Illegal International warrant to arrest LeN editor Sandaruwan : Comic court hearing founded on conspiracy

LeN editorial statement

(Lanka-e-News -27.Nov.2016, 11.00AM) It was further confirmed  that Sri Lanka’s  minister of justice Wijedasa Rajapakse is acting  with ulterior and conspiratorial motives when  blabbering  and bluffing  in Parliament.  The minister  said, the independence of the judiciary is being undermined while also attempting to repudiate the lucid exposures made against the courts of Sri Lanka that  they are delivering unlawful  and capricious  judgments to suit the needs and agendas of minister Wijedasa , and some others. 

Gampaha magistrate Kaveendra Nanayakkara last Friday (25) issued a red alert warrant to arrest Lanka e news editor based on charges of contempt of court . She also ordered that the warrant be given effect to with the assistance of the Interpol. At the same time an order was issued to the Controller of Immigration  and  Emigration to arrest Sandaruwan Senadheera when he returns to Sri Lanka (SL)

Kaveendra also said Senadheera has committed contempt of court , and under that indictment ,a case shall be filed in the appeal court .The reason adduced by her in support of that decision was : Lanka e news had published  a photo of the prime suspect Premananda Udalagama before the identification parade was conducted, in the criminal assault case in which Upali Tennekoon , the Rivira editor was the victim. 

What is most intriguing and perplexing about the comical decision of this court jester magistrate is :  she who deemed  it right to release the suspect Premananda  on bail earlier on who was identified by the victim as his assailant being released on bail by this same Kaveendra earlier on ,  now  issuing an Interpol warrant against Lanka e news editor just because he  published the photo of the suspect.  Mind you , Premachandra whom Kaveendra released on bail is also the prime suspect in the most brutal murder of editor Lasantha in broad daylight .

Capricious trials and erroneous  judgments

It is pity in SL because of judges like Kaveendra, the sacrosanct judiciary has become a stage for most ludicrous and ridiculous dramas where travesty and mockery of justice are most manifest.

First and foremost flaw :

Lanka e news which had nothing to do with the Rivira Editor’s assault case being dragged into it, just because Kaveendra bore an inveterate grudge against LeN for bitterly (justifiably  of course ) criticizing her earlier on.

Kaveendra also made inimical and adverse comments in her face book against Attorney General (AG) in respect of his decision given against elephant rogue Thilina Gamage, another judge.  

Lanka e news which  always champions the cause of justice and truth ,frankly , fearlessly and forthrightly pointed out her grave mistake , while also criticizing her for publishing her photographs in various striking poses and with come hither gestures in the face book and making a huge din inviting responses and saying ‘thank you.’ Lanka e news criticized these as unbecoming of a judge and are most befitting for a whore.
Indeed LeN made a complaint via its reports to the JSC about those who are disgracing the bench by such obscene and untoward conduct.  Obviously Kaveendra who was stung by the truth bore a deep seated grudge against Lanka e news. The decision of hers  against LeN in the Rivira editor case with which LeN had nothing to do was  to avenge the exposures made by LeN against her. In support of her decision , the evidence she relied upon was an anonymous letter purportedly received by her. 

In much the same way as a police officer cannot examine an anonymous  letter, a magistrate  too cannot. When that is the true position,  who is the idiot sending notices to LeN during  the last several months?  On top of this  she gave irrelevant orders to the CID  to question the chiefs of the Institution.
While this is the factual situation , on the 25 th , when the case was taken up for hearing , Hemantha Warnakulasuriya suddenly made his appearance . At his request , Kaveendra transferred the case to the appeal court while stating contempt of court has been committed by publishing  the photograph of the suspect who allegedly assaulted the Rivira editor , prior to conducting the identification parade . She thereafter issued an Interpol warrant and blamed the CID for not trailing the  LeN.    

How the troika degraded  the court to a clown’s circus 

The court jester troika , Wijedasa Rajapakse ,  Hemantha Warnakulasuriya and Kaveendra reduced the court to a clown’s circus thus ….

1. A judge against whom LeN has mounted charges hearing a case against LeN  is wrong primarily.  The basic tenet of justice is, one cannot hear one’s own case . Hence there has been a serious miscarriage of justice in our disfavor. 

2. If by publishing ahead the photograph of the suspect who assaulted Upali Tennekoon , we have enabled  Upali to identify the suspect and that is a wrong , then the CID which publicly  revealed a sketch of the face of  the suspect before us has also committed a crime. Moreover , the photograph we published was copied from the internet . Mind you that photo  had been published much earlier by the SL government. That was a  photograph taken of the accused  during a function when he was previously working in a foreign Diplomatic mission . In that case  Kaveendra should instruct to file a case of contempt of court not against us but against the government .

In these circumstances , when photographs of criminals of the world are published seeking assistance of the public to apprehend them , Kaveendra will be issuing a warrant to arrest those who published as having committed contempt of court  like how she did with  regard to us. Based on the stupid notion of this judge ,the  criminals should be those  who have never before taken  photographs.
3. Another grave lapse committed by Kaveendra’s ignorance  is ,an Interpol warrant can be lawfully issued only to the CID at their request , and not to any other Institution or individual  .That too is  only following the CID’s investigation and based on its progress  necessitating  the arrest of the suspect  ,after producing evidence in court .That is done on the AG’s advice.

