Criminals have a whale of a time with beast Eeya Sundariya’ s Kangaroo court decisions ! Restraining orders derail justice !

(Lanka-e-News - 02.March.2018, 6.20AM) An infamous   ex lover 'Eeya Sundariya' of Mahinda Rajapakse, well known for her bestiality but still tolerated as a judge of the Supreme court (SC) of Sri Lanka has made issuing judicial restraining orders her favorite occupation with the assistance of the magistrate court  .  This beast 'Eeya Sundariya'  is most brazenly and wildly  issuing illegal injunction orders to halt the criminal investigations into  the crimes  and corruption that are being duly conducted by  the CID, Bribery Commission and the Financial frauds division .Nowhere in the world such grave  criminal and illegal actions have been indulged  in by a judge of the SC, of all people. 

It is the duty of the police and law enforcing Institutions to conduct investigations into crimes  and corruption while forwarding reports to the relevant magistrate courts , and at the same time seeking   the assistance of those courts. Sadly however in SL , the supreme court has now been made a cesspit of corruption itself , by this bestiality  prone Eeya Sundariya  who instead of gracing the bench is disgracing  it by issuing injunction orders with gay abandon to discourage criminal  investigations and court proceedings in order to encourage the criminals and the corrupt.

Ex IGP Jayantha the suspect in Lasantha’s murder

This 'Eeya  Sundariya' only fit to be an inhabitant of the forests   is a disgrace to the sacrosanct bench . She had  issued two such villainous injunction orders last week alone , and on  the 28 th of Feb. , she had issued another injunction order against the arrest of  suspect ex IGP Jayantha Wickremeratne in connection with the cold blooded brutal murder of Lasantha Wickremetunge during which period Jayantha was the IGP . It is to be noted ,the then ex DIG Prasanna Nanayakkara of the CID  who forced Tissa Sugathapala SI investigating the Lasantha  murder to tear off the relevant page in the police notebook, is already in custody .It was based  on the information elicited from Prasanna , Jayantha Wickremeratne  the then  ex IGP was to be arrested. 

No sooner Jayantha heard of this than he went into hiding. When his wife , a lawyer , and relatives filed a fundamental rights petition in the SC  against the arrest , it  was  'Eeya Sundariya'  along with two other judges of the SC who heard the petition, to   finally issue  a restraining order on the  28th against the arrest of ex IGP Jayantha  the suspect in Lasantha’s murder.

One of the judges of that panel was L.T.B. Dehideniya who became notorious for precluding  the arrest of culprit Gotabaya earlier on. The other judge of the panel was  Priyantha Jayawardena who was the lawyer for Basil Rajapakse. He was also the lawyer who played a key role when the Rajapakses took the diabolic steps to chase out a former CJ unlawfully , and was therefore promoted to the SC  by the Rajapakses over and above others as a reciprocal gesture.

Overriding lawlessness and Kangaroo court of the beast ..

On the  26 th of February too , this 'Eeya Sundariya' of the wilds   issued a similar illegal restraining order defying all canons of logic  and legal norms. That was,  in the case filed by Bribery commission against  ex C J Mohan Peiris ,  present appeal court judge Duleep Nawas and former secretary of ministry of power and energy , Ferdinando who has now bolted –fled  the country . She gave a most bizarre injunction order beating even the Kangaroo court decisions ,  restraining the Colombo magistrate court from hearing the case filed  against them.

Unbelievably this order was issued based on a petition filed  by the accused  in the case. If the SC is to  issue a restraining order against a case  filed by the Bribery Commission while it is being heard in another court , no criminal case in this country can be duly tried. 

The SC is there to probe the correctness of a decision of the lower court after the latter has delivered  its verdict , and not to impede or preclude the hearing in the lower courts. If the SC is to take such obnoxious measures  to hinder administration of justice  , then the SC itself can  rather  carry on all the functions of the magistrate court too.

Can there be a SC in the whole world which does not know how cases should be heard ? Only in SL there exists such a Kangaroo court with 'Eeya Sundariya' as the judge.  In no other country such weird things happen in a SC  . 

Are Mohan Pieris and Duleep Nawas above the law and  granted immunity from prosecution ? Shouldn’t the crimes and corruption of these individuals and their criminal entanglements be made known to the public? 

When Ferdinando was the secretary of power and energy ministry , lands were  purchased  under a  project of  LECO .  In those transactions after quoting higher prices than the actual value of the lands , the extra collection was pocketed . As a result of that monumental corruption ,  that corrupt group became instant millionaires.  The lands purchased by Ferdinando in Australia after fleeing to that country  are all out of those illicit earnings – robbed public funds of Sri Lanka !

When the   CID launched an investigation based on a complaint during  Ferdinando’s tenure of office., shockingly , while the investigation was under way , Feridinando as the ministry secretary (the culprit)  had inquired from the Attorney General (AG ) whether he is facing criminal charges ? In fact such an inquiry should have originated from the CID and not from Ferdinando the accused. In  fact  , the AG should have  told him that then and there though he did not.

Mohan Peiris who was the AG at that time being corrupt himself and full of guiles and guises,  could not give him any advice. He instead  entrusted that task to his immediate subordinate Duleep Nawas who was then in the AG’s department . The  advice given by Nawas at that time was , a criminal case cannot be filed, and Nawas did not open a file in that connection. 

In any event , the CID on the contrary   systematically investigated and opened a file . When they  inquired from the AG then whether a prosecution case can be steered forward , the  AG had replied , ‘yes you can.’ But thereafter  the AG changed, and Mohan Peiris became  the CJ.
In the correspondence exchanged between the CID and the AG’s department , 'Eeya Sundariya'  who was in the AG’s department at that time  had also written  her comments. 

After the change of government , the Bribery Commission conducted an investigation into these  grave charges of corruption , and a case was  filed  in the magistrate court against Ferdinando , Mohan Peiris and Duleep Nawas .The latter has by now been appointed as an appeal court judge. Accordingly the case is now filed against  a former CJ ,   a present appeal court judge  and a ministry secretary who had fled the country. 

Jungle laws under an 'Eeya Sundariya'  the beast of the wilds …

It is in these circumstances , Mohan Peiris and Duleep Nawas filed a petition in SC to  halt this case proceedings. At that time , it was the bestial Eeya Sundariya  an erstwhile officer of the AG’s department who was on the bench . Despite  valid and strong opposition being mounted that she is legally not eligible to hear the case, 'Eeya Sundariya' committed a grave wrong by  hearing the case . What’s more ! she issued the restraining order unilaterally without consulting with the  other two judges, namely  Nalin Perera and Prasanna Jayawardena  of  the panel.

As  AG Priyasad Dep is out of the country these days , it is infamous 'Eeya Sundariya' of the Kanagaroo court  who is deputizing for him. Consequently the SC has been converted into a loony bin by her  diabolic judgments delivered according to her own whims and fancies.

It is significant to note since the advent of the pro good governance government , as many as 30 (approximately)  similar unlawful restraining orders were issued by the SC halting  case proceedings . Believe it or not all those orders were issued by 'Eeya Sundariya' the beast who has descended from infernal hell to deride  justice , demean the judiciary and contaminate the whole world. 


Translated by Jeff 

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