Retributive justice takes time ! Prison mass murder ; Rangajeewa and Emil Ranjan arrested; when is Godfather ?

(Lanka-e-News - 30.March.2018, 11.30PM)   Niyomal  Rangajeewa IP who was entrenched in the anti Narcotics bureau of the police for many years (reasons obvious) , and made his police profession a heroin business to become a multi millionaire was taken into custody on the 28 th   by the CID  in connection with the murder of 27 Welikade prisoners in   November 2012 – after 5 long years ! Subsequently Emil Ranjan who was performing duties as the Welikade Magazine prison authority at that time was also arrested . Both these suspects were to be produced in court on the 29 th.

This monumental tragedy occurred on 2012-11-09 , and Lanka e news reported on 2012 -11 -14 that ruthless Rangajeewa with a list of names( prepared ahead)  of those to be murdered  visited  Welikade prison . Lanka e news, in addition  exposed the murder squad was operated by Gotabaya and  orders to murder  were issued by  Gotabaya . Sylvester ASP a lackey of  STF Commandant Ranawana DIG then ,also arrived in prison on Gotabaya’s orders , Lanka e news further revealed. 

When the new government took over , a three member Commission was appointed , and eye witnesses gave evidence  before the Commission that  Rangajeewa arrived in  prison and gathered the prisoners to commit the murders. They also told court that after the riot on 9 th November within the prison had been quelled , Rangajeewa came in civil attire and after calling out the names of the prisoners from a name list , made them kneel down , and committed mass murder.  The eye witnesses disclosed Emil Ranjan too was on the scene.

Among the prisoners in the hit list of Rangajeewa was Harsha Manju Sri Manukeerthi who tried to rob the Sapumal Kumaraya’s sword supposed to be in the Rajamaha Vihara ,Kotte , to satisfy  the avarice and fancies of Rajapakses for the sword . Manju Sri  finally failed in his attempt but not before allegedly  killing two monks of the temple .

It is significant to note at the time the mass murder took place in prison , Manju Sri was in the ready to expose those who orchestrated  this sword robbery operation at the next court date.

Most of the victims  in the group were those with trumped up heroin  charges foisted on them by Rangajeewa. Many of them had even been preparing to file human rights cases against Rangajeewa   . Kalu Thushara was one of them and was not involved in any riot . When Thushara was in the welfare Building office room , Rangajeewa had accosted  him and taken him too to the killing field  . This was witnessed by Prison Commissioner Kodipilly , Magazine prison Authority Emil Ranjan and Welikade prison authority Gamini Jayasinghe . They were all present there. 

When Kalu Thushara was begging and screaming ‘Please Rangajeewa mahathaya don’t kill me’ . his hands were tied with a blue colored rope and murdered , eye witnesses revealed to the Commission. 

In order to camouflage the murders and to justify the crimes , photos were published with guns in front of the murdered bodies. Lanka e news displayed photos at that time of the murdered  who were unarmed , and subsequent pictures with weapons . The government analyst  department report stated no bullets had emerged from the  weapons and there were no fingerprints of the prisoners on the firearms. It was Emil Ranjan who introduced the weapons to  camouflage the murders. 

There was also a group that died during the exchange of fire between the prisoners with the security division, and all those  27  who died are not innocent. That was why 11 of them were not entitled to compensation when that payment was made.  But there were innocents among those who were picked by names for liquidation .

The pertinent question is , at whose behest these cold blooded murders were committed ? Emil Ranjan who was just a prison guard was elevated to that high  position he later  held by none other than Gotabaya . It was Gotabaya the defense secretary   and not the IGP who gave orders to the STF at that time, are salient incontrovertible  facts .  Therefore Gotabaya has no escape route in these ruthless brutal murders.
After the Commission report was handed over to the CID , following investigations the arrests of suspects have begun with Rangajeewa.  At this juncture , the sordid conduct of some judges of the Supreme court have come to light. Gota is not only a most notorious criminal and crook but also a clever manipulator of unscrupulous judges of courts. He is most clever at obtaining SC restraining orders against arrests . Accordingly , a petition was filed in the SC against the arrest of Rangajeewa. However the SC dismissed the petition even without a hearing . Though Gota is enjoying that privilege of immunity from arrest despite all his criminalities and crookedness , Rangajeewa was not that  lucky . He was denied that privilege.  Hence Rangajeewa was arrested on the 28 th  , followed by Emil Ranjan’s arrest.

Among the public  are some who allege what we reveal are false and doubt the veracity . The exposure made by us now of the Russian warship illicit deal of Sirisena- Maharaja  duo is one that came in for such criticism.  It takes time to know the truth .  Need we point out , it took about five years to prove that our report in 2012 on the Welikade mass murder of prisoners is true. When we revealed Rangajeewa is  a confirmed criminal , the other media took the stance that he was a hero in the anti narcotics engagements, and whitewashed his stigma. 

So are our other exposures of the stark truths. It is such unscrupulous media coolies who are today leaving no stone unturned by foul rather than  fair means to make Gotabaya  the rascally crook and criminal- godfather steeped in worst criminalities,   the future president .

The drawback is the delay to understand (Thereiy kalyayi), ‘you do realize but you take time’ . Sadly, the delay to understand is most   portentous because by that time the culprits would have done the irreparable damage and achieved their criminal goals to the detriment of the entire country.

By a special Lanka e news reporter

Translated by Jeff

by     (2018-03-30 20:50:08)

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