In addition  the CID must state to  court the suspect is needed for further investigations and request court to issue a  warrant . In this instance , Kaveendra has conducted herself worse than a judge  of  a Kangaroo court , for these procedures have not been followed . The CID has not conducted an investigation against LeN , nor AG’s advice along with valid grounds were  forwarded. 

The hilarious  part of this travesty played out Friday in Kaveendra’s (Kangaroo)  court was , an Interpol warrant was requested from Kaveendra not by the CID , rather by Hemantha who made his sudden appearance  in this case .
The magistrate does not have any right whatsoever to issue an international warrant in such circumstances.  Therefore Kaveendra has abused her powers flagrantly either based on her  ignorance of the law (which is a serious offence specially  if it involves a judge ) or with ulterior motives. The JSC ought to commence investigations into this immediately against her.

4. Another grievous illegality committed was , before an Interpol warrant is issued , an ordinary  warrant shall be issued against the accused, and the  Police should have also  informed  court it is not able  to issue such a warrant  . Besides it must be confirmed that the suspect is absconding court . 

If Kaveendra has actually  issued notice on Lanka e news in connection with the publication of the photograph of the criminal , we were in the ready to appear in court pertaining to the Rivira editor assault case, and prove our innocence. Instead , this troika ,Wijedasa , Hemantha , Kaveendra after depriving us of that opportunity , and denying true justice  hatched a most  evil conspiracy to issue an Interpol warrant against us. 

5. Kaveendra  only after delivering the order that a case shall be filed in the appeal court against Lanka  e news for committing contempt of court  , issued the Interpol warrant .This is absolutely wrong. Kaveendra despite being a judge (or is she?)  was ignorant of the basic legal tenet that if a case is transferred to the appeal court , thereafter it is only the appeal court that can issue the warrant.  

It is most imperative and important that the JSC takes a decision in regard to the illegalities and lapses besetting this reckless and ruthless judgment , and ensure that the rights we are entitled to are protected and promoted, so that genuine justice in its pristine purity will prevail . 

Interpol imposes fines on fake Interpol warrants issued…. 

Based on the aforementioned grounds , it is clear the International warrant issued against the LeN editor is not genuine. Certainly . this illegal process that was set  in motion in parliament by the blabbering and bluffing Justice minister was carried forward by his lickspittles and lackeys . Such  courts  which act that way are not independent and do   not contribute to the independence of the judiciary . 

The Interpol that is located in France are above board unlike the Kangaroo courts . Therefore they do not pay heed to these warrants issued by courts which serve the aims and agendas of political scoundrels . They therefore  probe into the genuineness of such warrants , and if it is found the warrant is bogus , the government will have to pay a huge compensation  for the sins committed by conspirators. 

Moreover , in the history of the Interpol , never had an Interpol warrant been issued against a journalist on charges of committing contempt of court . Specially in a country where a journalist has sought political asylum , never had  a red alert warrant been  issued. 

Form and feature of  the political conspiracy

Accordingly LeN sees these maneuvers and manipulations as a most crafty conspiracy of the satanic troika – Wijedasa , Hemantha and Kaveendra to achieve their selfish dastardly  cheap  media  propaganda milestones. Obviously  this is a political conspiracy.

It is a well and widely known fact that  LeN was subjected to the worst persecution and torment hitherto under the Rajapakse  regime , and that  LeN    made a major contribution towards  the victory of the  good governance . Therefore LeN   being harassed and traumatized under the good governance government  too , has come in for heavy flak of the pro good governance masses . Consequently the government has incurred their  bitter displeasure.

The conspiracy of Wijedasa who is eating the very flesh of those on whom he is parasitic is seemingly  successful. On the other hand , the ruling government can no longer say there is media freedom in this conspiratorial climate even though it may loudly and proudly espouse media freedom.  This is because , already the international media had splashed these comical efforts to destroy   media freedom in SL as headline news. 

Those within the government who are screaming ‘we are being attacked via the social media’ must be desiring to achieve a particular  result from these subterfuges .  That is to convey the message to the legion of youths of the social media , ‘ okay now , we have given the blow to Lanka e news. You too be careful,’ and show  the sword of Damocles is hanging over their heads. 

It is for the government to decide whether it is still preferring  to fall into the trap of the tie coat cutthroat Wijedasa the serpent who has  insidiously crept  into the government’s progressive plans and programs to put a spoke in the wheel ? or not? This decision should be taken now or never . Otherwise , may we warn, these  villainies and sabotages under various guises and guiles of these double dealing ,double faced , double tongued rascals ,renegades and rogues could well mark the beginning of the end of good governance  , and a most deadly  turning point .

We are not ready to give in to or play into the hands of a few conspirators who are kindling the fire of devastation   , and allow the hard won victory of 8 th January 2015  and thereby  the freedom , Democracy ,and  the restoration of the legal Institutions  to be destroyed by  these few  to achieve  their  treacherous  and traitorous aims and agendas. 

