Conspiracy to close down Anti Corruption Bureau..! Herein is true story behind concocted story published by P.M.’s lackey

P.M.’s secretary paving the way for national disaster

(Lanka-e-News -10.May.2017, 7.45PM)  Lanka e news always first with the news and best with the views for the first time on 26 th April  under the caption  “Ranil’s own wolf devours his anti corruption bombasts ! Secretary turns saboteur. FCID is finished and so is good governance !!”,   revealed the diabolic and dastardly activities of villainous Saman Ekanayake , the secretary to the prime minister , with the design   to close  down the  ‘anti corruption Committee  ‘ and totally cripple  the anti corruption measures  taken by the good governance government . It was only later other media published reports on that villainy . 

It is significant to note the primary and paramount aim and objective of good governance government which was installed in power following the successful  rainbow revolution was to stamp out corruption and frauds in toto  , so that the country would be corruption free in the future. 
Not enough the damage and destruction that is being wrought by this rascally secretary   after  the media exposures against him   , he instead of taking remedial measures and rectifying the situation , went even as far as to level criticisms via newspapers on the 7 th against the Anti corruption committee and the prolific investigation division while publishing a news report without a source.
When Lanka e news inside information division probed into this , it was discovered it is Dinith Karunaratne , a notorious  unscrupulous media coolie of the ‘gang’ of Saman Ekanayake who has provided the news sans source to the media ‘selling’ the name of Ranil Wickremesinghe. 
What is most noteworthy  is , it is amidst an  investigation  under way against notorious  Dinith Karunaratne at the Anti Corruption Bureau in respect of a fraud committed by him following a complaint received,  that this news report was published. 

Dinith illegally took an apartment in Ocean Tower storied housing complex , Bambalapitiya belonging to the Housing Authority during the nefarious decade . This same Dinith acquired a notoriety  by allowing that premises to be used by politicos for their nefarious and vulgar activities while securing  perks and privileges from them in return.
It is this scoundrel of a media coolie trying to look for an escape route had cast aspersions on the anti Corruption Committee  and the prolific investigation unit via  a news report sans  source .
That report leveled a number of baseless allegations . Those  are hereunder :

1.Vehicles of P.M. ‘s office were  misused in the course of Committee’s  anti  corrupt investigations and for  other  purposes .
This allegation is absolutely false and solely  aimed at misleading the people because it is through  P.M.’s office,  funds are released   to the Anti Corruption Committee . Hence using a vehicle of the P.M.’s office does not constitute  misuse. But the crucial  issue at hand is  , the P.M.’s secretary himself  is not releasing funds since March for  the vehicles of the  Bureau .

It is significant to note ,  if a vehicle of the P.M.’s office is being  used for any duties , the prime accused in such an event is the P.M.’s secretary Saman Ekanayake for not releasing funds in relation to  the Committee’s  vehicles .

2. Allegations were  made that a vehicle of the P.M.’s office was used to travel to the  house of a Moratuwa University Don to  conduct a search in the course of an investigation , and  that could again create the white Van fear psychosis  as in the past .
This is a most stupid cock and bull story . How can the corruption  investigation committee investigate  an  illegal appropriation  of a land without going to the site  ? Is the Committee to rely on  light foretelling to conduct  its investigations ? Otherwise are they to go by bus? On the other  hand simply because the travelling was done using a white Van , is that going to create the white Van fear psychosis ? Don’t these morons  know there are so many white Vans on the roads . Simply because the white van fear psychosis may be created , are all the white Vans in the country to be eliminated? Obviously , this is a calculated camouflage and a subterfuge based on a conspiracy to close down the Committee , and halt its most valuable investigation efforts.

3. Criticisms were  mounted that JVPers are in the ’Anti Corruption Committee  prolific unit’

Okay , even if there are , what is the issue? During the 100 days program of the government , JVP ers too were there   when members were being appointed to the ‘’Anti Corruption Committee  prolific unit’. This is no secret  .Even if they nominated somebody and appointed that individual there is nothing  wrong. Irrespective of what conflicts and issues exist within the JVP , and no matter what the JVP leaders are up to, 80 % of the low rung members of the JVP and their supporters are not corrupt and are against corruption. This is an indisputable fact. 
It must be borne in mind  all those members of the committee are  appointed via a cabinet paper , and that was  tabled by the P.M. To those important  gentlemen and ladies of the prolific unit who have no time to come before the media and give answers to the worthless  insults hurled by  two penny half penny worth  nincompoops and nitwits like Saman Ekanayake and Dinith Karunaratne the notorious racketeer , it would have become crystal clear by now what low bred blokes these scoundrels are. Sat any rate , this situation is most perilous and portentous because these lowliest beings have done all this ‘selling’ the name of P.M.
4. In the news report published by Dinith and Saman it is mentioned , since there is the  FCID , the National procurement commission, and the Bribery and Corruption Commission to investigate corruption, the  Anti corruption  Committee  is not necessary .The report seeks to justify the closure of the Anti corruption Committee.
This contention is to mislead the people and based on an absolutely false premise. The Bribery and Corruption Bureau existed before the government came to power. Why was the  FCID established by the good governance government  ?  It  was to investigate the monumental frauds and corruption that raged during the nefarious decade of the  previous regime .

