Lahiru the lover of Weerawansa’s daughter was murdered..? Open inquest by JMO..

-‘We are suspicious’ -voice recording of friend of Lahiru (audio tape herein)

(Lanka-e-News -28.Oct.2016, 7.25PM) The death of 24 years old Dissanayake Mudiyansalage Lahiru Janith Dissanayake who was staying  in the house of Wimal Weerawansa M.P. situated at 71, Hokandara South is not a natural death , and is suspicion ridden, according to Colombo South Judicial medical officer (JMO) who held an open inquest into the death today. Hence the JMO decided to send a part of the body  to the Government analyst department for further investigation.

P.D.Galagedera the inquirer into sudden deaths who examined the remains of Lahiru yesterday at the Sri Jayawardenapura hospital where it was lying , detected that the nose of the deceased was bleeding , and somebody had wiped it away. Based on the coroner’s examination ,  a liquid has gushed out of the mouth , the lips were unnaturally dry , and there were blue patches suggesting  injuries on the right side of the neck , on the left side of the forehead towards the rear , and both sides of the stomach . 

Soon after this and his recommendations were reported to the police , the latter forwarded a B report in this regard to Kaduwela Magistrate Dhammika Hemapala . Thereafter the latter visited the home of Wimal Weerawansa to conduct a magisterial inquiry, and then visited Jayawardena hospital to examine the remains of the deceased.
The magistrate then ordered that the body be handed over to the Colombo South medical officer to conduct a post mortem , and a report thereof be forwarded to him. The JMO who conducted the post mortem  examination in accordance with the instructions , after  an open inquest  sent  a portion of the body of the deceased to the Government analyst department  for further investigation.

Meanwhile the mother of Lahiru declared that her son was in perfect health when he left home. 

Did he die due to natural causes (most unlikely ) or  was he a victim of murder committed  within Weerawansa’s home ?

Grave suspicions have emerged over the death because Lahiru had been the lover of Weerawansa’s daughter Vimasha Vishwadhari . This affair had been most fiercely opposed by the Weerawansa family. At the same time Lahiru is a close pal of Weerawansa ‘s son Vibuthi . A friend of Lahiru as well as of Vibuthi  had today released a voice recording in this regard  to the media  Institutions.
The friend had revealed Lahiru was a  pal  of his and since he was in sound health, this death is surrounded by   most suspicious circumstances . Therefore he had urged the police to investigate the messages left by Lahiru  on the face book and his phone calls during his final stages.  The friend had also clearly pointed out  , the statement made by ‘Sashi aunty’ following the death of Lahiru is most suspicious .

Meanwhile monumental sinister  pressures had been mounted on the media against giving publicity to this most mysterious and suspicion ridden murder .
Intriguingly , this mysterious death  of a youth in the prime of his life who was  a lover of the daughter of a frontline M.P. ( notorious crook though), and despite  the body of the deceased being  found  in the very  home of the M.P.  did not receive headline news publicity of the media . 
With venality and corruption widespread in  every profession , and prostitution of official positions raging  in the country most shamelessly  , the justifiable question on the lips of every decent law  abiding  Sri Lankan is ,whither media ethics and professionalism in Sri Lanka ? 

The audio recording of Lahiru’s friend can be heard by clicking here 

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what do you expect from the jvp members & ex members who were responsible for more than 75,000 deaths during 1971 to 1989 era. Happily living with no guilt. One extra life for them is nothing.
-- by jvp some on 2016-10-29

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