Any ruler or group suppresses the media , not by openly  saying ‘here we are , we are suppressing the media’ . Throughout history we have come across such villains and saboteurs who have masqueraded as great patriots and Democracy defenders only to finally lead the country into a holocaust. Hence we solemnly pledge that we  shall carry on our crusade undeterred and undaunted , and fulfill our honorable undertakings in the future too on behalf of our motherland and the people.
(Unbelievably , from the moment the news report  was out about the  Interpol warrant against the editor , for 14 long hours all our phones were jammed by phone calls from callers who extended their unstinted support to us. In addition those who were most critical of the moves taken against us said , at the crucial moment they will steadfastly be with us unconditionally . LeN is deeply beholden to all of them who expressly and tacitly extended their support . LeN  effusively thanks all of them .)

What caliber of a judge issued the Interpol warrant can be gauged by reading the news report captioned hereunder.

Kaveendra Nanyakkara the play boy magazine twilight model who insulted the AG and overturned all professional ethics and sacred judiciary !
Judge Ms. Kaveendra obstructs commemoration of the dead at Rathupaswela and insults AG : This ‘twilight judge’ shall be punished!

By Sandaruwan Senadheera and the editorial board 

The statement made to the BBC by Lanka e News editor 

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In addition to the three main pillars of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary of democracy, two critical factors that ensures the maintenance of democracy are well informed, vocal and responsive civil activists and free and unhindered media without which democracy will end up being a bureaucracy and a kleptocracy. Rajapakshas for the past period have been hatching a come back conspiracy with the aid of traitors like Wijedasa Rapapaksha and racist and so called religious forces who are making headlines these days. But whatever they initiated and enacted met with complete exposure, revelation, forensic explanation and thwarting at the hands of dexterous issue-handling of LEN. While no other media is brave enough to mercilessly reveal all the conspiracy projects of Rajapakshas as well as other corruptions and malpractices both within and outside of the government, LEN was the one and only media channel that made it possible for the millions of internet users throughout the world. Had LEN been taken down and its revelations withheld the world of internet users who rely and depend on online news will run dry without news about what is happening at the government and corruption prevention level. One of the Rajapskahs headaches, in fact the biggest, was that they could not stop LEN from disseminating the facts and criticisms. Even with all the powers executive and underworld, Rajapakshas could not do so simply because they had distanced themselves away from the civilized world due to their barbaric nature and usage. It was LEN who played the leading role in defeating the Rajapakshas and promoting the RW & My3 led rule. If Rajapakshas are ever to succeed in conspiracy and come back one of the preconditions of such scheming is the bringing down of LEN. Rajapakshas know that the only way to achieve it was not through force or white van but judicial conspiracy using international loopholes in the system. The best indication to gauge the breadth and depth of this conspiracy is the fact that to have an international red warrant issued against Udaynga Weeratunga took eons and eons and still nobody is sure about its validity or veracity and in the meantime Udayanga had his passport renewed as well, it took only a publishing of a photograph of a murderer for them to have such a warrant issued against LEN the flag carrier of the movement that defeated Rajapakshas! This so called red warrant against LEN raises serious questions not necessarily in the local realm but in the international sphere. One of the criticisms against Rajapakshas and the main reasons for their defeat was their questionable conduct against media freedom which rendered them internationally blacklisted. This red warrant has relapsed and sullied international reputation of Sri Lanka to back where it was during Rajapaksha wanachara decade. The issue is not about an isolated judge issuing an isolated warrant against an isolated web entity but rather it questions the integrity of the good governance vis a vis its promised good government principles, freedoms of expression and communication, tolerance of views and criticisms, critical engagement and proactive dialogue with the media and civil society. It entails the use of state judicial mechanisms and immunity against suppression of medias and right to expression. It is an indication any trouble maker even far down the line can create a tornado in the system and made the system unstable, volatile and brittle. Such political atmosphere would invariably jeopardize the laboriously mobilized development project, investor appeal and future plans of the country because nobody wants to invest in an unstable country. This so called red warrant questions the integrity and core values of the very judiciary, its relevance and its independence. It questions its vision and mission vis a vis internationally accepted and established judicial principles and human rights. It is an indication that Sri Lanka is still a country where Kangaroo Courts and in existence and where Kangaroos are sitting at trials and that international judges have to hear cases here if proper verdicts are to be given, a case fought by LTTE rump and UNHRC! I maintain My3 too is part of this conspiracy the strongest indication being his interference with the FCID, casing away Dilrukshi and freeing the murder suspects. The President is a politically immature and sick man because quite opposite to the mandate he received from the majority of the country he is muttering about creating an SLFP government. People who comment on internet blogs are arrested and remanded which did not exist even during Rajapaksha wanachara decade! There is a clear conspiracy against social media because they know that it is the social media that provide the winning edge in a future election-there is a clearly divided base vote share for SLFP, UNP, JVP etc and new and floating votes decide the winner; it is this segment that social media approach. So they want to intimidate and suppress social media and those who partake in social media. They also want to impose legal barriers and restriction against social media, including arresting and imprisoning them like in the case of so called red warrant. It is time social activists, free media movements, policy maker, thinkers and all concerned get together and raise their voice against his illegal and undemocratic attack against LEN which is aimed at killing our own freedom of expression and right to information knowing the truth. It is good to see Ranjan come forward and raise his voise. Sarath Wijesuriya, Gamini Viyangoda, Sundanda Deshapriya, Dr. Wickramabahu Karunaratne et al please raise your voices against this because all the revulsive, shameful and abhorrent voices and noises of Sirasa, Hiru, Derana et al were allowed free and unhindered liberties to invade and pollute our wireless spaces and living rooms but when it comes to LEN the lonely warrior in exile and unsung and unbenefited fighter who singlehandedly created weapons, munitions and fortresses for warfare against dictatorship and kleptocracy the forces of democracy seem to slow, late and dysfunctional. Remember, we are entering the era of anti-revolution and if we are not sufficiently alert Rajapakshas would make a come back through My3. We used My3 to get rid of Rajapakshas. Now it is Rajapakshas’ turn to use My3 to turn tables. -- by silva on 2016-11-27 One of the greatest comments on LeN.
-- by Selva on 2016-11-27

