To look after national security, effeminate scoundrels who are busy licking female singers at night not necessary ! Though Rathane eats feces masses don’t..!

(Lanka-e-News - 08.March.2017, 11.30PM)  Athureliya Rathane who spends his time  at the residence of the president at Paget Road in the morning ; at the Temple Trees during noon ;at Basil’s  residence in the evening ;  at Gotabaya’s residence in the night  ,and in bed with a female singer at midnight ,  is a bankrupt  politico  who is noted for entering  parliament   riding on the shoulders of the masses  who cast the votes for the elephant symbol . The ‘National General assembly’ recently formed by  this presently discarded and disdained politico held its  maiden media briefing  on the 6 th ,  only to expose   the  true colors of Rathane and his new assembly.

This robed monk who was a parliamentarian for many years in  the legislative assembly , however betrayed his foolhardiness and  abysmal ignorance of the basic laws , while demonstrating   what an imbecile he is when he said , if an individual who is associated  with the forces is be arrested for his crimes  , the commanders of the forces must be informed . This robed Rathane the confirmed nincompoop most proudly made the above statement  as though he was  a  super  hero among zeroes, while pointing out  ,the president and prime minister being kept in the dark prior to  these arrests is a grave lapse . He also went on to blatantly lie  that  arrests are being made on the basis of  just a statement made by  an enemy.
All what can be told to this buffoon whose favorite pastime is tomfoolery wasting everybody’s  precious time is , to read the recent article written by the security advisor to the incumbent president , and ex STF commandant Nimal Lewke under the caption ‘ Who is making the war heroes the hunted?’ It is hoped this nincompoop despite his buffoonery and tomfoolery for which he is best known will have that little grey matter at least to read and understand that article. 

According to the country’s laws , if there is evidence in connection with a crime , it is not stipulated anywhere , it is  only the CID that can arrest the suspect. Any police officer is empowered to make the arrest. Besides there is  no law that states that the president , prime minister or the commanders of the forces shall be informed prior. Hence , Rathane ‘s utterances based on his abysmal ignorance despite being a parliamentarian for so long  are utterly absurd , meaningless and senseless. 

Of course if an M.P. is to be taken into custody , the prior permission of the speaker has to be obtained . Such  a legal requirement does  exist . But to arrest a  member of the forces , no matter what efforts are made to build a case that the president shall be informed prior , in truth there is no law to support or substantiate that view in Sri Lanka . Such procedure is followed only in countries ruled by a dictator , and not in countries where the  sovereignty of the law is upheld. It is well for Rathane to remind himself that 6.2 million people – the majority voted on the 8 th of January 2015 to change the dictatorial rule . Though Rathane in his imbecility and idiocy could  have forgotten  that cardinal fact ,  the people have not.

Rathane is therefore telling all the lies , to arouse the people and against the laws of the country, and the legislative assembly. It is significant to note the arrests of these criminals were made on the advice of the Attorney General (A.G.) of the State  ; and they  were remanded on AG’s advice after submissions were made to courts , and on court orders. Hence arrests were not made on the accusations made by enemies as Rathane claims.

Though Rathane in his ignorance  alleges , based on statements of some individual,  arrests were made , might he be  enlightened on the fact that based on the evidence of the eye witness , an accused can be sentenced to death . It is very unfortunate Rathane despite being a member of the August assembly that legislates laws , instead of promoting the enforcement and implementation of laws  which is his inescapable duty  is shamelessly obstructing the law enforcement , which in other words constitutes  aiding and abetting  the criminals . 

It is therefore the  duty of the country’s leaders to oppose this move. Actually contempt of court charges  should be filed against individuals like Rathane .

To look after the national security of the country , effeminate imbeciles who look after female singers in the night   , or their two penny half penny worth  ’national assembly’ are not necessary. To discharge that kind of  task performed by Rathane , there are hordes of rascals and scoundrels .

It is a well and widely known indisputable fact , this Rathane  until the final day, from  the time nominations were called for  the last presidential elections , and  during  the last ten years was preoccupied with bootlicking ,  and stooping to the lowliest levels on behalf of Rajapakses as well as   serving as a servile stooge of theirs while  chanting pirith   for them  .

Therefore , a word of advice shall be proffered to Rathane the shameless unscrupulous stooge –without insulting the people  who cast their votes for the elephant symbol ,and on whose shoulders  he rode to enter parliament, it will be best if he resigns from the national M.P.s list  honorably (if there is any honor remaining him at all) , and then carries out  the sordid  biddings of any murderer he wishes ,behaving like  a  ‘man’   without playing hide and seek like a castrated eunuch searching for what was taken away  from him. 

Rathane may be accustomed to eating feces and defecating through the same orifice , but the people are not prepared to do that . No not for all the world ! It is high time Rathane realized at least at this belated stage the masses are of an infinitely better breed and birth than he . The Saffron robe is a symbol of piety , but in the case of  Rathane it is a symbol of profanity  and hidden hypocrisy.

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