Some good news in a long while..! Postal department launches internet marketing service !

(Lanka-e-News - 12.April.2018, 8.00PM)   With a view to creating an international market for the products of local small and medium scale entrepreneurs beyond the normal Postal department services  ,and to distribute those products through those services  , a new internet service has been  launched. The website is 

Minister of posts, postal services and Muslim religious affairs , M.H.A. Haleem said ,this program was launched with the objective of  creating opportunities  to improve  the economic status of micro, small scale  and medium scale  entrepreneurs  through  marketing  their products locally and internationally. The minister made this revelation when addressing a media briefing at the Postal headquarters on the 10 th.

A local and international market shall be found for the small and medium scale entrepreneurs in  keeping with the  government’s  sustainable   development program , and by this method when products are being distributed ,   the Postal department can earn a large revenue , the minister pinpointed.

Already over 200 micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs have been registered for marketing their products via the website .

The Post Master general D.L.P.R. Abayaratne speaking on the occasion said , already details of over 1000 products of theirs have been posted via the website , and when distributing these goods and products , the postal department is only levying a small postal charge, and is making a meager profit of 2 %.

The marketing of goods through the is done by the Postal department , and the producers are made payment within a period of about 15 days while the buyers can pay via credit cards or debit cards .

The National Enterprise development Authority inspects the goods and determines the  quality   before issuing a certificate of standard. Accordingly , the Authority can certify the quality of the goods exported , Director of National enterprise development authority Lakshman Wijewardena explained at the press briefing.

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