Len, early morning I go to the computer to see your response and now I am happy and elated;Your service to our nation cant be measured in value, My respect to you is due to your attempt to make this country a descent land of living. In this task you have no favorites you attack any one whom you see as a threat to this noble cause.Len for you BUDU saranai. -- by lion on 2016-11-26 me patta wesaa bellee wahaama adikarana sewayen pannaa damaa adikaranaye gawrawaya rekeemata danwath chief justice waga balaagathayuthuya. JSC secretary the budiyan innaa wagak pene. me wage paratta wal balliyan nisaa adikaranaye sitinaa niyama vinisuranta da athimahath agawrawayaki. eka eka hora ballange athakoluwak vee vihilu sapayana niyoga dena meweni vinisuru badu wahaama, wahaaama adikarana sewayen pannaa demiya yuthuya. me eliyata enne Sarath Silva, Chandra jayathilaka adikaranayata waddaagath kanawendum genunge prathipalai. -- by Independant on 2016-11-26 Haka Haka Hkaaaaass..... wal belliyange paratta balu warenthu.. jathanthara vihilu.. international mockeries . me wage gon bijje warrant nisaa dan sri lankaawe adikaranaya jathayantharaye da vihiluwata lakwee hamaaraya. adikaranaya vihiluwata lakkarana meweni wal balliyan wahaama gedara yawaa, nadukaarawarunta swaadeenawa nadu aseemata wathawaranaya ane karunaakara saadaa denna garu AGAVINISURU THUMENI... -- by Nadukiyanno.. on 2016-11-26 mulu adikarana paddathiyama gandagassana, vihiluwata lakkarana niyoga dena, FB wesa balliyan gedara yawanne nedda yako....? thawath uda pena pena adikarane gandagassanda deela balaagana inna ponna wahelaa kawda yako..? -- by GampahaJanathaawa on 2016-11-26 Aho.. ape rate ADHIKARANAYA...!!! mewaage mee-gon wessiyan getagasaa sudusu harak pattiyakata dakkagana yaamata thiranayak gannata kisiwek nedda aho..!!! -- by Registrar on 2016-11-26 thamanhata dee thibena ADIKARANA BALAYA me.aakarayen vihiluwata, healluwata, lakkaramin, o.naa ma hora lawyer keneku illaasitina aakarayata , desapaalana, thakkadi niyoga nikuthkaranaa meweni vihilukaara VINISURU-BADU wahaama adikarana sewayen iwathkireemata wagakiwayuththan wagabalaagathayuthuya. Sarath Silva and Chandra jayathilaka dedenaa visin thoraa pathkaragath mewaage gon wesiyan (Ayesha Abdeen / Thilina Gamage/ Kanishka Wijerathna/ Gadol Wasantha athuluwa), wahaama adikarana sewayen, adikaranaye gavrawaye naamayen danwath pannaa damamu. nethahoth janathaawa ema vinisuran/wariyan pannaa demeemata paaratama basinu etha. -- by FrontDesk on 2016-11-26 gon deel dasa wesige putha nisa kisidinaka newatha UNP/SLFP lata mage chandaya denne nee sanda ruwanta atha thiyanadata munge wala munma kapa gannawa -- by Jayalath on 2016-11-26 THE WHOLE YAHAPALANAYA LOVING NATION IS WITH MR SANDARUWAN AND LANKA ENEWS. IT IS UP TO THE PRESIDENT AND THE PRIME MINISTER TO SHOW WHETHER THEY ARE TRUELY COMMITTED TO A YAHAPALANAYA GOVERNMENT OR TO THE WHIMS AND FANCIES OF DEALDASE AND THIS ILL-ADVISED JUDGE. THIS COULD BE A CRITICAL MOMENT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO GATHER OR KILL ITS OWN MOMENTUM! -- by citizen on 2016-11-26 “අධිකරණ කටයුතු අන්තර්ජාලය හරහා අභියෝගයට ලක් කිරීමට කටයුතු කළ ලංකා ඊ නිවුස් කතුවරයා (සඳරුවන්) අධිකරණ ඇමැතිවරයාගේ සිංහ නාදයත් සමඟ නකුට හකුළාගෙන ඇත. ඔහු විසින් අන්තර්ජාලය හරහා අධිකරණ කටයුතු සම්බන්ධයෙන් ගෙන ගිය අසත්‍ය මඩ ප්‍රචාර දැනටමත් එම වෙබ් අඩවියෙන් ඉවත් කරගෙන ඇත“ ............වනචර දශකයේදී හිටපු ඒකාධිපති,මිනීමරු,කම්බා හොරෙක් වන රාජපක්ෂලාට විරුද්දව නොබියව සත්‍ය ප්‍රකාශ කල,ලෝකයේ සිටින දරුණුම ගනයේ කම්බා හෝරාව ගෙදරම යවපු,රටේ ජනතාවගේ ඇස් පාදපු ලංකා ඊ නිවුස් කතුවරයා (සඳරුවන්) ට අධිකරණ ඇමති විජේදාස කියන්නේ මොන"පගර නට්ටේක්ද","මොන ගොන් බිජ්ජෙක්ද",මොන "හුජ්ජ කොල්ලෙක්ද"? -- by tikiri banda on 2016-11-26 යාපනය විශ්ව විද්‍යාලයේ සිසුන් දෙදෙනාට වෙඩි තැබීමේ සිද්ධිය සම්බන්ධයෙන් කටයුතු කිරීමේදී යාපනය මහාධිකරණ විනිසුරු එම්. ඉලංචෙලියන් ක්‍රියා කොට ඇත්තේ උමතු විනිසුරුවරයෙකු ලෙසින් යැයි සැකකරු සිය ෆේෂ් බුක් ගිණුම හරහා ප්‍රකාශ කොට තිබීම ඔහුව අත්අඩංගුවට ගැනීමට හේතුව බව යාපනය පොලීසියේ නිලධාරියෙකු පැවසීය. Illancheliyan mahathaa nam umathu vinisuruwarayaku nove. eheth umathu vinisuru badu, vinisuru naluwan, FB eke o,naa taram sitithi. pasugiya kaalaye unge heluwella lokayatama penuni. unvisin karanaa vigadam , eliwoovita, ewwa elikarana LeN weni media ayathana , walata international warrants nikuthwe. vikata vigadam elikaranne adikaranayata apahaasa kireemata nam nowana bawa o,naa ma podi lamayakuta uwada terumgatha hakiya. LeN karanne adikaranaya gandagassana vihilukaara porawal haa badu adikaranasewayata gelapenne nathi waga penwaadeema pamani. eheth awaasanaawakata ema badu/ nalu battan, gon charitha thawamath nadu asamin siteemai. janathaawata adikarana kerehi kisidu viswasayak emagin athiwanne netha. -- by Independant on 2016-11-26 me vinisuru baduwa nadu ahanne, niyoga denne kaage uwamanawata dei janathaawata monawata pehediliya. ali horeku woo vinisureku gena Neethipathi gath thiranayak da me wesige FB pituwe viwechanaya karannata puluwannam, hora thakkadi, balu, deal-dasa, hora thakkadi (FCID eke vimarshanayak thibena) Hemantha Warnakulasuriya kiyanaa hora lawyer yana kupaadi ballange niyoga walata weda karannata puluwannam, meweni hora vinisuru badu adikarana sewaye thiyagana inne kaage uwamanaawatadai janathaawata thadabala prashnayaki. me hora deal karayange telephone numbers walata adaala daththa, vinisuru baduwage telephone numbers wala daththa samaga wahaama pariskshaa kota, meweni niyoga dennata kalin unhaa samaga yedunu sanwaada thahavuru karageneemata puluwana. evita janathawata mun semadenagema heluwa elidakkannata hakiwenu atha. -- by Cell-De-Tell on 2016-11-26 THE WHOLE YAHAPALANAYA LOVING NATION IS WITH MR SANDARUWAN AND LANKA ENEWS. IT IS UP TO THE PRESIDENT AND THE PRIME MINISTER TO SHOW WHETHER THEY ARE TRUELY COMMITTED TO A YAHAPALANAYA GOVERNMENT OR TO THE WHIMS AND FANCIES OF DEALDASE AND THIS ILL-ADVISED JUDGE. THIS COULD BE A CRITICAL MOMENT FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO GATHER OR KILL ITS OWN MOMENTUM! -- by citizen on 2016-11-26 True, but it is not the President or PM who is responsible for taking a firm action against this fancy judge. It is the CHIEF JUSTICE being the Boss of all the judges who must take a decision . Still not too late. The President and PM must take an action to send Deal-Dasa home, yes true. otherwise, people will surely teach a good lesson to all those, whose names are revealed here. -- by CivilBale on 2016-11-26 මෙහි ඇති අපූරුව නම් රිවිර කර්තෘ තමාට පහර දුන් අය බවට හඳුනාගත් ප්‍රේමානන්ද උදලාගම ඇප මත නිදහස් කරන විනිසුරු කවින්ද්‍රා ඔහුගේ සේයාරුව පළ කළ ඊ නිව්ස් කතුවරයා වෙත ඉන්ටර්පොල් වරෙන්තු නිකුත් කිරීමයි. ප්‍රේමානන්ද උදලාගම ලසන්ත ඝාතනයේ ප්‍රධාන සැකකරුවා වීමද අමතක කළ නොහැකිය. me wesa ballee nadu ahanne kaage padetada, kumana desapalana guspiyanta da yanna janathaawata memagin hondata pene. mun nadukaariyan karanaladde kaa visin da ? ane apata kiyaa denna? -- by Nadukiyanno on 2016-11-26 ADIKARANA SEWAA KOMISONSABAWA DANWATH ME VIHILUKARIYAN ADIKARANA SEWAYEN PANNA NODEMMOTH, ADIKARANAYA VIHILU SAPAYANA AYATHANAYAK BAWATA PATHVEEMA WALAKKANNATA BARIYA. -- by FrediSillaa on 2016-11-26 The bitch does not seem to understand the consequences of vexatious litigation. This is a pure abuse of the judicial process. Dealdasa is directly responsible for this joke, which can cost a lot to the government! -- by gona on 2016-11-26 “අධිකරණ කටයුතු අන්තර්ජාලය හරහා අභියෝගයට ලක් කිරීමට කටයුතු කළ ලංකා ඊ නිවුස් කතුවරයා (සඳරුවන්) අධිකරණ ඇමැතිවරයාගේ සිංහ නාදයත් සමඟ නකුට හකුළාගෙන ඇත. ඔහු විසින් අන්තර්ජාලය හරහා අධිකරණ කටයුතු සම්බන්ධයෙන් ගෙන ගිය අසත්‍ය මඩ ප්‍රචාර දැනටමත් එම වෙබ් අඩවියෙන් ඉවත් කරගෙන ඇත“ ............