The ‘beast’ in unscrupulous S.B. pops out ! -Rajapakses who ruined the country are his friendly force and he meets them in the nights ! (video) !

(Lanka-e-news -26.Jan.2017, 10.40AM) The group of UPFA of corrupt Medamulana Rajapakses that  during the entire nefarious decade did everything possible to lead  the country to rack and ruin is not reckoned as enemies by him , and he still meets them in the nights , said social empowerment and welfare minister S.B.Dissanayake . 

The minister made these comments when responding to questions posed by the media  after a foundation laying ceremony for  the Unnatenne  bridge at Hewaheta on the 21 st. 

When the  media inquired from him about a separate meeting that is going to be held by the Joint opposition  , the minister replied holding metings is a Democratic right . Besides , they  are his friends , and he does not consider them as enemies. Hence , if such meetings are being held, his blessings are with them.  
In the future local government elections , it is the divisional system that will be in place , and since the SLFP shall be fielding only one candidate for each division , it becomes necessary for everyone to get together and contribute towards  the  single candidate . He is one who attends the joint opposition rally , and meets  the presidents in the night , therefore  he has no issues in  that direction , the minister observed further 

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Aaah, my good friend enews, Mammals like cats keep awake at night waiting to trap their bait least of all when the poor ratting rats suspect that its life is going to end. However, on the other hand, cats are known to have 9 lives and this big fat cat has already expended 2 of those lives.
-- by Raj Baba on 2017-01-30

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