions aforementioned and the subsequent report on another 17 corruptions  despite having those reports in his hand . Because the culprits in the  34 grave corruptions are SLFP ers , with a view to gain political mileage at the forthcoming elections he did not mention the names of the SLFP criminals. This partiality and  (mis) conduct of the president while being head of the country is most abominable and reprehensible. 

As a copy of the Bond Commission report which mentioned the name of Ravi Karunanayake was not received by him even 7 days after it was out , and no other UNPer had also received it  , he had to make a formal application to the presidential secretariat on the 8 th requesting a copy under the ‘right to information.’

RavI Karunanayake who addressed a media briefing thereafter spoke thus ….

 ‘I went to the presidential secretariat to meet his secretary . Since he had  gone to Moragahakande , I handed over a letter  to the additional secretary requesting a copy of the Bond Commission report under the right to information .It is three years since the president was appointed. We were able to pass the enactment of  right  to information of the public. Hence we are vested with that  ‘right to information .’ 

''At the  Bond Commission our names were mentioned. We inform there is no justification in that. The  statements made by some targeting the P.M. and UNP ers including me are very unfair. These statements are most unjustifiable. After we receive the copy of the Bond Commission report , we can speak about the steps to be taken in the future. . This is why we have asked for a copy of the report .We  request you  to give us a copy. 

In the hedging soodhuwa (wager)  there is about Rs. 76000 million. In the Greek bond issue there is about Rs. 7600 million. In the Sri Lankan deal a loss of Rs. 1460 billion  had been incurred . At the same time massive loans have also  been taken during the past. Instead of talking about these , speaking about the Bond Commission alone is absolutely unreasonable.

Certainly if anybody has robbed , he/she must be punished. Based on the report of the special presidential Commission inquiring into grave frauds ,huge exposures have been made against over  36 culprits . We have also revealed the culprits and we are prepared to fearlessly come forward to resolve any issue . We  are not politicos who are cowards. We have served the villages and the country for the last 25 years.

About the loan of a Rs. million approximately of my daughter , much is being talked . Somebody told a lie. A stray woman from somewhere came forward to make a statement .Many things that are happening are unfair. 

I am one who wishes to create a new political culture. What I say is even if you assassinate me please do not assassinate my  character.

Our aim is to make truth victorious. This is why we  are fearlessly asking for the report regarding the treasury bond.

We are risking even our lives to safeguard  our UNP party. We protect our leader Ranil Wickremesinghe .We protect president Maithripala Sirisena. But we are not prepared to rescue parasitic bootlickers. It is our duty to investigate the MiG transaction , instead are we being asked to engage in shadow boxing? After the Bond commission report is out , the truth will be known.''
Before  coming on the television screen and saying ‘Ravi Karunanayake is a wrongdoer’ , it is the duty of  the president  to tell Ravi Karunanayake ‘ Here is the report I have received. This is how the wrong has been pointed out ,‘  because at the elections which installed him in power , it was Ravi Karunanayake the deputy leader of the UNP who spent   Rs. 500 million towards his victory. 

Maithri who has  never known what is gratitude from birth must at least now acquire it . He does not need to become a dog or a bitch  to learn that simple quality. 

It is well for Maithri to remember , it is not his present bosom pals like Kili Maharaja who are involved in his money laundering transactions  , or Wegapitiya or his family members now turned billionaires who spent to earn victory for Maithri then .

At that time even the meal packets to the staff working in Maithri’s election office were supplied by others. Neither Maithri nor his family members now turned proud billionaires spent even to supply plain tea. 

Hence , at least Maithri should provide a copy of the Bond Commission report which Ravi has  duly requested, shedding his characteristic callous and ungrateful traits at least on this occasion.

When Polonnaruwa village folks hide something effeminately and pummel  indirectly with something else , Colombo masculine folks  on the other hand conduct themselves straightforward – they are ready to hit back straight and direct.

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