වනචර දශකයේදී හිටපු ඒකාධිපති,මිනීමරු,කම්බා හොරෙක් වන රාජපක්ෂලාට විරුද්දව නොබියව සත්‍ය ප්‍රකාශ කල,ලෝකයේ සිටින දරුණුම ගනයේ කම්බා හෝරාව ගෙදරම යවපු,රටේ ජනතාවගේ ඇස් පාදපු ලංකා ඊ නිවුස් කතුවරයා (සඳරුවන්) ට අධිකරණ ඇමති විජේදාස කියන්නේ මොන"පගර නට්ටේක්ද","මොන ගොන් බිජ්ජෙක්ද",මොන "හුජ්ජ කොල්ලෙක්ද"? -- by tikiri banda on 2016-11-26 samastha lankaa janathaawa jaathi bedayen thorawa me welaawe sitinne LeN samagai. yahapalanaya da kelawaaganne menna methanin bawa janathaawa denatamath thiranayakara hamaaraya. yahapalanaya balayata genennata le sollagana katayuthukala janthaawa amathaka kara, ahaka balaagana gamanak yanne nam, yahapalanayata waradinne ethanaya. janathaawa MAL-MAL paadamak ugannanawaa ugannanawaamai. adikaranaya suddakaragana, yahapath palanayak, swaadeena adikaranayak, wahaama sthaapitha nokaloth, ratata mahaa vipathak wana bawa nam janathaawata therum gos boho kalya. -- by Civilbale on 2016-11-26 adikaranaya gandagassana me wage GOO-HELI nisaa , adikaranaye nama thiyaagana niyameta weda karana bahuthara vinisuru warun wariyantath dan paare behela yannata noheki thathwayak udaavee thibe, eya apa rata thula pamanak nowa, wenath ratawala sitinaa sri lankika vinisuran/wariyan tada dan balapaa thibenne yai apata denagannata lebee thibe. aho ape adikarana sewaya. !!! heelluwata lakwanne samastha adikarana paddathiyama misa mese pissu kelinaa FB vinisuru badu pamanak nowe. adikaranaya suwandawath wana dawasa udaawanne kawadaa da? Sandaruwan la ge da pathuma eya misa, adikaranayata apahaasa kireema nowe. janathaawata eya thrum giyada, kuprakata horunta nam eya terennema netha. therunaa uwada notherunaa se sitinne kumana ho waasiyak thibena nisaa wiyayuthuya. un waasi gannaavita, rata walapallata gos hamaaraya. HYBRID ADIKARANAYAKA seyaa dan dan monawata apata peneeyai... -- by Civil-Fense on 2016-11-26 MaRa ge awadiye di, ektharaa junior vinisuru mahatheku ta JSC secretary kama labaa dee, anda baala lesa katayuthu karamin, newspapers walata news sapayannata yaama nisaa niskaarane gedara yannata siduwooye, ewakata chief justice ta ya. gedara yawana lada aakaaraya nam anumahakaranne netha. eheth awasaanaye siddavooye eyai. ithin adath a tikamaya. vihilukaara FB nadukaariyak haa Kudukaarayan balannata bandanagarayata giya nadukariyak nisaa adikaranayama gandassaara vee thibe. mewaa therum gena , adikaranaya suddakireemata katayuthu nokaranne mona kehelgediyak nisaadai janathaawatanam mahaa apabransayaki. -- by Keselmalli on 2016-11-26 Jan 8 wenidaa mahaa janakandak yahapalanayata chandaya dunne mewaage news ahannata, dakinnata nam nove. adikaranaya swadeena aayathanayak bawa aththaya. eheth ehi sitinaa samahara vinisuran/wariyan visin ema aayathanaye nabbuwa, gavrawaya kelesanne nam, E ta wagakiwayuththe kisiwekuth nowa, eya palanaya karanaa athi garu CHIEF JUSTICE thuman visini. adikaranayata, ho, parlimentuwata ho, agavrawa kireemata kaahatawath nohekiya. agavrawa karanne ehima sitinaa suluthara pirisakma visini, ithin... uththaraya ithaa saralaya. agavravayata pathkaramin janthawage mudalin padi kakaa sitinaa a nogelapena vihilu kaariyan/kaarayan wahaama panna damanne neththe mona hethuwak nisaadei janathaawata uththara diya yuthuya. -- by Nadukiyanno on 2016-11-26 සඳරුවන්, අවනීතික බල්ලන්ගේ බලු වැඩ වලට බය නැතුව ඔබගේ සමාජ සත්කාරය එසේම කරගෙන යන්න. ඩීල්දාසගේ බලලා දැන් මල්ලෙන් එලියට පැනලයි ඉන්නේ. ඔබ විතරක් නොවේ මුන්ට අර මීහරක්කුලසූරිය කලේ මොනවද කියලත් අමතක වෙලා. අප සියලුම දෙනා බලාගෙන ඉන්නේ ඔබට මේකල අපහාසයට හා අසාධාරනයට අගමැතිත් ජනාධිපතිත් ගන්නා පියවර කුමක්ද කියායි. මුල අමතක කරන, කලෙහිගුන අමතක කරන කිසිම කෙනෙකුට ස්වභාව ධර්මයාගෙන් කිසිම සමාවකුත්නෑ, වැඩි ආවිසත්නෑ. බලමු කවුද දිනන්නේ කියල. සඳරුවන්, මුන් දැන හෝ නොදැන කරන්නේ තව තවත් ඔබ ජනප්‍රිය කරන එක විතරයි. වෙන කිසිම දෙයක් නෑ. ඔබට සුභ පැතුම්....... -- by Bathiya on 2016-11-26 මේකට කියන්නේ"යහපාලනය "කියල නෙමෙයි.අම්මගේ රෙද්දේ යහපාලනය කියලයි.සත්‍ය ලියපු සදරුවන් අල්ලන්න වරෙන්තු දාල.පට්ට හොරු ,කම්බා හොරු,ලෝකයේ කොටි ප්‍රකෝටි ගණනින් සල්ලි හංගපු/ඉඩම් නිවාස ගත්තු රාජපක්ෂලා එළියේ.රාජපක්ෂලා කියද්දී අපේ "ගොන් බිජ්ජෝ " දෙන්නට හුජ්ජ ගු ගිහින් ඉවරයි.තු නොදකින් මෙහෙම "වල් බල්ලෝ" දෙන්නෙක් නේ අපි සහයෝදය දුන්නේ.