President Gamarala the profuse liar and ‘broken promises’ genius at May day rally: I won’t retire in 2020 !

(Lanka-e-News - 08.May.2017, 11.30PM)  Currently  most embattled infamously famous ‘ broken promises’ president Gamarala whose popularity has hit rock bottom , who swore most solemnly on 2015-01-05 before the sacred Dalada maligawa that the presidential election  he contested in January 2015 is his last ,that he  will go on retirement and will not contest again ,shamelessly and outrageously  reneged on his solemn promise on the 7 th at his SLFP May day rally in  Batticaloa when he officially said in all fury and force that he will not retire in 2020.

President Gamarala who has by now earned an inglorious reputation as  world record breaker  because of his unashamed mendacity and broken promises said , ‘some are asking me whether I am retiring in 2020. These days  , the websites are often saying I am going on pension in 2020. I won’t retire. I  have a huge load of work to do.’ He made this announcement as though he has lately contracted incurable acute amnesia, and that he has forgotten all those solemn promises he made loudly and proudly in the past . What’s more ! ‘ politicians should not talk lies’ he added, confirming his mental derangement in addition to his state of amnesia.
It is a well and widely known fact ,this is the president Gamarala who made a thousand loud promises to abolish the executive presidency in his greed to come to power . Yet, when the list of proposals were  made by the SLFP headed by him to the constitution formulation committee recently ,shockingly that list of his party contained the proposal against abolition of executive presidency which he promised a thousand times .

Meanwhile the JVP is in the ready to table in Parliament  a 20 th amendment to the constitution .  If the executive president has been  appointed based on a people’s referendum , then undoubtedly , the executive presidency shall be abolished by another referendum.

However in the proposals of the JVP what is mentioned is abolition of executive presidency and replacing it with a president through the parliament sans executive powers.

It is the opinion of political analysts , that it  is clear from the announcement made by Gamarala on the 7 th , the incumbent president Gamarala is hoping to continue as non executive president appointed by the parliament after rendering assistance to abolish the executive presidency. But it is to be noted  it is the future parliament that will have to decide on whether he should be appointed. 

Or else , if Gamarala who is with only  a 4 % popularity is hoping to become a president on a referendum again , on around a 14 % popularity earned together with the UPFA , his brain must be admitted to a mental asylum and treated first and foremost. 

It is a pity , it is Pallewatte Gamarala himself who made it abundantly clear to the world , he is a profuse liar from whose cavernous mouth a lie drops each time he opens it ,outrageously breaks  solemn promises ,  uneducated, suffering from inferiority complex, bites the very hand that feeds him , corrupt , bribe taker, and a two penny half penny worth   bankrupt  political scoundrel 

A Lanka e news satirical video footage in this connection is hereunder 

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