President openly and brazenly shields criminals ! President liable to impeachment motion and contempt of court charges – legal luminaries pinpoint

(Lanka e News -07.Sep.2018, 4.35PM)  The president openly berating the IGP while instructing him not to disclose the relevant information the courts are requesting from the police pertaining to the most heinous and famous crimes is alone sufficient grounds to bring an impeachment motion against the president. Besides , an action can be filed in court against the president on the grounds that he committed contempt of court and also obstructed the court in the execution of its duties , legal luminaries pointed out with grave concern.

President Pallewatte Gamarala who secured the presidential post after making solemn promises that he would duly punish the confirmed criminals of the corrupt Rajapakse nefarious decade , ever since becoming the president had been shamelessly and unconscionably protecting and shielding the crooks and the corrupt.. While himself giving protection to the criminals , he told all the lies that the prime minister is shielding the criminals and thereby duped the civil organization leaders and other leaders who left no stone unturned to install the good governance government in power.

Lanka e News which always stands by the truth and nothing but the truth realizing at the very outset what a low bred unscrupulous individual is Pallewatte Gamarala , exposed his cunning and culprit traits via its reports… in October 2017. It is well to recall when Pallewatte Gamarala banned Lanka e News within Sri Lanka he cited that article as a reason . Being a shady shallow character he was stung by truth.

It is now a well and widely known fact that it is no less a person than president Gamarala who is most shamelessly and brazenly stooping to the lowliest of levels to safeguard and shield the most callous and cruel criminals . This came to light most clearly and openly during a discussion that was held on the 28 th of August at Paget road residence of Gamarala with the participation of Kapila Waidyaratne the defense ministry secretary , Law and order ministry secretary , Ravi Wijegunaratne the security council chief, commanders of the three forces, the State intelligence unit chief, Army intelligence unit chief, the IGP, the CID chief, the Financial frauds division chief and the Police STF chief .

A responsible weekend newspaper reported, the courts had ordered the police that is investigating to provide information in regard to the relevant armed forces implicated in the murder of Lasantha Wickremetunge , the disappearance of Prageeth Ekneliyagoda , abduction of Keith Noyahr, assault on Upali Tennekoon , and the disappearance of 11 students after abducting them , which crimes were all committed during the last regime. Yet , it was no less a person than the president himself who had furiously scolded the IGP in public before everyone during the discussion and told him not to provide any information . The defense secretary has then revealed to the president that the police have requested information from him based on 34 grounds.

The president who then addressed the IGP had expressed his resentment against officers of the forces being held in custody , and as suspects .Some of those who were arrested are being held in custody for many months, and they have been taken into custody without any evidence . In some instances even a statement had not been recorded of theirs , the president charged.

IGP Poojith Jayasundara giving answers to the profusion of lies of the eccentric president who was in a maniacal rage responded with sound answers . Poojitha told him , the information was requested by the courts , and statements of every suspect in custody was duly recorded. Moreover , statements have been recorded several times in some instances and no one is held in custody without valid grounds . In addition they had been apprehended based on adequate information gathered , and after confirming the suspects are indeed implicated in the heinous crimes, the IGP highlighted.

Subsequently the president who is also the commander in chief of the forces had nevertheless given instructions to the commanders of the forces not to divulge any information.

No other state leader of the country ever before in its history has stooped to this gross misconduct , the legal luminaries pointed out with dismay and disdain. In the circumstances, an impeachment motion can be brought against the president , they said. Besides , the president by ordering not to carry out the court directives has rendered himself liable to charges of contempt of court and obstructing the court in the execution of duties , the luminaries further pinpointed.

These are not to be lightly treated. These obnoxious lawless actions of the president are also construed as have directly obstructed the arrest of former Navy commander Vasantha Karannagoda, as well as Ravi Wijegunaratne the security council chief who helped to hide the criminals involved in the abduction and murder of 11 individuals , and also in the smuggling of the criminals abroad .

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