Dear Cardinal, is the mystery of the Easter bomb buried under the carpet of the Archbishop's House?

A question from a citizen of little Rome

(Lanka-e-News- 17.Jan.2021, 9.35AM) "Cardinal, if you do not act conscientiously, sincerely, sincere before God, without being partial, with courage, to reveal the whole truth of the mystery as well as those responsible for the Easter attack, I kindly but emphatically state that not only those responsible for this mystery but the whole mystery can be buried not only in Temple Trees and the Presidential Palace but also in the carpet of your official room in the Archbishop's House”

From the above call, I begin this letter because I can no longer remain silent as a Catholic, seeing how this tragic event that dejected the hearts of the Catholic people is now unfolding. It also raises questions about the Cardinal's continued statements about the incident, including last Christmas.

On one hand, the politicians of this evil government and the childish opposition are turning this tragic incident into a football. When we  saw the debate about the incident that took place in Parliament at the end of last year, we were not only deeply or emotionally charged with hateful words, it caused us not only intense pain but also anger.

The Cardinal's behaviors are suspicious and painful..

Above all, it is the actions of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith that have caused us suspicion and pain. Those sentiments, which have become a thing of the past, must be expressed in public. Also, if he wants to unravel this mystery, he should not walk in the dark but should not be afraid to ask direct, logical questions. The point of this article is to discuss about those.

In the aftermath of Easter Sunday, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjit continued to pressure the then government to bring justice and find the culprits. There was not a week that he did not criticize the government regarding this incident. He strongly criticized the commission appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena and the parliamentary committee investigation in this regard. He was also not satisfied with the investigation carried out by the CID. Going to churchs, feasts and press conferences, he continued that none of this would do justice. His criticisms were very strong. He called for a commission of inquiry comprising the then opposition to investigate the incident.

As the November 2019 presidential election approached, those criticisms escalated.

Diverting the attention?

Since a new president was elected from last 12 months, he has sought justice for the Easter bombing exactly three times. Those too were not as aggressive and severe as before but sluggish. Many people say, "When the cardinal want a publicity for himself, or when he wants to divert attention of something similar how the government does, he comes and talks about the Easter attack." After that it will disappear"

We saw his last press conference before Christmas. It was held while the whole country was talking about the shooting at the Mahara prison and the heinous atrocities that took place. Why did he decide to talk about the Easter incident at that time? "Amid all one cannot be allowed to cover this issue," he said in a statement. Is the Cardinal then using the Easter tragedy to divert attention of the public to cover up the atrocities of the government? (Many people questions that because of the experience they had before 2015.) No. Let us assume that he don’t do that.

Let us pay attention to cardinnals latest statement to the media. Of course there is nothing new he said. If there was anything that Sri Lankan non-professional journalists could have a little 'fun' about, it was cardinals story with a smile, "If the government doesn't take action on this, then we have to do something." But there was no weight for his statement.

Let us question in public...

Therefore we feel an unbearable pain more than the so-called Catholics, ethanol dealers and MPs who claim to be Catholics in the  Parliament. We know there are questions that they deliberately hide. We ask those questions in public.

Dear Cardinal, do you have a sincere desire to find the real masterminds of this incident that hurt us? Are you conscientiously trying to solve the mystery? Whether you are knowingly or unknowingly involved, perhaps, if the politicians you patronize are trying to cover up the mystery, if those politicians are the rulers who “enforced disappeared” their critics in the recent history of this country, then will you continue until the truth is revealed. Are you sincerely ready to go ahead?

If so, make it clear. If you want to do that, leave your casual talk to side and challenge the rulers as before. An English illustration reads, "Catch the buffalo with its horns."

We are ready to give clues..

If the Cardinal does so, we are prepared to give him clues to some of the investigations that could logically force the government. Let us describe them as follows. (Some of these clues were recently reported to Lanka e News by Special Correspondents. We bring them to the attention of the Cardinal in more depth.)

The immediate respondent in this case is the former President Maithripala Sirisena. We are outraged to see this man who was crazy during his presidency came to the Commission on the Easter attack and turned the commission into a joke. We emphasize that if the Criminal Investigation Department of our country is unable to do so, an international inquiry should be launched against Maithripala Sirisena who should be questioned. Why do we say that? As President, he should not be allowed to run away from the responsibilities entrusted to him by the entire people, including the majority of the people of the country. On the other hand even a child can understands that he is well aware of the root cause of this incident.

Why Maithripala SIrisena?