හරිනම් යහපාලනය දී සදරුවන්ට රුපවාහිනියේ "සබාපති" කමයි දෙන්න වටින්නේ. -- by tikiri banda on 2016-11-26 balu wijedasa huxxxge putha me anduwen elawanne neththe eyi.....? -- by tikiri on 2016-11-26 Sandaruwan Senadheera mahathage educational qualifications monawaada yanna nam apa danne netha. eheth, kumana thathwayak yatathe uwada ethumawa Lankawata genwaa wahaama ohuta ADIKARANA AMATHIKAMA diyayuthuya. ekko wenath amathikamak diya yuthuya. amethikam karana samahara hora gon bijjan, gon wassan panna damaa, yahapalanaya genennata uradun ayeku lesa ohuta eya labaadiya yuthuya. FB eke natanaa heluweli wesa belliyanta tharu penenne edaataya. -- by YahapalanaVoters on 2016-11-26 ඊ-නිවුස් නැත්නම් අද සමහරවිට යහපාලනයකුත් නැහැ.තව අවරුදු 20 කාටවත් විපක්ෂයක් කියලා දෙයක් ඉතිරි වෙන්නෙත්/කරන්නෙත් නැහැ. ඒක තේරුම්ගත්තොත් හොඳයි -- by tikiri banda on 2016-11-26 ඊ-නිවුස් නොතිබෙන්න අදටත් අපි සහ අපේ දරුවන්ට සිද්ද වෙන්නේ රාජපක්ෂ හැතිකරයට වහල්කම් කරමින් වහල්ලු වගේ මැරෙනකම් ජිවත් වෙන්නයි."ගොන් බිජ්ජෝ" දෙන්නට සහ ඔකුන්ගේ සනුහරෙටම මැරුම් කන්න හෝ ජිවිත කාලයම හිරේ (ජාතික වීරයෙක් වන ජෙනේරල් ෆොන්සේකාට වගේ)ලගින්නයි.අපි අපේ මුදල් වියදම් කරමින් මොන තරම් සටනක් කරලද හිටපු ඒකාධිපතියව ගෙදර යැව්වේ.යකෝ මම පුදුම වෙන්නේ අන්තිම දවස වෙනකම් රාජපක්ෂලාගේ ගූ ඇදපු අවුන්ට යහපාලන රජයෙන් ආරක්ෂක ලේකම්,........දුන්න.යහපාලනය ගෙන්න සහයෝගය දුන්නු වුදවිය හිරේ යවන්න හදනවා.තු විතරක් අම්මගේ රෙද්දේ පාලනය. -- by tikiri banda on 2016-11-26 අපි ඔබ සමග. -- by Shantha Ranaweera on 2016-11-26 විජේදාස ගේමක් ගහන්නේ්...රට බෙදන ව්‍යවස්ථාවක් ගේන ගමන් ජනතා අවධානය වෙන පැත්තකට ගෙනියන්නයි මේ වගේ වැඩ කරන්නේ.... -- by Bandara on 2016-11-26 සඳරුවන්, ඔබ නොබියව නැගුවේ අපේ හඬයි. අප ඔබත් සමඟයි. විජේදාසයා පාහරයෙක් -- by Renuka on 2016-11-26 ඊ-නිවුස් නොතිබෙන්න අදටත් අපි සහ අපේ දරුවන්ට සිද්ද වෙන්නේ රාජපක්ෂ හැතිකරයට වහල්කම් කරමින් වහල්ලු වගේ මැරෙනකම් ජිවත් වෙන්නයි."ගොන් බිජ්ජෝ" දෙන්නට සහ ඔකුන්ගේ සනුහරෙටම මැරුම් කන්න හෝ ජිවිත කාලයම හිරේ (ජාතික වීරයෙක් වන ජෙනේරල් ෆොන්සේකාට වගේ)ලගින්නයි.අපි අපේ මුදල් වියදම් කරමින් මොන තරම් සටනක් කරලද හිටපු ඒකාධිපතියව ගෙදර යැව්වේ.යකෝ මම පුදුම වෙන්නේ අන්තිම දවස වෙනකම් රාජපක්ෂලාගේ ගූ ඇදපු අවුන්ට යහපාලන රජයෙන් ආරක්ෂක ලේකම්,........දුන්න.යහපාලනය ගෙන්න සහයෝගය දුන්නු වුදවිය හිරේ යවන්න හදනවා.තු විතරක් අම්මගේ රෙද්දේ පාලනය. -- by tikiri banda on 2016-11-26 ammage redde puke-paalanayata HENA 7 ma wediyan... a ke inna horun okkotamath HENA 7 ma wediyan. hora nadukara/kariyontath HENA 7 ma wediyan... paahara wal ballanta rata giyaa aayeth.. koti ganan janathawage salli viyadam korala chandeyak thibbe labukanda da yako..? nodamaking.. henama gahapiyaw mewata wagakiwayuthu ekalata... -- by Heneyaa on 2016-11-27 balu wijedasa huxxxge putha me anduwen elawanne neththe eyi.....? -- by tikiri on 2016-11-26 balu wijedasa huxxxge putha me anduwen elawanne neththe eyi.....? -- by tikiri on 2016-11-26 balu wijedasa huxxxge putha me anduwen elawanne neththe eyi.....? -- by tikiri on 2016-11-26 balu wijedasa huxxxge putha me anduwen elawanne neththe eyi.....? -- by tikiri on 2016-11-26 balu wijedasa huxxxge putha me anduwen elawanne neththe eyi.....? -- by tikiri on 2016-11-26 balu wijedasa huxxxge putha me anduwen elawanne neththe eyi.....? -- by tikiri on 2016-11-26 PUNA PUNAA API SEMADENAAMA LAKSA 62 K jAN 8 HITAPU JANATHAWA HAA THAWATH LAKSA 50 K ada ahanne puna punaa onna oyatikai.. a hora deal daaseyaa gena kiyaddi. thawa prashna kandarawak thibe. a waa passe eka eka ahannmu.. -- by GonnunwooVoters on 2016-11-27 Dear Mr Sandaruwan, You are a hero of our country. I have immense respect for you. LEN has been serving this nation by giving the truth fearlessly, in spite of innumerable obstacles. So the entire nation is indebted to you. I am very worried scoundrels like Wijedasa are bent on harming you. I am confident they will never succeed. But the President and the Prime Minister must take notice of this situation and take corrective action. Actually they are bound to do this because LEN played a crucial role in bringing them to power. Otherwise they will abet an offence by an act of omission. At the bottom of my heart I wish you well. May all your endeavours become successful! -- by Samarakoon Bandara on 2016-11-27
-- by JanathaHanda on 2016-11-27

