Mahinda Rajapakse’s b-i-l who tried to flee the country after robbing a whopping Rs. 51,750,000 of public funds arrested & remanded !

(Lanka-e-News -18.Nov.2016, 11.30PM) Ex  president of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse’s relative   Jaliya Wickremesooriya , a former Sri Lankan High Commissioner who robbed public funds to the tune of a whopping  Rs. 51,700,000.00 approximately !  was nabbed by the FCID on the 17 th when he was attempting to flee the country .

The culprit was to be produced before court on the 18 th and remanded until 2nd December 

When Jaliya was the High Commissioner of SL in Washington , he purchased a building located at  3025 , White Haven street , Washington 20008 in lieu of the existing High commission office. The amount of cash collected in that regard from the foreign ministry was US dollars  6.65 million. Out of that colossal sum , he has siphoned off  US dollars 345,000.00 (Rs.51,750,000.00 !) to his Tea Company.
The FCID was conducting investigations into this with the assistance of the US officials over a long period  . When  Jaliya got wind of the fact that he is going to be arrested , at dawn on the 17 th he attempted to flee the country.  However , since a court order forbidding his travel overseas had been obtained by the FCID by that time , Jaliya was arrested when he appeared at the Katunayake airport to bolt from the country.

Thereafter Jaliya was interrogated from morning by the FCID , and he was arrested at about 10.00 p.m on the 17 th, and was produced before court on the 18 th.

This arrest of Jaliya the brother in law of Mahinda Rajapakse (jadiya) who committed daylight robbery on the people ‘s funds was possible only due to the indefatigable efforts of the FCID and CID who assiduously trailed  behind him for a long time to garner true evidence and  actual facts. This surely  gives the lie to the accusations leveled by scoundrels and rascals that investigations are not being launched into the crimes committed during the nefarious decade ; investigations are being conducted to serve political agendas ; and only the mice are trapped while bandicoots are allowed to escape. 

Birds of the same  feather flock together is a common adage but in the case of Jaliya and Jadiya (Mahinda Rajapakse) ,it will be a justifiable modification if it is said ,  ‘brothers’  of the same  feather robbed the country wholesale  together ! - Licensed robbers during the nefarious decade !!

The number of robberies committed by notorious Jaliya Wickremesuriya of the Blue Brigand are countless . A news report of Lanka e news published earlier in this connection

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'Requesting for an impartial investigation about Jaliya Wickramasuriya’s misconducts' -Sri Lankans residing in the USA writes to FM Mangala

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Hi- MUNG MAARA BADU NEDA? bye- NihalGunatilake
-- by Nihal Gunatilake on 2016-11-20

Jaliya was not a High Commissioner but an Ambassador in US
-- by Raza on 2016-11-20

Jaadiya must be laughing all the way to his farm knowing what two Christmas presents await Jaaliya - get out of remand by claiming to be sick with malaria or desentry and very shoartly afterwards go completely free on bail money that is no larger than the size of Jaadiya's depraved brain.
-- by Podi Saalaya on 2016-11-21

VAT is what we are burdened to pay for these, what a gala time these licensed culprits have had during the past regime... sad.... after all, they still call them saints.
-- by jadiya on 2016-11-22

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