Navy officer who killed 10 students after extortion during Rajapakse murderous decade arrested..!

- Several more arrests imminent

(Lanka-e-News -17.Jan.2017, 10.00AM) In connection with the most ruthless and brutal  multiple murder of 10 students who were abducted and killed after extortion during the despotic corrupt Rajapakse regime , a Navy officer was arrested on 14 th night(Saturday)  by the CID several years after the most gruesome and ghastly   killings. The Navy officer arrested is Lieutenant Commander A. Dhammika . 

During the period 2008 to  2009 , when Vasantha Karannagoda was the Navy Commander , ten children of wealthy families were so murdered most cruelly and heartlessly  . All of them were students who had passed the G.C.E. advanced level and had qualified to enter Universities . They belonged to Sinhala , Tamil and Muslim races and residents of Dehiwala, Mattakuliya and Trincomalee . They were abducted in the white Van by a group and killed after collecting extortion monies. Though there was evidence only  in regard to ten students , in   all 38 children were abducted and killed after committing extortion. 
Lanka e news best acclaimed for  most  frank , fearless and forthright reports revealed earlier on  that after the advent of the good governance government ,  black coat , cutthroat minister Wijedasa Rajapakse the villain , and  black coat , parana court , turncoat Sarath N Silva the notorious ex Chief justice were creeping into the Navy chalet in the nights to proffer advice pertaining to the aforementioned criminals.  

In any event ,based on the latest reports reaching Lanka e news , these investigations are almost concluded , and several heavyweights and those who threw their weight about in the Navy are to be arrested in this connection.

The attention of the pro good governance masses is now focused on these  ghastly ruthless multiple murders of children . Therefore , it is the  hope of the pro good governance masses ,  at least  now  the  president who is ‘coughing’ and crawling  on behalf of the security forces who committed  ghastly murders during the Rajapakse murderous and nefarious decade, based on his    ‘ranaviru Unmadhaya ( war hero dementia) will stop his coughing , crawling  and mad obsession.  


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