No confidence motion against Ranil: Vasantha and Range Bandara have betrayed their ignorance of the laws –Legal luminary !

(Lanka-e-News - 02.March.2018, 5.15PM)  State  ministers Range Bandara and  Vasantha Senanayake who are making a huge din that if the Prime Minister (P.M.) does not step down from the UNP leadership , a no confidence motion will definitely be brought against him , have only proved what  stupid idiots they are who do not know the country’s laws or the parliamentary rules and standing orders , said  a legal luminary – a senior President’s counsel when speaking to Lanka e news. 

The PC explaining further said , first and foremost , the parliament has nothing to do with the issues pertaining to the leadership of the UNP.  If the UNP leader is to be changed , that must be done in accordance with the party constitution , and that has no relation with the parliamentary posts.

If the individual who is functioning as the P.M. is the leader of the UNP, simply because he resigns from the premier post , he does not thereby lose his party leadership under the law. That should take place according to the laws governing the party .

The  resignation from the  UNP leader post  has nothing to do with the post of P.M.  There is no legal nexus at all between these two posts.  

Hence these two moronic clowns  Vasantha Senanayake and Range Bandara are either ignorant of the laws or are deliberately trying to dupe the people.

There isn’t anything  called the no confidence motion in parliament that can be brought to remove the P.M. If the latter is to be ousted  , the no confidence motion has to be brought against the government . This is clearly stipulated in article 48 (2) of the constitution ,and  in accordance with which there must be three grounds to remove a P.M.  Those are : If the budget is defeated; the policy statement of the government is defeated ; or the government is defeated via a no confidence motion against it . and  not against the P.M. , the PC further highlighted.

That is , two ministers in the present government cannot bring a no confidence motion against their own government .If they have no confidence in the government , what they should do preliminarily  is resign from their portfolios and the government , and sit in the opposition. Or else resign from the government and become independent members.  It is then and only then they can think of a no confidence motion even against the government . Besides , if the government  wins , the two somersault  morons  will have to remain in the opposition until the term of the government is over. 

In the circumstances , Vasantha Senanayake and Range Bandara who are posing off as great heroes before the media , must first leave the government, resign their  portfolios and take a seat in the opposition or become independent  members. It is thereafter hey can bring the no confidence motion . 

They cannot have the cake and also eat it . if they are sincere in their motives let them first show that by first resigning from their portfolios.  They cannot selfishly hold on to their portfolios as well as talk about a no confidence motion to dupe the public. The PC pinpointed such things proposed by the self centered duo had happened nowhere in the world. It is a pity these two  state ministers are behaving like two blind idiots  looking for a black cat  in a dark room.

Vasantha Senanayake being  a relative of Ranil , he has personal grudges against him . Lanka e news is aware of those but as a media of repute wishes  not to dwell on that subject.  Senanayake joined only at the last moment in 2014 , during the run up to the last presidential elections. 

Might we expose , if there are two individuals who are doing nothing in this government after securing state ministry portfolios , they are , Vasantha Senanayake and Range Bandara . Idle minds are devil’s workshops – Both these idlers therefore are directing their energy and thought towards  the path of the devils. 

It is the aim and ambition of these two self seeking opportunists to oust Ranil Wickremesinghe from the post of UNP leader , in order that they can promote the future presidential candidate of the UPFA/ SLFP /  Flower Bud at the next presidential elections .It is towards that  end they are already preparing  the necessary groundwork . Therefore it is little wonder they are abjectly submissive to the huge amount of filthy lucre in billions  which are being freely released by the Rajapakse – Maithri- Maharaja team.  Caught in that evil net , this duo is determined to mislead the people. 

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