Jaffna University students profane the dead instead of commemorating those who died in the war !

(Lanka-e-News -23.May.2018, 4.20PM)  The Jaffna University students who arrived to commemorate those who died in the war in Mulaitivu district on the 18 th of May , had held parties in every abandoned house and contaminated them , according to Mulaitivu security division officers  .

Following the commemoration event , these students who have consumed liquor , had thrown the empty bottles , the wrapping papers of the food parcels and bites all over the area , the security division officers lamented.

The security division which expects the residents and voluntary organizations to clear this litter , said , a true death commemoration had not been held on that day in memory of those who died  in the war, or any meritorious acts  (pinkama) done . 

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