Saddest day for UNP, the selfish gang defeats the slum

(Lanka-e-News -19.Jan.2020, 11.30PM)  Sajith and his selfish gang without protesting to any of the witch hunt conducted against the opposition, the oppression against the media, the increase of cost of living, pruning reliefs, increase lawlessness and bringing dangerous laws by the Gotabaya government, sabotaged the UNP parliament group meeting by behaving in a despicable manner demanding the party leadership to Sajith.

From the beginning of the meeting, UNP leader Ranil Wickramasinghe pointed out that it is against the party constitution to call for a voting with the members of the parliament. The party seniors too pointed out this in the previous meeting.

We will take the leadership by force...

Ajith P Perera said that they will take the leadership by hook or by crook. The groups who are really working hard for the victory of the election is saying the alliance leadership should be borne by Karu Jayasuriya, the party leadership should remain with Ranil Wickramasinghe and the opposition leadership should lie with Sajith Premadasa. Even any fool can understand that it is a good solution but the selfish Sajith group did not accept that.

What Ranil said today..

When the meeting started today Sajith group demanded a voting. Party leader Ranil Wickramasinghe briefed the UNP constitution and what to follow. Ranil clarified the situation before the presidential election and said Karu Jayasuriya’s name too was proposed for the nomination as a presidential candidate. However when a break up in the party demanding Sajith, I prevented the rift within the party and nominated Sajith Premadasa and called a party convention. Ranil Wickramasinghe reminded Sajith Prepadasa, in the party convention Sajith was selected as presidential candidate and it was Sajith who proposed me to be the party leader for the next three years. The elected leader must hold the party leadership until a national convention is held. In the meantime the MPs cannot meet in between and select a party leader. There is no party convention held once in two months. According to the party constitution, if a party leader is to be selected, the current party leader has to resign. He said that he has no intention to resign now, what we need now is a broad alliance with the leadership of Karu Jayasuriya, Sajith Premadasa and me so that we can win the coming general election which is scheduled in another two months. Rail said the party leader is chosen in the UNP not by a ballot but by taking a unanimous decision. If a party leader is chosen by a voting, the party will split and he has no intention to do so. At this moment we should give the powers to Karu Jayasuriya, and together with me and Sajith we all should lead the party towards victory. At this moment we should not fight among each other when our MP’s are taken into custody, Ranjan’s problem and with the heavy cost of living burden on the people.

The selfish gang did not take any of these into consideration

If you wish to go, you can go..

MP Harin Fernando said if a voting is not given, he would leave the party. As a reply Navin Dissanayake said if you wish to go, you can leave. Angered by this, the selfish gang started to shout as Mariyakade shanty.

However for Sajith nevertheless the party he could not control his 10 to 15 group of members.

Ranjith Madduma Bandara, Ajith P Perera, Sujeewa Senasinghe, Thalatha Athukorala and Sarath Fonseka were among the highlighted. Sarath Fonseka too has joined the selfish group when Sajith, said he is giving the defense ministry and when Sajith promised he is giving the deputy leadership when he gets the party leadership.

Later the selfish group stood up from their seats and shouted saying that they don’t want Karu or Ranil, they only want Sajith. Subsequently Ranil Wickramasinghe stood up and left the meeting, followed by Wajira abbeywardana and Ashu Marasinghe. After which Ranjith Madduma Bandara stood up and proposed Sajith’s name as the party leader and someone among the selfish group certified that. The selfish group had a separate voting and claimed Sajith as the leader. The selfish group was not bothered to know that the working committee and the parliamentary group both should join the voting. The selfish group did not know that not only for a party but at least for funeral association there is a constitution.

I am too a son of a deceased leader..

The UNP, which has so far set an example as a disciplinary party, has fallen into a disgrace. UNP national organizer Navin Dissanayake has made the following statement:

“Today is a sad day for the UNP. The UNP, which has always been a party of great powers and disciplinary politics, behaved quite the opposite. At a time when we have to raise a voice for the people who are struggling with many issues such as high cost of living, lack of fertilizer and hardships for ordinary people, it is an unfair to the UNP voters who love the party where its members fight for leadership. I am proud to be in UNP. I am too a son of a deceased UNP leader. My allegiance lies to the United National Party and the millions of people at our heart. Leaders should join together. A decision should be take to go forward in unity. We can never bear the damages caused by this conflict. The time has come to identify our priorities” said Navin Dissanayake

Sajith by showing his amount of votes taken in the presidential election and threatens the mp’s. MP’s such as Ajith P. Perera too is not sure he would be selected to the parliament from Kalutara in the next election. Only such people threaten the other.

Five conditions from Karu..

Meantime Karu Jayasuriya too has come forward again to rebuild the UNP. However he said there should be five conditions met. The conditions imposed as follows.
1.      Full powers to make necessary reforms
2.      It should be presented with the proposals of the present Leader and Deputy Leader with certainty.
3.      This requires the approval of the party working committee
4.      This requires the consent of the parliamentary group.
5.      Representing the democratic opinion of the party supporters and the necessity to get the approval of that at a party convention. 

The selfish gang did not want any of those but only interested to
create a crisis.

The internal story of the crisis..

According to Lanka e news internal information service the internal story of the crisis is something different. After the defeat of the presidential election, Sajith had been fallen out and was deserted. Kili Maharajah too was in fear. Kili Maharajah was in fear anticipating that the Rajapaksas would do something similar to Deshamanya Lalith Kothalawala before due to his sponsorship to Sajith. In the first presidential election since Lalith Kothalawala left the Rajapaksas and helped the UNP, the Rajapaksas plundered all 200 companies owned by Lalith Kothalawala and led him to the prison. Kili Maharajah got fear to that. Later he made a deal with the Rajapaksa to start a crisis in the UNP through Sajith. That was how Sajith's dynamo was recharged after when he thought to retire from politics.

This is the true story of the battle that demands the pound of meat of the selfish gang.


Translated by azgar

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