It has now been confirmed that Maithripala Sirisena, as the Minister of Defense, knew that a detonation attack was imminent. Even so, why did he fail to investigate? Why did the entire family go abroad despite such a situation? Why did he leave the country without even appointing an acting Minister for domestic affairs and security? Why the Catholic leaderships were was not informed of this information? Why did Maithripala "switch off" his phone after the detonation? Why was the return to the country delayed when the country was in deep crisis? (His answers to these questions are as childish and misleading not suitable for a head of state, not even for a manager of a funeral parlor.) Why did Maithripala Sirisena instructed the then Prime Minister not to attend a the security council meeting of the three Armed Forces, when the premier tried to convene the Defense Secretary and other members of the Security Council to bring the country back to normalcy?

Here is another point to remind the Cardinal. That is to say, the constitution of the country has been changed by using the two-thirds mandate given by the entire Catholic Bishops' Council and the majority of the clergies, including you. Thus, not only the current president but also a former president cannot be prosecuted. Therefore, there may even be legal challenges to bring Maithripala Sirisena to justice under this protection clause or presidential immunity. If so dear cardinal, can you fulfill the justice you demand?

Therefore, you have the right as well as the responsibility to influence this Government, which has been appointed with your full support, to immediately change this law that puts Presidents above the law and allows them to escape any heinous crimes or injustice.

Why Ranil Wickramasighe?

The second closest respondent is former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. He should also be compelled to be severely questioned. He is an expert who slips out. But he should not be allowed to slip out from this incident because doing so is a violation of justice. There are questions to ask him. The Ministry of Defense had received information from Indian intelligence that the bombing was imminent. It is true that Ranil Wickremesinghe was not the Minister of Defense at that time. But the very close, cordial relations he had with India, was not a secret to anyone. They still remain the same as today. The Indian Foreign Minister who visited Sri Lanka recently met Ranil Wickremesinghe who was not even a member of parliament without meeting the Leader of the opposition. Didn't Ranil Wickremesinghe, who had and still has such a diplomatic relationship with India, really didn’t know about this Easter detonation from India? Is it credible to say that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who has such close ties, was not informed when the Indian intelligence service informed the government's intelligence chief six or seven times? What did Ranil know? What Raninl did nnot know? What he tries to hide?

If he really did not get that information from India, then what made to lauch this attack covering up the Prime Minister? Who designed it? Wickramasinghe says he was unaware of this because he had not been called to Security Council meetings since the October 2018 coup plotted by Maithripala Sirisena. Is this a statement that a responsible Prime Minister of a country can make? Shouldn't he have informed Parliament and the country about this earlier? What is he hiding? How could the Prime Minister not be aware of information leaked by the security forces?

Why Mahinda Rajapaksa?

The third person to be seriously questioned was the then Leader of the Opposition Mahinda Rajapaksa. It has now been confirmed that he had received information that a Christian church was going to be detoated. From whom did he get this information that even the Prime Minister did not receive? What is the course of action he has taken in this regard as a responsible Leader of the Opposition? Why did he keep this information as a secret?

Didn't MR inform MR?

Another question arises here. That is, the close relationship between Mahinda Rajapaksa and Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and the "deal" underlying between the two is no secret to the people of the country. An example of this is the MR-MR deal, which was known to many of the country's powerful people in the 52-day conspiracy. Did Mahinda hide the news about an attack to catholic churches to Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith? If so why? If so, should the Cardinal only blame then-Minister Harin Fernando for not informing the Cardinal or anyone else about this incident? If Mahinda knew about this incident and hid from Cardinal, wouldn't it be a huge betrayal?

There is an important Question arises here. The question is why didn’t Mahinda did not inform Cardinal Ranjith about this? "If Mahinda had known, there would have been no reason for the Cardinal not to know" Many people talk about this. Didn't Mahinda really tell you this?' However we do not ask this directly from Cardinal, It is because he knows the testimony of his heart.

Nalaka Silva, a talented detective, was the police investigator investigating Saharan, one of the terrorists in the case. Prior to this incident, Nalaka Silva was arrested on a baseless conspiracy charge and removed from the investigation. That absurd accusation stopped after the Easter bombing. There is enough evidence to suspect that the arrest of Nalaka Silva allowed Saharan to carry out their terrorist activities. Dear Cardinal, if that is your sincere intention to do justice to the Easter attack, force the government to do justice to Nalaka Silva. Also, ask your friend President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to allow Nalaka SIlva to carry out those investigations freely without any influence and keep an honest eye whether he does it.

Questions that the Catholic Church does not dare to ask..

