Defense secretary confirms again he is taking good governance for a ride !

-Punishes Navy officer who went abroad once while Yoshitha Rajapakse who went 29 times without permission is scot free !

(Lanka-e-News -17.June.2016, 10.35)  Defense secretary Karunasena Hettiarachi whose actions are diametrically opposed to  good governance and who ignored the 29 foreign tours done by Yoshitha Rajapakse without the knowledge of the Navy to allow him go scot free , has deemed it right to punish a State witness Lieutenant Commodore K.C.Welegedera by barring his promotions for four years  via the military court for travelling abroad just once without informing  the Navy.

Lanka e news reported on the 8th under the caption ‘Incredible but true ! Rajapakse lackeys and lickspittles taking Commander in chief for a ride..!! -Rajapakse bootlicker in Navy delivers judgments against good governance innocents..!’ revealed the plans and plots, and what designs are  ahead  to victimize Welegedera .

As Lanka e news forewarned ,subsequently  ,on the 14 th the military court  meted out this punishment . Based on this judgment Welegedera is now  not eligible for promotions for four years .

Welegedera was a witness in the case in which 28 individuals including 7 students were abducted and extortion monies demanded in 2010 by a group of murderers operating under ex Navy Commander Vasantha Karannagoda during the Rajapakse era. These victims were murdered after collection of extortion monies . It was Welegedera now victimized who gave evidence before the CID during investigations , and revealed who the murderers were.

By this conspiracy the pro Rajapakse lackeys and lickspittles in the Navy had  successfully stifled and silenced an important crown witness . Besides , the judge advocate who heard this case is  Shaveendra Fernando , the lawyer appearing  on behalf of Rajapakses even today for their cases in courts.
While Shaveendra  has resigned from the Attorney General’s department , how come he is performing the duties of judge advocate in the Navy?

Hettiarachi without taking into consideration any of  these facts had acted partially in favor of the pro Rajapakse groups. While the case was being heard against Welegedera , it is worthy of note the ex Navy commander Karannagoda who was the chief of the Navy during the period  the student murders took place had travelled to Trincomalee Navy camp on four occasions.

The most crucial  question and what is most perturbing is , why did defense secretary Karunasena Hettiarachi who did not appoint a military court to try Yoshitha Rajapakse who travelled abroad as many as 29 times without the permission of the Navy , appoint a military court against Welegedera the witness who gave evidence against Karannagoda , just because Welegedera  travelled abroad once without the permission of the Navy? Moreover , why was the lawyer for Mahinda Rajapakse (of all people) allowed to be the judge advocate in this case ?

Karunasena Hettiarachi while he was in the Water supplies was with the Rajapakses and in league with them committed all the robberies . But later he had disputes  with the Rajapakses based on distribution of the robbed monies . Because he did not duly pay Rajapakses their share his relationship turned bitter. 

After Maithripala Sirisena became the common candidate , during the last weeks before presidential elections having watched in which the direction  the tide was moving , he somersaulted to Maithri’s  side. That was how Karunasena Hettiarachi the notorious crook , and corrupt opportunist with a most putrid antecedence  aligned himself behind Maithripala . 

Currently his favorite occupation while being the defense secretary is ,protecting and shielding the corrupt and the murderers . The incident noted in the aforementioned paragraphs is cogent and absolute evidence bearing testimony to his evil actions and intentions . It is he who is behind and protecting the corrupt government officers and their conspiracies ,as well as  hiding elephant rogue judge Thilna Gamage to help him circumvent the laws brazenly . It is very evident that through his double faced attitude , double games and double dealings he is taking the good governance government for a ride at double speed. 
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 Incredible but true ! Rajapakse lackeys and lickspittles taking Commander in chief for a ride..!!
-Rajapakse bootlicker in Navy delivers judgments against good governance innocents..!

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