UNP completes appointments to official posts : Malik ousted ! Ravi , Sajith , Akila , Ajith , Harin secure top posts !

(Lanka-e-News -27.April.2018, 2.45PM)  Based  on the  proposals made by UNP political council  and with the ratification of the Executive committee selections were made for the new appointments under the UNP reforms .

Although some media reported that the political council  induced  the party leader to take decisions as regards certain appointments , that was an absolute lie. All posts  were proposed by the recently appointed political council  which met with the prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe taking the chair .

What was  most noteworthy was , Malik Samarawickrema who is a close pal of the party leader Ranil Wickremesinghe being removed from the posts of treasurer and party president without any alternative posts being offered  to him. 

The new appointees ….

Assistant leader of the party – Ravi Karunanayake
Deputy party leader – Sajith Premadasa
Party president – Kabir Hashim
Party general secretary – Akila Viraj Kariyawasam
National Organizer – Naveen Dissanayake
Treasurer – Dr. Harsha De Silva

Additional appointments …
Communication secretary – Harin Fernando
Trade union secretary –Ajith P .Perera
Assistant secretary - Ruwan Wijewardena
Senior Vice Presidents - Lakshman Kiriella / Ranjith Maddumabandara 

These appointments shall be ratified at the next party convention 

Certain individuals who were anticipating posts it is learnt are opposing these appointments which were made democratically and in a manner that would not create divisions in the party . 

One instance is  , Joseph Michael  Perera who is too old , holding no official post and  lost elections , and  left only with the option to retire , resigning from the post of member of the working committee in protest against Ravi Karunanayake’s appointment.

The reason for this turn of events was , Joseph Michael Perera recently storming into a provincial meeting of party members which was convened by Ravi and Kavinda Jayawardena an up and coming youth leader , and demonstrating his opposition.

There are many grounds for political analysts to feel  dissatisfied about these appointments .  One is the failure to appoint a Tamil national , and the other is the absence of woman representation. It is believed , the party leaders will find a solution to square up these  lapses.  

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