Robust crooks Lalith –Anusha suddenly confirmed ill by Dr. Nirmali - bribe of Rs. 1 million for that false report

(Lanka-e-News - 08.Sep.2017, 10.30PM)  The whole country was sickened and infuriated to hear today (08)  that the two convicts  Lalith Weeratunge and Anusha Pelpita who committed colossal frauds and were in robust health laughing and joking on the 7 th have turned sick (feigned sickness)   and were admitted to the prison hospital . The bed No. of prison hospital of Weeratunge who bears prisoner’s number V 18069 is 7402

The prisoner’s number of Anusha Pelpita is V 18068 and his bed No. at  the prison hospital is 7401.
The prisoner’s number of Sarana Gunawardena who was remanded earlier on is 6472  , and his prison hospital bed No. is 7360 . Sarana continues to remain  in Prison hospital.

Udaya Gammanpila another most notorious fraudster  who broke world records on cheating , Ranjith Soysa, Priyankara Jayaratne and Sarath Kumara Gunaratne of the UPFA who are all tainted with criminal charges whose    cases are now being heard in courts have all visited the hospital to greet and meet these two ‘super duper’ robbers of public funds .Of course it is natural for buddies who rob together to grieve  together like birds of a feather flock together.  

Duminda Silva another infamous criminal who is in the death row is another ‘super’ prisoner enjoying preferential treatment – he is in the room of chief jailor, and  Prisons Commissioner Venura too  is there right now ! 

Weeratunge and Pelpita who were admitted to the prison hospital on a falsified medical report were engaged in a secret discussion lasting 15 mins .with the participation of chief Dr. Nirmali Thenuwara , Venura and chief jailor. 

The convicts have together struck a deal  to pay Rs. One million as bribe every month to Dr. Nirmali to keep them in the prison hospital without detaining them in the prison cell.

It is significant to note the court sentenced both these accused based on their grave crimes to 3 years of  rigorous imprisonment  - not to keep them in prison hospital and pamper them . 

It is high time the people of the country at least take a decision  in the national interest against this doctor Nirmali  who is seemingly having an itch, owing to which she  is itching to make a mockery of the sacrosanct laws of the country  ,disgracing the medical profession and  acting in  total disregard of professional ethics. 

Dr. Nirmali Thenuwara ‘s mobile phone No. is 0773 422250. Anybody who can cure the itch  may  contact her . That will do a great deal of good to the country.

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Dr. Nirmali runs helter-skelter to get prisoners Lalith-Pelpita admitted to hospital !

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Len thanks for exposing this dirty women attack until such time she leaves the prison hospital.She deserves this for harboring crooks in the hospital
-- by lion on 2017-09-08

You can be sure that she is a member of GMOA, maintaining "Pramithiya"
-- by Perumal on 2017-09-09

No wonder Ranjan Ramanayake that statement about the legal system in Sri Lanka. A presidential commission should be appointed to investigate the corruption in this hospital - every political convict is immediately admitted to hospital. First the prison hospital has to be closed and only a dispensary has to be there. What a joke ???
-- by Ruwan on 2017-09-09

Prison hospitals should start to dispense poison to the political inmates who are admitted they really become sick ......The whole system in the country has become sick with educated crooks. I think this bitch is a member of the GMOA ( the anti government mafia ).
-- by Anto on 2017-09-09

A Presidential Commission should be instituted to investigate the mafia operating in the Prison Hospitals. All doctors and staff should be investigated for their involvements and assets. We need immediate action on this as there will more political patients expected to get admitted shortly - as the corruption investigations are now at an increased phase.
-- by Sanath on 2017-09-09

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