The procedure was to first accept complaints at the anti corruption Committee  , and to conduct a preliminary inquiry by its prolific investigation unit . After probing what route that should be followed  it is entrusted  to the IGP to proceed along  that direction. The IGP then  hands over the investigation to the FCID , CID or the Bribery and corruption Commission as appropriate. Hence investigation into financial frauds do not cease because the FCID is in existence .Anti Corruption Committee and the prolific investigation unit , after conducting an expert investigation , transfer it to the FCID.

Even while the FCID conducts investigations , the advice of the  prolific unit is continuously and profusely sought . The Bribery and Corruption Commission too investigates following that procedure ( But now it is impossible to search and find whether there was such  a commission ) 

The other Institution aforementioned is the National Procurement Commission . If any moron  says ,because this commission exists , the Anti Corruption Commission is redundant , he is only betraying what a scoundrel he is and that he is  totally lacking in knowledge and education, because the National Procurement Commission is there to provide guidelines only  when the government is making purchases , and not to probe into the corruption and frauds that have taken place during those processes . 

This commission does not conduct any criminal investigation . Even to investigate the MiG jet fraudulent  purchases involving Gotabaya Rajapakse ,the procurement Commission had no powers . In the circumstances , to say because the FCID , the National Procurement Commission , and Bribery and Corruption Commission are there , another Institution under the name of Anti Corruption Committee  is not necessary is a deliberate effort to dupe and deceive the public. 

The bull’s favorite meal being coconut sapling , it will obviously turn in that direction ….

It is obvious , the primary aim and objective of the aforementioned newspaper report is by ‘selling’ the name of the P.M.,  to halt the future investigations into the many frauds and corruption owing to which the necks of a number of crooks and the corrupt have come under the guillotine and are now most  precariously placed. Already  the Anti Corruption Committee  has completed its investigations and  sent 400 cases to the FCID, and 120 cases to the Bribery and Corruption Commission.  Some  more cases in hundreds are to be completed .

 Sadly since March because of the stoppage of release of vehicle funds, the investigations have ground to a dead halt. It is suspected it is the conspiracy  of these scoundrels via misleading newspaper reports to close the Committee when its term ends on 30 th  June despite the fact  it  is doing yeoman service in the best interests of the country.

 It must be reminded lest it is forgotten the Anti Corruption Bureau was inaugurated for the purpose of probing into the corruption and frauds of the Rajapakse era. It is significant to note therefore the aim of the present  diabolic attempts is    to close down this Committee via conspiracies before  any  Rajapakse gets   punished which is imminent  . 

Therefore even a Kindergarten class child will understand these maneuvers and machinations are the outcome of illicit deals put through with the trapped crooks and the corrupt to save them . 

It is well to recall the main aim and aspiration of the pro good governance masses who were responsible for the successful  rainbow revolution was to ensure that the fraudsters , the corrupt and the crooks are duly punished . Towards this end the masses  made a huge contribution even risking their precious lives.

 It is the P.M. who is already the target of mudslinging owing to the bond issue will have to sacrifice his ‘ Mr. Clean’ title owing to these plots and evil plans of others , in which event he would never ever be able to retrieve  his lost prestige . Perhaps he may even get buried under  a garbage dump much bigger than the Meetotamulla garbage dump because it is our perception his lackeys and cronies are only leading him in the direction of the dump from which  those stinking scoundrels themselves emerged .

Wimal Dheerasekera 

Translated by Jeff 

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Mr Clean has already lost his Mr Clean image when Mr Bond gifted taxpayer funds in millions to his son in law and Mr Clean ignored the scandal. Now it is a sheer case of a display of weakness against GMOA, the IUSF etc who disturb our lives.
-- by Patriot on 2017-05-10

This Din & Sam story has come about due to 2 reasons. 1) They know that anything goes under Ranil, being a kind that does not believe in "discipline" - he just gives in to any fancy story? 2) Bribery is rampant among Officials, who think that they too should earn as much as Politicians earn on Corrupt acts. It is, therefore, possible that Sam & Din have pocketed Millions from the Corrupt Lords under investigation.. See how Govt. Officials get about "earning" on the sly. The I/E Dept. Dual-citizenship Div. has a modus-operandi. It has shelved more than 500 Tamil community D/C applications in a hidden data-base. This is estimated to be over 500. They have fixed a minimum amount of Rs. 50,000/- per applicant (USD 350.00) This will yield Rs. 25 million. None in that Div. will move out on Transfer and if Trfd. they will work backwards via H.E.s Office Cpontacts.
-- by punchinilame on 2017-05-11

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