Second phase of conspiracy of SC judges to save rapist Abrew and thereby Rajapakses...

(Lanka-e-News -30.Dec.2015, 9.45AM) Lanka e news inside information division  in its report on 20 th December exposed the conspiracy hatched by Supreme court (SC) judges to rescue the notorious SC judge Sarath Abrew the rapist in his criminal involvement, and thereby provide relief to the deceitful Rajapakses. By now this conspiracy has progressed to the second stage…..

These  SC  judges have decided to  hear the fundamental rights (FR)  petition filed by Abrew who is facing two charges in the lower court. Abrew has pointed out in his petition that those charges  are political revenge  motivated.

If an accused who is facing criminal charges in a lower court is to file an FR petition , ordinarily under the law it is the practice to postpone the hearing of the FR petition until the criminal case in the lower court is tried. This is to preclude the possibility of interference with the proceedings in the lower court because   there is room  for appeals being filed in the higher courts including the SC against the  verdict given by  the lower court. 

Form this it is clear  even though there is no capacity to distort the   ordinary accepted procedure pertaining to  rapist Abrew’s petition , but still the Rajapakse  powers are dominating  the judicial arena.

The three judges selected by the SC Registrar to hear the petition of Abrew are : Chief justice as president of the panel ;Priyantha Jayawardena whom  Lanka e news earlier on exposed as the originator  of the conspiracy and a stooge of Rajapakses; and Upali Abeyratne who had a dispute with Sarath Abrew . 

The most atrocious part of this conspiracy is the  inclusion of Upali Abeyratne an enemy of  Abrew in this panel. The dispute between Upali who is a lackey and lickspittle of the Rajapakses and Abrew another Rajapakse stooge is not something that erupted recently. 

During the Rajapakse reign , both these despicable Rajapakse  stooges among others attended  an international conference of judges. At this conference, it was Sarath Abrew who became conspicuous for destroying the image of the country by asking stupid questions . To this , it was Abeyratne who made Abrew the butt of vilification  . Consequently , Abrew became a laughing stock and a symbol of public disgrace.

After the conclusion of the conference , when the group was at the airport headed for Sri Lanka , Abrew who was smarting under the humiliation and insults he faced , took revenge on Upali Abeyratne . He attacked Abeyratne’s head  with a water bottle while threatening  ‘ now, you go to SL. I will get Gotabaya to abduct you by white Van . See what I shall do to you. You don’t know who I am.’ Upali who knew about Sarath Abrew , no sooner he returned to SL than he reported the matter to Mahinda Rajapakse , the president at that time. Mahinda intervened and resolved the dispute. 
No matter what ,the dispute between Abrew and Abeyratne is well known among the legal circles. This incident of assault was reported by  a prominent print media without revealing names and addresses.

In this backdrop, Abeyratne had expressed his reluctance to  sit in this present panel , and hence to remove him from it. However , as hereinbefore mentioned , since the pro Rajapakse team is still dominating  within the SC , Mahinda Rajapakse has instructed Abeyratne to stay put without getting agitated , and act according to his instructions.  

Abeyratne who still addresses Mahinda Rajapakse and not Maithripala Sirisena as H.E.has decided to be in the panel hearing the case with Abrew, bowing to the wishes of Mahinda , and had agreed to act according to latter’s orders. Abeyratne had remarked ‘how can I defy H.E.’s order’ ( of course his H.E. is Mahinda Rajapakse) 

May we recall , Lanka e news in its first report revealed that , without rejecting the FR petition of Abrew ,  in order  to rescue Abrew, grounds are to be cited in his defense that  the charges are based on  political revenge with a view  to repel the charges mounting against him  . Thereafter to use that conspiratorial plan  to provide relief on the same lines to the Rajapakse crooks who are  to be charged before the FCID in the future.

It is the plan of the Rajapakses through the decision that gives relief to rapist Abrew , and through that  show ,even Abeyratne who was attacked with the water bottle has concurred in that decision because of its fairness . Based on this plan , when two of the judges Priyantha Jayawardena and Upali Abeyratne , of the three judges panel are taking one view , the chief justice is  shunted  and solitary,which means the desired  verdict can be secured by the Rajapakses.  

Taking advantage of the weakness of the CJ of the government of good governance , the defeated discarded Rajapakses have made a number of plans to topple the government of good governance through the judges who are Rajapakse stooges via similar verdicts delivered by them in the future  . Lanka e news inside information division is in the ready to reveal these shortly. 

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