There are a few other crucial questions that the Cardinal and our Church dare ask. It is about the fact that Saharan has been paid allowances by the Ministry of Defense. The salaries of a ministry are not paid by the minister or the secretary of the ministry from home. Who is the authority who recommended or advised this terrorist to be paid by the Ministry? Who was the power that approved it? On what grounds was Saharan paid? Every Catholic in this country has a right to know this. Cardinal, please find the answers to these questions. Let us know.

A powerful clue that went unnoticed..

The other matter we are going to talk about is an event of the Easter attack that has not been addressed by many who are demanding justice. But this is a powerful clue that can shed light on the truth about this tragic event.

During the presidency of Mahinda Rajapaksa, when Hudson Samarasinghe was the Chairman of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation, in 2012 he gave 15 minutes to broadcast Muslim programs on the Tamil Swadeshiya service. Those Muslim programs were dispersed to the Eastern Province through strong frequencies. What was the purpose of Rajapaksa-Samarasinghe launching this program? By 2019, this Muslim program was extended to six hours and had obsessed the entire Tamil service. The producer has lost his responsibility. The corporation's chairmen, director general and other officials did not pay attention to the content of those programs. That was the situation at the time of the Easter bombing.

Following the bombing, the perpetrators disappeared. Investigations into the incident revealed surprising outcome. Millions of rupees have been pumped into those programs. Those programs propagated extremist and violent attitudes. Many programs were broadcast live from mosques in the East. They propagated a strong anti-Christian attitude. The people who produced the programs have greedily thrown money to cover up this extremist propaganda. Following the revelation of this situation, it has been confirmed that the then administration had arrested the live recordings of the relevant programs and copied them and handed them over to all the investigating units including the intelligence services.

What did the intelligence and investigative agencies do to those DVD copies? What were their publicity materials? Who produced and presented those programs? What is the connection between those programs and the Easter Sunday bombings? Dear Cardinal, you and all Catholics have a right to know about this.

We are ready to give more clues..

Here are some clues that our Catholic leadership must take, if they have a sincere intention and determination, to find those responsible for the Easter Sunday bombings. Those are high in importance and effectiveness. We look forward to give you more clues as to your interest, sincerity and the actions you take.

Two options are planned to end..

As these investigations progress, there are currently two alternatives that the authorities plan to complete. One is to make a sparrow, a carp the culprit when the tortoises, sharks and whales are out. By doing so consoling yourself (the cardinal) as “we did justice”

Their second option is to end commission with a trifle like "This is an international conspiracy led by ISIS against Sri Lanka" The real culprits are convinced that the Cardinal would inadvertently swallow such a slice. "Yes. That is why I always say that there is an international conspiracy against Sri Lanka. Therefore, let us all unite and now assist His Excellency the President to successfully govern this country to defeat all the international conspiracies” they would believe that you would say so. The government by misusing the above slogan would continue to consolidate its racist religious movements by repressing the Muslims in this country with the full blessings of the Cardinal.

But such an unjust criminal verdict will not bring justice to this earth-shattering crime. So we Catholics must unite to go deeper here and know the truth. Cardinal, the time has come to lead a massive national movement forcing the government to investigate this clue and all the other clues stated here.

Cardinal, you have only one way..

By looking at the legal distortion that has taken place through the 20th Amendment, it is more easy to take feathers from a tortoise but impossible to accomplish the above task from this government. How foolish is it to demand justice from the perpetrator's parents?

Therefore you have only one path left. That is, to call on to an international community to intervene to unravel this mystery. Maybe you will not like it because like Wimal Weerawansa, the political philosopher of our country in this era, you often talk about an international conspiracy against Sri Lanka. Dear Cardinal, if you object to this action, as you say y "hide behind the carpet" those responsible for this attack. This is why your role is crucial in getting justice done.

We hope that the Cardinal will act honestly, conscientiously, and without double standards, to expose all those involved in the crime, challenging the authorities and all responsible parties through the clues presented here and other non-aligned clues.

An international investigation is not an easy path, but..

It is true that this is not an easy path. The wrath of the criminals and terrorists associated with the highest powers will sometimes cause many difficulties. But that should not be a reason to deviate from the path of justice. Otherwise, the historian will one day write:

The assassins of Roshen Chanaka near the Weliweriya church (in the Rathupaswala incident) has been hid behind the Cardinal. The criminals of the Chilaw fisherman Anthony Fernando has been hid behind the Cardinal and the Bishop of Chilaw”

“The mystery of the Easter bombing has been buried under the carpet of the Archbishop's House in Colombo"

A citizen from little Rome

Translated by Robinhood

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