Hope the Judiciary, JSC, HE the President and Prime Minister will follow-up first on the international warrant issued by the Fort Magistrate via the Interpol to arrest Udayanga Weeratunga the former ambassador to Russia (the most wanted man by the CID). We learnt that this fraud amounts to about Rs. 1500 million on the MIG Jet deal via payment to a non-existent company during the time of Udayanga Weeratunge who acted as the intermediary in this racket. This will benefit the country and the whole country is waiting to see what will happen to this case.
-- by saman on 2016-11-27

If what you say about a conspiracy is true, Wijedasa and the "Magistrate" must be sacked and Warnakulasuriya struck off the roll. NOBODY has the right to abuse the law to suit private requirements.
-- by Indrapathy on 2016-11-27

May I ask, what is the difference between the despotic MaRa-regime and the current so-called yahapaalana-regime concerning the harrasment of journalists who do not belong to the category of media-coolies? It wasn't long ago Mr Sandaruwan disclosed in an e-news article that President Sirisena had invited him back to Sri Lanka.Lucky Mr Sandaruwan did not take the bait.Here is a regime and a misled, amateur and vengeful legal entity that really believe in the Sri Lankan idiom: maaluwa nahinné kata hindhai.
-- by Palitha Yasapala on 2016-11-28

First, the entire nation united at a genrela election to get rid of one synthetic lawyer, his father and the rest of his uncles. Now it should be the turn of the executive who has appointed another synthetic lawyer to get rid of that paradasa person.
-- by Latha Kruppu on 2016-11-28

In Srilankan legal system is very corrupted ,some judges are colluding with their batch mate lawyers and doing very unlawful things .Eg- mrs.Padmini Ranawaka, is also not disclosed by your website ,but she is also like these culprits. don't undermine your effort ,these rogues should be punished
-- by Pradeep on 2016-11-28

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