IGP koloma (eccentric) is now a ‘pain in the neck’ –govt. instructs Poojitha to resign honorably; he has dispatched prime suspect in Narcotics murder out of country !

(Lanka-e-News - 28.May.2017, 9.00AM)  After the good governance government was elected to power it is the constitutional council established under the 19 th amendment that appointed the IGP.  It was Poojitha Jayasundara who was appointed as the first IGP under the constitutional council .  Sadly to the country’s detriment this IGP who proved that he is only a  clown and eccentric right from the beginning had now been notified by the officials of the good governance government to resign honorably , since Poojitha  has now proved beyond doubt he is even worse – ‘a pain in the neck ’ based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

The eccentric IGP has made a request that if he is to resign honorably , he  shall be afforded an opportunity to contest the forthcoming provincial council elections to save face. Perhaps at least at this belated stage thankfully he has  realized his dishonorable traits  and  eccentricity , and therefore the best place for him is sordid Sri Lankan politics. Though Poojitha requested Kurunegala as the electorate , he  has been intimated he can be allocated  Dambulla ( we shall not reveal his political party for the moment) .

If an IGP who is a ’pain in the neck’ does not honorably resign , the only option is to dismiss him by tabling an impeachment motion against him in parliament. Since there are countless  grounds against Poojitha , a simple majority would suffice to expel him. Besides , the present consensual government has a two third majority in  parliament.

 Lanka e news from the very inception had been exposing his mental derangement  ,and why  he was dubbed ‘eccentric IGP’ from the very day he dashed the hand on the table exclaiming ‘ ammata hudu, that means  Poojitha  has become IG.’  Poojitha who could not stop his lunatic antics from that time continued with that conduct until he became a’ pain in the neck’  to an extent that the government could not tolerate him  any longer.

There were many incidents that bore testimony to his eccentricity and his finally becoming a ‘thorn in the flesh’ : The IGP assaulting and scolding a group including women in the Police headquarters  in unadulterated filth for not meditating ;  in the incident in which  a group of Narcotics officers were gunned down at Piiyandala , this IGP ( Imbecile General of police ) not carrying out the order issued to him to entrust the investigations to the STF chief and furnish a report , and not caring two hoots for  the deadline given to carry out  the instruction within three days. 

Poojitha had driven the government to embarrassment on umpteen occasions. He obstructed the arrest of the  extremist monk , Gnanassara ; and while there were ways and means to halt the anti SAITM protests to nip it in the bud, he allowed  it to spread across  the entire capital city to  create a wrong impression ( specially tear gassing Vihara Maha  Devi park recently ) ; and summoning all the DIGs of the country and delivering his meaningless , senseless sermons wasting a whole day of police time.  These  were some of the grounds among the many  that made him a pain  in the neck for the government .

Based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division , when mad monk Gnanassara was in Kurunegala arousing extremist animosities  , the police STF surrounded him and were about to arrest him.  At that time Poojitha conveying a message through Priyantha  an officer from Colombo averted Gnanassara’s arrest. Thereafter giving all lame excuses , he misled the government .Poojitha told the government because a monk was trying to pour petrol on himself and self immolate, if Gnanassara is taken into custody , he did not arrest Gnanassara. That was an absolute falsehood.  The government having come to know of Poojitha’s lies , his tricks and treacheries despite wearing the khaki uniform , gave powers to the OICs of the relevant stations to arrest any extremist of any religion . Now any OIC of the police station can arrest an extremist of any kind . They do not need the IGP’s permission.

When minister Sagala Ratnayake ordered the IGP to hand over the investigation into the murder  of wheeler dealer IP Rangajeewa of the Narcotics division to the STF Commandant , Poojitiha did not even entrust the investigation to the CID. He did not even give a report thereof within three days to the minister. 

HIs excuse was his officers did not furnish a report to him. No responsible officer except an eccentric like Poojitha will take cover under such lame excuses.

According to reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division, Poojitha by now has dispatched the prime suspect , Nussar who went  with Rangajeewa the narcotics drug dealer  on  that fateful  day , and another  out of the country secretly . Intriguingly the Narcotics bureau that interrogated Nussar , released him on the same day.

 Lanka e news earlier on reported under the caption  ‘Gunning down Narcotics Rangajeewa: result of a conspiracy of the Police top brass ? -Poojitha disobeys Sagala’s orders and suppresses investigations,’   that Nussar is a drug dealer who has ties with Narcotics chiefs .

It is learnt that Poojitha who took the initiative to dispatch the suspects had sought the assistance of the forces to apprehend another underworld criminal . When there are competent and capable officers in the police to arrest criminals , the IGP seeking assistance of the forces  , is most  shocking  and stupid.

Meanwhile Poojitha who attended the conference of police high ups in Russia is due to return to the Island today.  In fact this is a conference not meant for IGPs , rather one that should be attended by directors of police divisions. An SSP  participating in this conference is enough , yet Poojitha had gone on this junket to gratify his personal whims and pleasure in keeping with his selfish and self serving nature  , our inside information  division reporters in Russia revealed. 

By a special reporter of LeN  inside information service

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‘Gunning down Narcotics Rangajeewa: result of a conspiracy of the Police top brass ? -Poojitha disobeys Sagala’s orders and suppresses investigations’

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Not a pain but a wound in the neck. බෙල්ලෙ වණයක්.
-- by Bharatha on 2017-05-28

This clown will not be entertained by the voters of Dambulla. Instead he would stand a very good chance if he contests the Angoda seat under Gonwansa's party-banner.
-- by Ian Joseph on 2017-05-29

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