Conspiracy of Sirisena-Gota to smuggle out murderers of late Raviraj which makes the hair to stand on end..!

Exposure by a former Intelligence officer of the forces

(Lanka-e-News -29.May.2018, 7.55AM) In Sri Lanka Generals with stars write books on war for competition reasons. They decorate themselves speaking about their  accomplishments like how broken pots in an abandoned house are cleansed. But the actual story pertaining to the  war is different. Except the operations of the SF , the fourth Eelam war strategies were of inferior  standard .

The powerful secret behind the war victory is the multi barrel attacks launched in-subordinating the international humanitarian  laws. The amount of artillery used and the Multi barrel missiles  launched reveal the true story about the war .When the request of the forces was for 100, 000 artillery  gun fire  shells  , it was not for nothing  200, 000 of them were supplied. When a 130 m.m.artillery shell can be bought for US dollars 250 , Gotabaya bought them at US dollars 650 each.

Sadly , no forces  of the world took any steps to analyze  the military  strategies adopted against the LTTE.

No security academy uses the war in the north for its case studies. While the  war equipment more than fulfilled  Gotabaya’s illicit commission desires , what the forces did was firing them recklessly in all directions with gay abandon. That is the true story behind the war victory.

In addition during that period , Sonia Gandhi who was a main figure in the Indian government was waiting to avenge her husband’s assassination. The pressures exerted by the West were curbed because of this background  that prevailed in India. .

The dispute between Gotabaya and Raviraj- history …

The anti wa r front of Kumar Rupasinghe received funds from the Norway government.At  the same time a number of MPs rallied round the anti war front. Among them the main politicians  were Rajitha , Dilan , Vasudeva, Tissa, Mano Ganeshan  and  Mervyn. Raviraj a true humane politico who did not collect a single cent from Rupasinghe was also among them.

While Mahinda was on a tour of India, the assistants of Kotakadeniya  who was a security advisor to Gotabaya killed six innocent students on Dock yard Road , Trincomalee by shooting  in  their heads . No sooner he heard this report than  Raviraj took a phone call to Mahinda

At that time Raviraj and Mahinda were like blood brothers. Mahinda upon hearing this incident berated Gota in raw filthy language.

In Wakare district during the operation to release the East , 28 civilians died due to artillery firing. Raviraj thereafter organized  a demonstration in front of the UN office in Colomboo , and  subsequently participated in a live program of the Derana TV channel , to reveal  the woes and sufferings faced by the people of the North  following the closure of the A 9 road.

 “ I would like to tell Gotabaya  we shall close the road to Hambantota for a week so that all travel and transport will be via  ships.  It is then and only then the abysmal sufferings of the people will  be understood’ announced Raviraj  challenging  Gota. Even before Raviraj could leave the venue , this information reached the ears of Gota. The latter immediately spoke to the national intelligence division chief Hendavitharne who was the answer to every issue.  , and said ,

 ‘ Look , yesterday that man staged a protest in front of UN  office . Today after visiting Derana he challenges  to close  the Hambantota Road. Don’t you all notice these ? Gota questioned.

Providing ladder to the jumping monkeys ..

To the extortionist group of the Navy and the Air force that was under the cover of the national security division which was collecting extortions , Raviraj was a thorn in their side much more than for Gota.The parents of those who were abducted had by then arrived to meet Raviraj , who is a lawyer cum human rights activist.

Raviraj was in the ready to reveal the names and details of all those in  the group of extortionists in parliament . To the extortionist group, just a word of Henda was  like providing ladder to monkeys that are  dancing and jumping. Raviraj who finished the Derana ‘morning show’went to his home at Martha Road , Borella. Visiting the lawyer’s office at Bastian place  between 8.30 and 9.30 a.m was a matter of routine to Raviraj.

 On that day Mahinda was scheduled to attend a function at  Red Cross Headquarters and the Borella – Narahenpita Road was closed on the pretext of providing security to  Mahinda . The route Raviraj takes was obstructed on a premeditated plan. The outcome : Raviraj was shot and killed when  nesr  the army camp , Narahenpita.

It was the extortionist group  comprising Prasad Hettiarachi , Sampath Munasinghe and Gajanayake that was most close to the National intelligence division of Henda. It were Suresh and another ,the sidekicks of Karuna who were used for the assassination. Though it is said , Suresh left the country , in fact he is not among the living. The other was  treated as not a suspect  because he sacrificed the concealment of evidence.  

Sirisena- Gota conspiracy that makes  hair to stand on end

It is a well and widely known fact that Gota and Sirisena are now  bedfellows in the good governance residence after extinguishing the lamps. Unbelievably to safeguard the assassins of Raviraj they are hatching conspiracies which  make hair to stand on end. .

Following the direct intervention of Sirisena and black coat mafia the assassins of Raviraj were released on the first round itself . When Raviraj’s wife filed a revised plaint , the prime suspect   Lieutenant Commander Prasad Hettiarachi realizing that is going to give him a deadly blow fled the country .But in fact he did not flee the country, rather on a premeditated plan  he was taken by a  high speed boat belonging to the SL Navy beyond the territorial waters of SL , and handed over to a  craft that arrived from India  with security protection. This conspiracy was given effect to by Ravi Wijegunaratne  the security council chief and was pursuant to a plan plotted by Sirisena and Gotabaya .

The premonitory warning  to Raviraj before his death ..

It is a truth  the writer crept into the organization of Rupasinghe and trapped him. It is also true that the writer along with the Hela Urumaya group attacked the anti war meetings.  When Rupasinghe felt that the writer was disillusioned , he sought the services of the ‘Pra’ group for his protection.

At that time the leader of ‘Pra’was Sunil Ananda  the brother of most infamous Sarath Ananda.Since the advent of Sunil the writer was looked upon with doubts and suspicion . The writer fell  into the trap with a T 56 weapon at Rajitha’s anti war rally  at Kalutara to Rajitha’s police security detail based on a plot of Sunil Ananda .

Following that incident the writer went to meet Raviraj at his lawyer’s office. The writer knew  him somewhat because of his close association with Rupasinghe. That was the first time the writer visited his office. There was a Buddha statue in his office and paying homage to it ,offering flowers and lighting lamp was a daily routine chore. The Sinhalese junior lawyer Ranawake who worked with Raviraj was in the office. A young lady , a an apprentice lawyer  who did the typing work was also there . Raviraj was known for his extreme purity of heart.

The writer told  Raviraj  the situation in the country is most frightening based on reports , and therefore advised him to leave the country if he wanted  to save his life. Otherwise be ready to die on the main road , the writer had further warned him. However his answer was quite another …

‘Madness malli , I spoke to Mahinda aiya this morning too. He is a good man…’Raviraj replied.

Yet , Raviraj was murdered in cold blood. After his demise , a large number of books were piled up before his remains to express the deep sorrow .  A detailed comment written by  Keerthi Ratnayake in his name and in his own hand writing regarding the warning issued by the writer before Raviraj’s death was displayed.  That book is no doubt kept safe even today .

Keerthi Rathnayake

translated  by Jeff

Next installment …..

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