Astrologers predict President will descend into ‘dog mark’ category in 4 months! - Therefore seeks to push through sordid warship deal before that !

(Lanka-e-News - 28.Sep.2017, 11.00PM) Maithripala Sirisena , exactly four months from now ,based on  his horoscope   is  going to drop  down into  the category of ‘dog mark’ , his astrologers have categorically predicted. Hence , before he becomes canine in form and feature he is making desperate and diabolic  moves to gobble up his Lion’s share in the ‘warship deal’  based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

This Kili Maharaja –president’s son in law (outlaw) warship deal even surpasses the colossal MiG jets racket of Gotabaya owing to its  magnitude and the monumental  selfish illicit financial gains that will line the pockets of those involved  . The cabinet paper relating to this president’s son in law –Kili Maharaja deal was to be tabled before the cabinet some days ago , but following the recent  LeN exposure on this traitorous deal , it was not taken up , and put on hold. 

During the cabinet media briefing yesterday (27) , when a journalist questioned minister Rajitha Senaratne ,the spokesman for the cabinet on this controversial deal , whether the Navy Commander’s service is to be terminated within  a month  because he opposed this deal ? the  minister dodged the issue without giving  a direct answer .

He explained , there is a cabinet tender board governing purchases made by the government , and if the decision thereof is not acceptable  , there is an appeal board to make an appeal. A majority of those who mount charges of corruption against a transaction are those who have made bids for the tender and failed. However ,Rajitha did not directly make any mention about the corrupt warship deal or the conspiracy under way to oust the Navy commander because he opposed this colossal racket.

Lanka e news which exposed this sordid transaction that is tantamount to high treason wishes  to make this shocking revelation  : No local ,international or an equivalent tender bid had been called pertaining to this warship deal . If any such tender bids had been called duly ,we  challenge to reveal that. 

In addition , a most reputed powerful minister of the government cum former officer of the forces is enraged over the conspiracy that is under way which flouts all traditions and laws to oust the recently appointed  Navy Commander Travis Sinniah from his post within just three months (send him on retirement) after he assumed office. When the defense secretary was asked about this, he had said , president Maithripala who treats appointing and sending on retirement a  commander of the forces as a trifling issue is not at all suitable for the post of president .  Hitherto no president acted this selfishly and traitorously to sacrifice commanders of the forces at the altar of their  selfish sordid gains , and steer through illicit deals . This does not augur well for the country and is to place the country in dire jeopardy. 

It is therefore no wonder Maithripala ‘s astrologers had told him , definitely in  four months that is after January 2018 ,he is going to descend into the ‘dog mark’ category , and that is inevitable . They have also advised him , therefore to make the best use of his present position by  resorting to all the  subterfuges and camouflages. It is said , the book ‘President father’ under his daughter’s name  but in fact written by another, to fulfill his  desire to write his   biography too was published  ahead because of this impending disaster  . It is owing to the same reason , he is along with his son in law Thilina Sampath and Kili Maharaja expediting this warship deal , sources say. Based on reports , president’s son in law has already opened four accounts in Singapore to credit the massive commissions he is expecting from this deal.( The account numbers shall be revealed at a later date).

President's controversial cabinet paper herein

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