Debauched drunkard Gnanassara invited secretly to deliver sermon at State Wesak event ; Rupavahini halts live telecast !

(Lanka-e-News - 01.May.2018, 9.15PM) In conjunction with the State Wesak celebrations , religious ceremonies were organized  on the Poya day at the Bingiriya Devagiri  Rajamaha vihara , Kurunegala with the participation of several ministers and  MP’s including the president , Buddha Sasana minister Gamini Jayawickrema Perera  and Daya Gamage.  However to the consternation of all , notorious Gnanassara the drunkard hooligan monk gatecrashed the event as though to deliberately desecrate the holy premises , contaminate the religious proceedings and disgrace the ceremonies. 

The Buddhist leaders of the order who were offended by this have urged that the law abiding and civilized Buddhist of the country must be made known who were the conspirators behind this plot designed to insult  the holy religious ceremonies by getting down the drunkard debauched hooligan monk Gnanassara   to deliver a Buddhist sermon ,and   thereby commit an unpardonable sacrilege on that holy day.

When this event was being telecast  live by the National Rupavahini TV channel , because Gnanassara best noted for disgracing and degrading true Buddhist tenets preached by Lord Buddha , was trying to deliver a sermon , the Rupavahini staff who were rudely shocked had sought the advice of the Rupavahini officials . When the latter had consulted with the media minister , he had told since this satanic monk can make explosive sermons inciting racism and plunge the country into a holocaust ,  to halt the live telecast forthwith . Based on these instructions the live telecast was stopped.

According to Rupavahini officials,  a number of  discussions were held  by the organizers prior to the telecast , and on no occasion was it informed that Gnanassara was going to deliver a sermon(bana) at the ceremony. Besides it was another monk who had been selected to deliver it.

It is significant to note there are 7 to 8 criminal cases pending in courts against Gnanassara who is a robed devil incarnate and the very antithesis of genuine Buddhism . In one of the cases against him the charges are contempt of court . In another case he had fled the scene after meeting with an accident while driving a lorry without a license under the influence of liquor .He was arrested and fined Rs. 15000.00 .

This is the robed devil incarnate who is the first respondent in the attack against Muslims in Beruwala , and even in the attack launched  in Kandy  recently targeting Muslims , he was the leader.  Interestingly and intriguingly it is such a robed racist rascal , president chose to travel with  to Japan which drew heavy flak from one and all.  Despite being the president of the country, when he was  questioned on this while he was in London, the president instead of furnishing an answer flew into a rage and  threatened to leave the venue and wind up the meeting . 
The shameless  group with the president of present consensual good governance government having close links with the shameless rascally racist monk is   no secret , but this despicable abominable robed monk who is a disgrace to Buddhism and genuine  monkhood being invited to  preach bana  at this ceremony by the ministry of Buddha sasana of minister Gamini Jayawickrema Perera is a serious  issue , mot reprehensible and detrimental to national interests. 

If the UNF group of the government is running with the hare and hunting with the hounds , certainly those who are pro good governance cannot go on any longer with such conspirators. It is therefore the inescapable responsibility of Jaywickrema Perera to expose who are these saboteurs behind this.

 ( In one photograph are the bhikkhus who were present to conduct the ceremonies without Gnanassara. The second photograph  depicts the undisclosed discussion held by SLFP secretary with Gnanassara before the incident)  

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