As Lanka e news revealed so it happened! Weerawansa pulls a fast one -hospitalized within 3 days of fasting !

(Lanka-e-News - 27.March.2017, 6.00AM)  As Lanka e news predicted so it happened! Lanka e news on  the day following the commencement of the fast by Weerawansa revealed it is a ‘Lemon puff’ fast No.2’ –a  conspiracy to get himself admitted to hospital and spend his period there while in remand. Just as we predicted, Weerawansa was admitted to the prison hospital within three days of his commencement of  his fast which was  truly designed to pull a fast one !

Even though an individual who contracts fever and does not eat for 4 -5 days will not  die , Weerawansa  the notorious criminal and  trickster who staged a fast has become ‘critical’ within three days of the commencement of the fast  , and has got himself admitted to prison hospital.

Weerawansa who nursed high hopes  after his incarceration   that  the UPFA would overturn the country and turn everything topsy turvy was thoroughly disappointed ( not enough the irretrievable havoc they have already wreaked on the country)  when all his expectations came a cropper , hatched  this latest  conspiracy , that is to stage a fast to show off to  the UPFA leader, to exert pressure on court  to grant  him bail ,and  to remain in prison hospital during the rest of his  period in remand custody. 

Indeed Lanka e news earlier on revealed “ it is the plan of Weerawansa , in the event he does  not get bail , to spend his time in prison hospital by  staging  a  fast and undoubtedly ,just two days of  beginning his ‘fast’ he will be  admitted to the prison hospital. Weerawansa’s plan thereafter is to continue his stay in hospital for the rest of his period in remand custody with the support of the doctor mafia’ .This report was posted by Lanka e news on the 23 rd morning at 6.10.

It is well for everyone to know,  Weerawansa is incarcerated because he misused a whopping Rs. 90 million of public funds ,as well as for illegally  distributing  40 official vehicles  of the state among his cronies, stooges, henchmen and relatives , and not because Viagra was found in his home in excess , or somebody in the house was making another to take that in excess resulting  in the death of that  youth. 

In addition , the Commission investigating allegations of Bribery and corruption is on the verge of concluding its investigations into Weerawansa M.P. ‘s amassment of wealth . How did Weerawansa who is just an M.P earning  a monthly salary and  not engaged in any legitimate business amass so much wealth as to build a mansion worth many millions of rupees ? Since Weerawansa had been unable to explain how he came by such huge  assets , the Bribery commission is about to file a case , based on reports reaching Lanka e news.
In the circumstances , the prospects are , Weerawansa will have to be behind bars for a long while .  Since Weerawansa is not having the will power to face the reaction of his own actions (in spite of the fact he is the architect of his own misfortunes)  , and there is a possibility for him to  take his life either by starving or hanging himself on a beam using even a  robbed sarong , or from an overdose of Viagra (which are in plenty at  his home used not by him but by other visitors ) , it will be safe if the security personnel of the prison keep him under their special  surveillance .

We are issuing this warning not without valid reason: Weerawansa in the past  threatened his wife Sashi with  taking his life  . He was so distraught and demented that he even wrote a letter to that effect. That letter was published some years ago  by the media.

Unfortunately the copy of that letter that was in our library  was destroyed after the Lanka e news portal was set on fire . (If that copy of letter is available with anyone , please send it to us for  publication ) 

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Dont forget abot the 2 or 3 passports case including diplomatic passports held by Wimal Weerawansa and wife. People are waiting to see what action will be taken by the Government.
-- by Saman on 2017-03-27

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